“You’re all right and I’m wrong” 👀 | Klopp laughs off claims Liverpool have lacked “fight”

By | October 31, 2022

Jurgen Klopp laughed off suggestions his side have lacked fight this season in the Premier League, as he prepares to take on Napoli in the Champions League.

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Hi Jurgen you said that the lead's goal As you're waking up at night Um is that a regular thing for you is it A common thing for you have you had a Few this season wake up in the night Thinking about I don't know I'm 45 I go A couple of times per night on the Toilet so Um that's why I wake up usually but this Time The goal was in my mind yeah I just on on tomorrow night's Performance what's the the most Important thing you want to see from the Performance tomorrow After all the things I answered now you Asked me that question The fight or you think I want to see now That we that we start um Passing around them back heels um and And bicycle kicks and these kind of Things of course not we have to work and We both that's but for that we have to Make sure that the boys will be line up Are ready to do that and then we will do It and then we will see what we get for It the problem is not believe we'll Fight as well so but that's fine that's Champions League Competition highest level I said really A team in top form in the moment Whatever they whether they line up they Can make changes each Striker scores and And all these kind of things that's

Their situation yeah that situation as Well from time to time so I'm not Jealous or whatever it's fine well Deserved but we have to be the opponent They don't want to face but in the Moment I think The booting Monopoly Camp is pretty good Right so I think okay that's uh let's Give them the next knock and we have to Fight against that I knew you would say Five by the way but I just want to pick How easy to switch the arm because There's been some performances where That fight hasn't been there so how do You how do you ensure that fight is There which performance is where we Didn't fight Forest Maybe That's again our life it's completely But you're all right and I'm wrong That's how it is but um to say we didn't Fight against for us is is actually Yeah still not right Um because maybe you lose a game and That's how it is you lose a game and Then people tell you you didn't you Didn't try hard enough you can fight Obviously in a different ways against Forest we ran against the wall Um a deep defending wall and conceded a A completely unnecessary goal Um and yes we could have played better We could have done a lot of things Better but the boys fight and this is

Not a game where you now can outrun the The opponent because you have to ball All the time and run against the wall so That's a that's a different thing the Fight is there do we do it always with 100 for that you need Um the full conviction about what you Are doing as well and you need a full Um physical ability to do that so Let me say like this the the fighting Spirit is not our problem this moment That's there this group this group in That aspect didn't change and will not Change it's like the guy didn't change But all of a sudden everybody thinks you Know trying hard enough you know don't Do this hard enough that's the life we Live not if not since yesterday that's Completely normal I always had I don't Expect you to to think more about our Situation than I do that's don't think That would be possible anyway Um but you come here and ask a few Questions and uh more or less happy with The answers that's fine but my life Around is The job Um I used to say that press conference Are like holiday I cannot say that Anymore because facing your questions is When you lose is really tough eight Enemies after a game you lose and when You still have not salted everything What you think about it is a real it's a

Real torture but again that's part of The job And I had another look in my weight slip And that's what I'm paid for so um and Pretty pretty good as well so It's okay you can criticize absolutely Right we have to work