WORLD CUP TRAINING CAMP PRESSER: Yunus Musah, Matt Turrner & Cameron Carter-Vickers | Nov. 23, 2022

By | November 24, 2022

Midfielder Yunus Musah, Goalkeeper Matt Turner, and Defender Cameron Carter-Vickers spoke to media as the USMNT continues its World Cup training camp in Doha, Qatar.

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Gracias Um In front here Matt with uh with the US playing England Um obviously you're you're there now Um how would you how would you describe The uh the emotions of playing against a Country where you now uh are employed And and some of the relationships you Have with the uh Arsenal players on the On the England squad yeah similar to Anytime you're playing against familiar Faces Um or in a familiar country you look Forward to the chances to compete Against your peers Um obviously friends off the field and Then when you get onto the pitch it's Full Focus for 90 minutes Some very talented players on the team Favorites to win the tournament so it's Going to be a a big challenge it's going To take tremendous Focus but we're Looking forward to it Over to the right here we'll start with Jeff and then Lincoln Yeah my question is for Matt Um what did you make of Tim Ream's Performance the other night and what's It like to play alongside a Defender Who's as composed as timis I thought Tim was excellent all night His timing in the air is is really Really great he made some great

Clearances down the stretch especially It's nice having a left foot center back On that side especially when you're Playing out as well and I think for a Team that doesn't have a ton of Experience you know in a tournament like This having a guy like Tim who's seen Pretty much everything is really really Nice and I think a lot of guys like Myself included can lean on him and lean On his experience and he can keep us Calm in big moments and he understands The game really really well so he's a Huge asset to our team We'll go to Lake in second row Um Matt this is also for you um what did You make of Jedi's performance the other Night and also if you could speak to Just how instrumental he is in the Attack also do you guys call him Jedi or Anthony that's my Jedi yeah call him a Mix of everything Jed Jedi Anthony Um I thought again another great Performance I'm not sure we we really Had any bad performances on uh uh the Other night so for him uh he gets up and Down he bring he brings a lot of energy To the team on the field and off the Field which is great Um obviously I think he might have Wanted to connect on a cross or two Um to score a goal for us to help us Score a goal but overall I think he's Been a really solid player for us all

Throughout qualifying all throughout all The games that he shows up in so Um yeah looking forward to the England Game I expect him to have another Another great performance Over to your left Question for Eunice um you're obviously Facing England on on Friday you Represented England I think under 15 Through to under 18. how difficult was The decision to commit to the U.S team And can you just talk us through the Conversations you had with possibly our Southgate and the whole England set up Before reaching your decision to commit To the U.S team Yeah Um I played with England for a few years As you said so another really nice time With them I have a lot of respect for Them for everything they've done for me Um and now with guys after you ever had Any conversation before no Yeah that that decision was very Difficult Um because as I said I had a great time Of England Um that country's done a lot for me so Um when it was time to make the decision It was difficult In the back to your left by the speaker Right back Hey guys this is for all of you if You're willing or one of you you all

Have very different perspectives on the Field in terms of your positions I'm Curious How much do you expect the England game To look like the second half of the Wales game the other night where maybe You're under a bit more pressure there's Maybe some more opportunities in Transition and and what did you learn From that second half that you can put Into practice against England thanks I think one of the the main things for Us is we missed some opportunities in Transition against Wales in the second Half I think we we had chances where we Just weren't particularly clean in the Final third maybe a pass was a little Off or the timing was wrong and uh it Took away our the small windows that you Have in a World Cup where the margins Are so thin to score a goal so I think We know that we're going to have to be Better in transition against England if We want to score goals and yeah I think We've learned a lot We'll go Doug and then Paul said to your Right that's for for Cameron and Eunice Both of you spent your formative years In England Cameron you grew up there Your whole life Does it make you want to beat them more I mean how do you you know how do you Look at that game just giving your ties To the country thank you

Uh I think for me Um So yeah I really want to win uh just Like any other game in the World Cup Um I'm not too sure how I'm gonna feel when When the game comes around but you know I do know that I'll be doing everything I can to try and try and help the team Win Yeah me as well I don't think Um I quite know how I'm gonna feel that Day but Um yeah it's a it's a special game for Sure because I played on both sides and To be able to be on the pitch with Um you know the same you know the National team I used to play with it's Just special that's it Second row here thank you to your left A question for um Eunice could you just Explain to us kind of why you you made The decision you did and talk us through Your thought process Yeah um I've been asked to ask this Question a lot and um yeah uh I made a Decision because I was born in the US Um that was a one of the main things and Also Um having the this opportunity at such a Young age uh was uh something that I Really I was gonna take you know so you know it Was great when the manager called me and

Gave me this opportunity and here we are Now can I ask on for Cameron if that's Okay Um Cameron you obviously came through at Tottenham with with Harry Kane I mean What Insight can you give us and give Your teammates on stopping him on Friday Um you know I mean I think it'll be Difficult um the top player uh you know They got a score full of top players so I think we all know that we have to be Um Putting one of our best performances to Beat them um but you know that's what We're preparing to do and and hopefully We'll do that Paul Um this one's for Cameron as well Um I know you said you don't know Exactly how you'll feel I wonder if You've thought about hearing both and Anthems before the game and just you Know as a kid I imagine you you never Maybe dreamed of playing against England At a World Cup Um I just kind of what's going through Your mind when you heard that it was England in the group uh that you that You'd be facing and whatever your Interactions been with family and Friends back home about about this game On Friday Um yeah now obviously when when I saw The group was drawn and I thought it was

In the same group as England you know I Was excited um You know they are one of the top teams In the world and so to be able to kind Of play against him and match up against Them and see where you're at is a good Thing I think um With my family half of them one one has To win and half one England three so so Yeah We'll get on here And then Martin after Hi this one's for Matt uh pakaya sucker Two goals Your Arsenal teammate for England on Monday have you spoken to the The manager about the threat that he Will pose and how he can possibly stop Him and and just how big an impact can He have on this tournament I think it's pretty clear um he's one of The young stars of of world football Um you know he's a top top player and I Think you don't need me to tell anybody On our team how much of a threat that he Poses in the game Um he's scoring goals in a variety of Ways Um he's he's really developed uh Maturity's gotten stronger from what I Understand I've only worked with him for A few months but I'm looking forward to Playing against familiar faces And again I think he's he's a really Really good player that can that can

Change any game that he takes part in All the way in the back Hey guys this is for any of you um we've Seen a lot of upsets in this tournament So far how does that impact the way you Feel going into the game against England On Friday I don't think it really changes anything Um you can't take any game that you play For granted so you want to go out there And put out your best performance and I Think you see that the world of football Is leveling out in a lot of ways teams Have game plans teams have been Investing in their youth academies over A number of years they have guys playing At top level all over the world so yeah When it's I think the the message is When you have one team that's bought Into the same message you can beat Anyone on any given day so Yeah that's pretty much it Those two upsets you mentioned Saudi Arabia Japan the team that the U.S faced In friendlies in September we'll go to Charlie and then Pilar This is for all three of you if you if You're willing to address it one of the Talking points so far in this tournament Has been the extent extended injury time It seems to be a FIFA mandate I don't Know if you guys got any messaging about That or Preparation if you've noticed it Is this a good thing do you like it and

Does it change anything about how you Approach a match or manage a match I think yeah we've all noticed it Definitely because this uh the they add In a lot more time than usual so I guess It could be an advantage to teams that Are losing the game and Um to teams that are winning the game It's a bit of a you know a nervy ending Yeah definitely noticeable Um but I'm not sure it really changes Much about how anybody approaches Anything it's just knowing that bigger Numbers are going to appear at the end Of the game when everyone's tired So we'll do sorry Martin has the Microphone so we'll do Martin and then Polar Thanks Michael uh Cameron question for You also about Harry Kane everyone sees The the goals he scores and the Performances he puts in but you saw him Up close firsthand for a long time what Can you say about his professionalism And the way he goes about his business And what was that like for you coming Through as a young player to see that Yeah I think um you know training with Him you can see every day how hard he Works um his dedication to it's not just On on the field but off the field as Well um it's Top Notch Um and yeah I mean you can see how Consistent he's been over the last over

So many years now that that only comes If you are doing the right thing day in Day Out Um yeah I mean You could say that you know I'll probably end up coming from the Academy I told them you look up to Players like him and other players that Are in the first team playing well and And consistently performing itself so Yeah Hello hi guys juniors Foreign Sam this is a for all three guys Although I guess you'll probably have Different perspectives uh tomorrow's Thanksgiving Matt I'm wondering if you Could share anything about what your Typical Thanksgiving is like and for the Other guys what any experiences you've Had with American Thanksgiving or American Thanksgiving food Yeah every every Thanksgiving probably 30 or 40 of my family and friends all Gather at my mom and dad's house back in Park Ridge New Jersey uh so yeah we're Gonna miss out on that Mom and Dad are Here in Qatar so it'll be a little bit Different for the people back home this This time around but uh look forward to The future of many more times with Family Um for me Thanksgiving is not normally Too big of a deal

Um to be honest but I think obviously all our families here And I think uh Saturday we have a nice Little yes Saturday we have a nice Little Thanksgiving um Gathering so so Yeah I'll enjoy that Back left For uh Matt and Eunice um now that you Have a World Cup match under your belts Um could you talk about what you learned From The Experience both on the field And off and how you might use that going Forward Yeah Um personally I thought that now that we Got the first game out the way everyone Kind of has a feel of what the games are Like what the atmosphere is like and Also how to manage your nerves before The game Um because obviously it is uh Everything's at higher stake so no Um personally I feel like now we know What we're hearing for Um it's gonna be easier to control those Nerves and know what to expect for the Next game Ryan this one's for Eunice um Eunice you Right over here you've spoken in the Past about your relationships that You've had with some guys in England Having grown up and played with them Whether that's bukayosaka or Jude Bellingham um have you heard from any of

Those guys recently in looking at Jude In particular as a midfielder who's Going to go against him and seeing the Form that he's in what are you sort of Expecting from that matchup yeah I Haven't spoken to them recently Um but We're expecting big things from both Jude and bakayo Um they're both very key players for Them and they're going to look to Obviously do their best as usual and no They're very good players you can see What they're doing weekend week out and They're producing at the World Cup as Well so they're not a really good Players and we're gonna we're gonna have To be on our game on Friday Great front row to you right uh this One's for Matt uh you grew up in the US It seems like England and English soccer Have had a big influence on the soccer Culture in the United States and just From your perspective did you experience Any of that growing up and is there uh You know what does that represent and is There sort of a desire in American Soccer from like respect from a country Like England and English soccer There's definitely a tremendous respect From the people of America of English Soccer Um English football it's the most Consumed League uh in the United States

I think by far it's the game that I grew Up watching when I got a little bit Older and I think yeah I experienced it Firsthand you know playing in loads of MLS games playing for the national team Um you know signing for Arsenal going to England for a few days and then coming Back to the United States to play a few Friendlies you just saw the fan turn out How much passion there are Um you know for these Premier League Teams in the United States and it was Definitely sort of an eye-opening Experience that I could see it from two Different sides you know from the MLS Side National team side and now as a premier League player there's a market for a Giant market for it in the US for sure Second row to your left Um Mike McGraw from The Daily Telegraph Question for Eunice the move that you Made to Spain do you think that made Your progression to senior football and International Football even quicker Than perhaps the opportunities you'd Have in England Um that was I guess one of the reasons Why I chose to move to Spain because I Felt that at the time maybe I don't know I would never know but I felt like at The time maybe I wouldn't have been able To be in the Arsenal first team

Um so early and um yeah I mean the team Was really good so it's it's not you Know it makes sense but I felt like at That age I had the potential to play First in football so that's why I made The move to Valencia and uh yeah things Turned out great and I'm very very Grateful for that Ivis Um for for Eunice in in cam You didn't grow up in the United States But you Is simulated quickly to the national Team setups it seemed like you you were Received well and you guys are you know It feels like a family can you talk About that just being embraced by the Program and by teammates and and was it A smoother transition than maybe you Expected before you joined uh like what Was that process like in a separate one How much does it help to teach you guys As a team to be so familiar with that England team whether it's playing with Them against them growing up with them How much is that going to help you think On Friday Yeah I've been um I didn't I didn't Expect anything before going into my First camp for the US Um I didn't know what to expect at all But once I went to that camp everything Was just great uh that really welcomed Me every player and every staff member

Um on and off the pitch on the pitch Really clicked uh we had a great uh Style of play that I really suited to so Things like that really help um you fit In and as soon as you play uh football With each other Um you start knowing each other better You start speaking with each other and Things like that you know so that's Something and then regarding England I Feel like I've been played in the Country and with some of these guys you You know what style player play and like You're kind of familiar on how they play So I guess that will be a factor that Might help for sure Yeah similar to units I didn't really Have any expectations Um before my first Camp with the US Um but yeah it's it's been great for me And um you know I've seen that from my First Camp of I felt welcomed and I've Enjoyed my time here um I continue to And then Um yeah it's always good when you know a Bit about your opponents I think Nowadays with the amount of resources There are no matter who you play before Before you go on the pitch you know you Know a bit about them so so yeah From road to your left A question for Matt um England's number One um Jordan Pickford he's proven his

Worth in England shirt So far but there are still those who Maybe doubt and criticize him as England's number one Can you understand why that is and just How highly do you rate him as a key Problem on the international stage I mean honestly he's done so well for For England in that shirt um you have to Take that into account when you're Reading when you're reading goalkeepers Um I think he's a top type goalkeeper He's played well a majority at the time Over the past few seasons so Um yeah I think I think he's a really Good goalkeeper and I look forward to Going up against him Last one in the middle Nice question for Matt um I wonder if You could just tell us what you've kind Of learned what have been your early Experiences and what you think you've Taken from Um your career in England so far and Training with people like Sakura and Gabrielle Jesus I think there is definitely a a steep Learning curve I'll call it in the Beginning for myself Um but I think one of my biggest Strengths is the ability to adapt and to Learn so after you know catching up to The speed of things I think I've learned I've learned a lot um under Mikel as

Well he's he knows the game so well so For me Um you know challenging me every single Day tactic tactically technically uh Emotionally all that has been really Really great for my game and I'd say Just the biggest thing is the Consistency some of these guys bring Every single day the intensity that they Train at is really really high and um Yeah again I'm looking forward to the Challenge that presents itself