WORLD CUP TRAINING CAMP PRESS CONFERENCE: Jesús Ferreira & Aaron Long | Nov. 19, 2022

By | November 20, 2022

Forward Jesús Ferreira and Defender Aaron Long spoke to media as the USMNT continues its World Cup preparation in Doha, Qatar.

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Foreign Victoria To the right Kyle Hey guys uh MLS has 12 countries Represented here I'm just wondering your Views on what that means for the growth Of the league and kind of what it says About uh the job the country's doing in Developing more players thanks Yeah I think it's amazing that we have So many players here from the MLS we Showed that it is a leak that's growing It's something that we put a lot of time And effort into and a lot of money into And big players are coming to play in This league and it shows great for the MLS we're really proud Doug McIntyre to your left here For Aaron I asked Weston something Similar you know how Much better your odds are of advancing If you get all three points in the first Game even if you tie those odds drop Pretty dramatically If you're in the 80th minute of the game On Monday and it's the game is tied How much will you push to get all three Points and risk leaving yourself Vulnerable to you know getting scored on And not getting any Yeah I think in in any tournament Setting uh winning your first game votes Well for you right we know that as a Team

Um I think there's calculated risks you Can take uh trying to win the game but In no means are we gonna go balls to the Wall trying to win a game and leave Ourselves too vulnerable to to get Scored on it and potentially lose the Game right so I just think it's a Calculated risk that we're gonna have to Take as a team and again we know how Important it is to win the first game And we're going to try to do that Fourth round the back Gracias Jesus Foreign All the way in the back Thank you Um hey guys to either of you Um there's a lot of distraction a lot of Controversy surrounding this tournament How does that or does that impact the Team Yeah I think uh we know that we're a Strong team and inside of our bubble we Try not to let anything inside so just Limiting distractions from from the Outside as much as we can and focusing On ourselves and focusing on this first Game against Wales Sam in the middle here second row Uh this one's for Aaron uh two-parter For you it's out there that you guys Scored six goals the other night in the Friendly or training session I'm just Wondering from your perspective how did

That go and then whales have a pretty Clear way of playing Um what kind of strengths and challenges Do you think they'll present for you Guys defensively on Monday night yeah I Think to answer the first part of that Question Um yeah it was a great scrimmage we Definitely got a lot out of it Defensively offensively finishing Attacks was great obviously we had a Couple goals in there uh get the guys Confident in front of the net uh what Was the second part of that question Sorry Yeah so um again they play five in the Back we know they have very Dynamic Wingers Um tends to come in the pocket really Well a big strong number nine that can Score goals and uh he likes to fade to The back post and get a lot of headers That way so um overall a very talented Team uh we're just gonna have to limit Them as much as we can Ron bloom Uh for both of you Is there a challenge to play in a Competitive match after a layoff of four Or five weeks as opposed to when you're Playing every four or seven days and how The scrimmage does it help a little bit A lot then the how do you Make sure there's no rust

Yeah I think um the the staff has done a Really good job of keeping us prepared And when we had a mini camp in Dallas Where we got a ton of scrimmages a lot Of 90-minute games we had another 90-minute game last night again that's That's great to get the rust off and get The group together playing together Again in a competitive match so yeah It's Um it's definitely great for us to get That scrimmage and we don't feel busted At all Ivis Uh Aaron you've known Tyler Adams a long Time he played with him when he was you Know 17 year old on Red Bulls too Could you tell then that there was Something special about them and when You see him now and you play with him Now what's been the kind of most Impressive thing about his kind of Evolution as a player for you yeah Definitely I think Um he's a guy that that stood out to all Of us not just me uh he has a heart of a Lion and I think he shows that Everywhere he goes and he's really well Noticed for it he's an amazing player Um I think he's a key key part of this Team For what he brings on the field and off The field amazing guy amazing player

Charlie Aaron you mentioned the camp in in Texas Um you've played with Walker a lot so I Was wondering if you could speak on sort Of that relationship and I know there's I'm sure there's competition for roles With and and the difference maybe Between you guys having that previous Relationship and that time together the Camp versus you know Tim and Cameron Coming in fresh in sort of mid-season Form yeah I mean Walker are great Friends we have a great relationship on And off the field Um I love him to death he's a great Player I think in terms of the center of Access for amazing options for Greg to Choose from we have confidence as a Group in all four of us and and whoever Those starting to are Um is going to do an amazing job so yeah I think the the competition's there it Only makes us all better and we all Can't wait Martin straight back hi there Aaron um Obviously the World Cup is the biggest Tournament of anyone's life but it's Also a massive opportunity right we've Seen in the past players have used World Cups to become National Legends just Supercharge their own career and I guess For a young team like yours the chance To further Build the game in in this country

Um what do you make of this opportunity That's in front of you over the next few Weeks yeah I think for all of us we Understand that this is a dream of ours And to live in the moment and to not Take it for granted but to also know That we're not playing for just Ourselves or our team or our coaches or Our families we're playing for a whole Nation so we have a we have that Responsibility on us All the way back to your right hello uh It's a question from Wales a question to Both of you um just your Um thoughts on Gareth Bale and his Impact In your league Yeah obviously an amazing player a Legend Um we know he's extremely skilled you Could see it in the MLS Cup Final when He comes on uh actually now that he's Getting a little bit healthier he was Able to feature in that game and he Comes on for uh not that much time it Makes a huge impact so if he's healthy I'm sure he's starting and yeah an Amazing player and extremely dangerous We'll go to paulton around second row Uh thank you this is for Jesus Um as Aaron noted it's a five-man Backline usually that Wales plays I Wonder just kind of how you think about Breaking down a team that plays with

Five in the back and that typically Maybe plays a little bit of a a lower Block as a striker how are you finding Those Paces to operate thank you Yeah I mean as a forward it's tough to Play against the back five but obviously Coach Coach Gregg has has an idea of how We're going to break that down and we're All looking forward to that and Um you know the the three nines that are Here are ready and and whoever starts And whoever plays uh we're gonna support Um and we're just training towards that To help us facilitate and get get Attacks and get goals and and get in Their box