WORLD CUP TRAINING CAMP PRESS CONFERENCE: Gio Reyna & Matt Turner | Nov. 16, 2022

By | November 17, 2022

Forward Gio Reyna and Goalkeeper Matt Turner spoke to media as the USMNT continues its World Cup preparation in Doha, Qatar.

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After that I wouldn't say that I approached Anything any differently than I have Done for the past three years Um every goalkeeper that was available For selection for the World Cup is a is A very capable tremendous goalkeeper and I wouldn't say that Positions are just given you have to Still show up and earn them and Greg has Made that very clear over the course of His time so um for me just focusing on What I can do every day to continue to Improve and and hopefully I get the Selection to start on Match day one and And can have a good tournament from There Youngest Squad at the World Cup you're One of the young guys What does it feel in the way of pressure Or is there a lack of pressure being Young what are the expectations for you And for your young Squad I mean for me I don't feel any pressure Um but I guess for the rest of the team I think everyone's a little bit Different individually but uh I mean as a team we have our goals and You know we know what we're capable of So uh we'll keep that within within the Locker room and within within the Meeting rooms but uh yeah we'll keep That to ourselves Foreign

We are live for South America mainly Argentina regarding your your roots First if you speak Spanish some words Are nothing uh not so much okay it's Okay and regarding your your roots did You ever have a call from Argentina or Portugal besides England to to join the The national team Yeah there's opportunities in uh In other countries but for me it was Pretty clear that I wanted to play for For USA the whole time so uh yeah it's Flattering when those countries come and Yeah get interest and contact you but For me it was USA the whole time and Your father is a legend uh Legend here But do you know the story of your Grandfather Miguel in Argentina as well Uh Uh in terms of what like what he did if He's football yes his football story Yeah I think he played for independent In and then uh I don't I'm not sure what happened from Them I don't think you played too many Games with the first team but it's it's In his blood too and he's very Passionate about the about the sport Also thanks Matt this one's for you you Recently made the switch a couple months Ago from the New England Revolution to Arsenal how has that transition impacted You as a player in your preparation Coming into this world cup massively you

Know I've surrounded myself with really Good quality players Um that are also going to be at the World Cup every single day day in and Day out and I think it's just a Challenge in terms of responsibility a Challenge in terms of expectation when You step out into the field every day And then obviously uh speed and Consistency so for me I think I've shown Tremendous growth from when I began in The end of June the games I played During preseason and then obviously my My few appearances in the Europa League And I think I was building in a really Good way and I showed the coaching staff Here like how much I've grown as a Person and a player and I think that the Move has has really helped me grow in Both those areas and and the coaching Staff has has You know been really happy with me there At uh at Arsenal Hi Charlene gubash from NBC News and I Wanted to ask you all generally how do You feel about your chances against uh London and the second question is Regarding Iran with everything going on In that country does that affect the way You look at the game or feel about the Game So yeah I mean we're going to take Things one game at a time so we're not Going to look past

Um you know our first game against Wales And I think everything is is important To take things one step at a time and Then you know in general I think that You're looking at a team that although Like was was said before we're extremely Young team we have anchors that you know Revolve around being the change and Being a team that's outspoken against Um you know things that you know have Come about in the United States Specifically and now I think it's clear That you know we support human rights Everywhere and I think that that again Is just another one of our anchors Sam Borden from ESPN Geo you know there Haven't been too many instances where You guys have had everybody healthy at The same time all the sort of the Weapons that you guys have what does it Feel like to come into this world cup And and feel like you have Everybody that you'd want on the field Yeah it feels really good it's been a While since we've had all of our you Know all the best available guys Possible but um Yeah I think it all came together at the Right time and yeah we're ready to show Everyone you know the talent that we Have and you know at this point finally Put it together Matt I haven't played Since October 20th I guess a match so How do you feel in terms of our of

Rhythm Yeah I feel great Um obviously injuries happen I missed a Few games because of that and I was the First muscle injury of my career so I Was a little frustrated at the timing Obviously but you know when you're this Age I know who I am as a person I know Who I am as a goalkeeper I've been Through a lot of things on the field and Off the field I have so much life Experience as well as playing experience I think it's important for me like when I got my first opportunity for Arsenal To be able to step out onto the field And show that it doesn't matter if I Haven't played in in two months I'm Gonna go out there and I'm gonna play my Best and I'm going to show the team that I can play at a certain level no matter What the circumstance is so obviously Missing a few games and and then it'll Have been a month since my last Competitive game I think I waited longer Before my first my first couple games And so it is what it is it's experience That I've been through before and I'm Just super hyper focused on on getting Back out out there representing my Country and playing to my absolute best It's impossible not to think back in September when the nightmare starts for You at San Salvador at any point of that Journey did you doubt on being here

Today at the workup Uh Uh no Um Yeah no no that's all I guess no I knew I'd find a way to make it back at some Point so I'm here now and I'm happy Thanks guys Thank you