WORLD CUP TRAINING CAMP PRESS CONFERENCE: Christian Pulisic & Yunus Musah | Nov. 16, 2022

By | November 17, 2022

Forward Christian Pulisic and Midfielder Yunus Musah spoke to media as the USMNT continues its World Cup preparation in Doha, Qatar.

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In so many ways you are the face of American soccer right now what is your Message to all the fans who will be Tuning in for this world cup with you And in front of the team Yeah I think We're so thankful for for any type of Support that we can get back home You know the World Cup is something So special for us and uh I feel like the Number one thing that Americans will Watch when it comes to soccer so we're Really excited and we're thankful for For any type of support we can get and And we're truly gonna we're gonna give Everything we have and hope to make Everyone back home proud hi guys thank You for doing this uh this one goes for The world of you uh how can you describe The difference between a regular camp And the camp just a week before the Debut in a workup no Um Yeah what he said uh Yeah Um I'll just translate for you guys Quick Um we're really happy uh to be here uh It's definitely a special feeling you Know because it's a World Cup um you get That little bit more excitement to be Here uh it's such a special time for for This country for for us group of guys so We're thrilled to be here and uh yeah

We're gonna give it everything is Um Um After the UEFA Nations League was Created like the preparation for Different teams of other configurations Was tough because they can't play or It's difficult to play against European Teams you have to face two of them English and Wales do you think that Having many players in in Europe Diffuses that theory that the Preparation is tougher I'm not too sure I think you know we'll Be familiar with a lot of the players That we're playing against Um we have a lot of guys playing in Europe and in England and will for sure Know a lot of the a lot of those guys Maybe that will help a bit with our Preparation I mean for sure it does as Opposed to you know maybe a team like Iran maybe we won't know as many Um as the guys as well but we'll for Sure know them them too and all we can Do is prepare the best we can and Besides the youth and regarding the Quality do you think it's a moment for USA a team to to make history in a World Cup That's what we're here for we're uh you Know we're gonna give it everything and Uh hopefully Um you know make some waves in the World

Cup thanks With LA Times Christian uh can you share With us just your best memory when you Were growing up at your best World Cup Memory and if you ever thought that you Were gonna be wearing the number 10 for The US Yeah for me it was uh watching the USA Games with my family down in the Basement you know at our house and in Pennsylvania Um you know the family coming together Wearing all our red white and blue uh Just getting excited and obviously you Know watching Donovan score that goal Against Algeria you know some of the Moments that that I'll never forget and Uh yeah watching back then I mean it was Always a dream of mine I wanted to be There so bad but not to be here Um as a part of his team actually at the World Cup it's it's special and uh yeah I don't want to take a moment of this For granted so I'm really you know Thankful to be here Yeah Um yeah I feel like this Camp um it's a Longer Camp Um we've been here a while before the Game already so no Um I think it's more than enough time to Bond together Um we'd be we're a team that has been Together for a while anyway so most of

Each other will know each other very Well Sam Borden from ESPN guys I'm Wondering how do you balance the the Difference between wanting to treat it Like another game not getting too Excited but also embracing the moment How do you do you allow yourself to Think this is the World Cup or do you Really just think of it as like this is Another game I have to perform I think you're absolutely allowed to be Excited that it's a World Cup I think You know it maybe it adds a bit more Pressure it adds a bit more of those you Know just that anxiety and and you know That feeling going into the game Um but I think now that we're here Um we're just taking it all in and Appreciating you know the moment but When it comes down to preparation for The match in the way that we train the Way that we you know have our meetings Together and communicate as a team we Treat it as as a normal game but like I Said we can we're allowed to be excited Um and you know playing our first World Cup it's not something that everyone Gets to do thanks guys Eunice is for you I'm Matthew paulcheck with Fox Sports You bring an interesting perspective to This team as one of the youngest and Back when the US lost to Trinidad and Tobago back in 2017 when they didn't Qualify for the World Cup you were still

Involved with the English youth national Teams can you take us through that Decision to come and represent the usmnt Over England Yeah um no I had a great time Um with the England national team and Everything Um and then I got to a point where I had To make a decision on who I was going to Represent and um after that first time That came with the US Um it was really clear to me that I Wanted to represent the country I was Born in Um speaking to Greg obviously as well Um knowing that we're trying to get to Back to a World Cup and now we're here So no it's all been worth it and I can't Wait to start Thanks everybody