Will Ten Hag still play Cristiano Ronaldo after ‘EXPLOSIVE’ interview? | ESPN FC

By | November 14, 2022

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens react to Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview where he reveals he doesn’t respect Erik ten Hag because Erik ten Hag doesn’t respect him. The guys discuss if Cristiano Ronaldo can come back to Manchester United after this and the consequences that may come from this interview.

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I'm gab he's Jules uh gray skies over West thumbnail it doesn't matter because You're far grayer over Old Trafford After that explosive Cristiano Ronaldo Interview will be getting into all that Kind of overshadowed Alejandro Garnacho's late goal and their win over Um over Fulham uh that's not the only Thing that's going on because Manchester City dropping points Arsenal winning Again Napoli winning again that's hardly News we'll have all that but look There's obviously one place to start It's Cristiano Ronaldo I'm going to Write a little bit of background to this Because you might have seen headlines Left and right There's a man named Piers Morgan who you May or may not be familiar with he He appears on a network called Talk TV Which is somewhere in my uh on my phone I have never watched it me neither Um But he secured a big interview with Cristiano Ronaldo yeah for a long time Yeah they've worked together and whatnot Uh The interview is actually airing Wednesday and Thursday but he's released Clips certainly the clips that he's Released have been say the least pretty Explosive yep He said United are trying to force him Out of the club he said it's not just 10

Hog it's the people above him uh he said That Ralph Franklin isn't really a Manager Um he said he had to go look him up Which I thought was wow like seriously Uh he didn't know who he was when he was Appointed Um and I think what mostly caught the Eye Is he said he doesn't respect ericton Hawk because Eric 10 Hogg does not Respect him there is a lot to unpack Here Jules uh So we're going to try to do this as in The rational ways we can first and Foremost Are you surprised that Cristiano would Do this Uh I'm not surprised because he's he Kind of warned us before a few few weeks Ago on social media saying I would make I would do an interview soon and the Truth will come out and I will I will say the truth wait for the truth Everything else that is written on me or Said about me is is force We knew that I think he had that Frustration in him remember him snubbing Gary Neville you know on the pitch Snubbing Jimmy Carter clearly not happy With what Former players and current Pandey were Saying about him maybe doesn't like you Know not liking his situation at the

Club uh in the team leaving early all That kind of stuff so you knew that he Was probably bubbling up inside and at Some point it would have to come out the Timing I guess you would think that he Did this interview quite a while ago but Said it can only be out during the break Before the World Cup I'm not even sure He did that why I don't know why would It be quite a while ago I mean it could Have been any time right yeah this Weekend someone asked what about the Timing well I guess usually when there's No more football at a club level yeah I Think the timing was very deliberate I Think it was to get this out of the way Get this issue out of the way for the World Cup not have it hanging over him In his mind but you can't come back to Manchester United you agree right now After saying that there is no way he can Turn up now and face everything hug Again after the week I think it would Have to be the most improbable of Apologies I think he's far too proud uh A person to do that Um some might say too stubborn If he does turn up I don't see how Eric And and there isn't some sort of profuse Apology I don't see how Eric can Hogg Can play him Um you know without losing credibility And so that would mean that Cristiano Ronaldo at age 37 would not play

Football until his contract expires in June I I asked another club in January No no I'm saying listen unless yeah he Finds over the club in general yeah Which would also mean him realistically Because we went through all this in the Summer yeah which would also mean him Taking a huge pay cut I think it's Pretty much inevitable Um so I think in some ways and you know You call me Mr Brightside I look on the Positives I don't think that this is a bad thing For Manchester United Um I don't think it's a bad thing for Cristiano Ronaldo necessarily people are Saying he's tarnished his legacy look He doesn't come off well I don't think You're not surprised I'm not surprised No we've seen situations where he's come Very close to this in the past anybody Who has spoken to people around Madrid And at Juventus and United as well he Said he was a slave when they when he Could not leave when he wanted to Real Madrid precisely this isn't this isn't New this is part of his Personality yeah And I'll tell you what there are a lot Of people who are you know absolute A-list athletes who have this kind of Personality because they're surrounded You know in in an echo chamber of of Yes Men and whatever uh whether it's whether It's Michael Jordan whether it's Tom

Brady you know there's a lot of examples Not Roger Federer because he's genuinely A good guy but there's a lot of people Who are surrounded in this I think If the idea was to get a break to to to Bring it to a point of no return with Manchester United so that they have to Let him go maybe even pay him some money To leave in January thereby making a Move affordable then it's going to work Out for Cristiano Ronaldo and it's going To work out for Manchester United yeah I Mean they contaminate his contract right Now easily easily I think it's a breach Of Of I whatever you can I'm not sure you Can go on television like that and Criticize your Club the way he did while Still being paid by that club all right I'm not sure about that but we're going To get into it more but before we do I Just want to remind people Manchester United one two one last minute call from Alejandro garnacho 18 year old Wonder Can we should have been celebrating him Instead we're talking about Cristiano Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus