Why Manchester United CAN take down Barcelona in the Europa League | ESPN FC

By | November 7, 2022

ESPN FC’s Mark Ogden reacts to Manchester United and Barcelona drawing each other for a mouthwatering Europa League playoff clash.

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Well the Europa League is back with a Bang in February Manchester versus Barcelona couldn't have got a bigger Game a game that would have graced the Final next season but kind of inevitable With United finishing runs up in no Group in Europa League Barcelona Finishing in the third spot in their Champions League group behind into Milan And by Munich so it means that you've Got a game that Graves the Champions League final twice 2009 2011 to the Biggest teams in the world playing the Competition that NADA wants to be in but I think it's a game that United having Lost in most of the recent encounters Against barcelon can actually win it's a Good measure of the progress of Eric and How to see him I don't think Barcelona And the team that or the show notes here They used to be they're still top of the League but they're a team in transition As we've seen by the fact they went out Of the Champions League so it's a big Game it's a game that I think a lot of The fans will be happy to see they don't Europa League's about often playing Against teams that you've not quite Heard of you don't want to see this you Know you're not going to see games Against teams from lower leagues Man United Barcelona is an epic Clash it's Again obviously frankly the young and Old Trafford so he'll be obviously

Waiting for a bit of stick from the United fans it's just a game that I Think that it can measure both sides in Terms of their their route back to the Top we know that United would be nowhere Near where they want to be for at least 10 years now but Eric somehow does seem To have kind of got his personality in The team he's made improvements he's Made good signings and shavi at Barcelona again disappointing the Champions League this season but they Are top La Liga so they are making some Kind of progress but obviously both had Still got big stars Robert Lewandowski Barcelona probably the best player of The pitch in this game but it's a great Chance for the likes of Raphael Varanta's show the world what the you Know that they're still capable of Performing at the top level you've got Casemiro against these old rivals in Barcelona and it's also accepts the Likes of Marcus rashford you know we Keep talking about Marcus rashford being A player with great potential but are we Seeing it are we seeing Marcus Rush with Kick on as you have as he should have Done is he a player that's regressive Now but you know Barcelona team that was Linked with him in the summer I was Quite skeptical of that connection I'm Not quite sure he's good enough for Barcelona but this is the chance from

The show that yes he is good enough for Barcelona he is deserving of being Linked with those clubs and being on the Big stage so it's a massive game all Clubs a great game for the Europa League And I think it will show us where the Teams are where the managers are what a Lot of the players are so but in terms Of how's it going to go I think the United could win this Saturday United Haven't beaten Barcelona since 2008 in The semi-final On the way to win the Champions League In 2008 against Chelsea and Moscow since Then two defeats against Pat granial as Barcelona in the Champions League and Also a sooner guitar defeat when other Console showers manager so massive History between the two clubs and I Think United could win this it's going To be a great spectacular great occasion This is almost like a Champions League Tie in the Europa League so both teams Should be happy with that Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus