Why isn’t MLS taking action against Taxiarchis Fountas? | Futbol Americas | ESPN FC

By | November 4, 2022

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Sebastian Salazar on Futbol Americas to discuss why Major League Soccer decided against giving Taxiarchis Fountas a punishment for his alleged racist comments towards Inter Miami player Damion Lowe.

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All right I'm told uh that we're Basically done talking about MLS here on Football I'm like oh no we do have to do This are you sure we have to do this we Have to do talk about DC United all Right uh DC United in the headlines MLS Is calling an allegation that DC United's taxi fontus used a racial slur Toward inter-miami Defender Damian Lowe Back in September is credible but the League is also saying it could not Independently verify the allegation and Would not be issuing discipline to Fantas or dies United at the time of the Incident you'll remember Phil Neville Said it was a quote racist comment and Followed that up calling it quote the Worst word in the world Kirk you love Misfortune for DC United not like a Penny for your thoughts here Sad sad for DC United fans as well Um Credible Racist comments they found the victim to Be credible But they're not going to do anything To who said Those racist comments yes I understand where we're going from this It's I believe you but that's what it Sounds like to me like they're making Excuses for this player for DC United For themselves and it's unfortunate it's Unfortunate because in my eyes from the

People that spoke it seemed to be an Overwhelmingly overwhelmingly amount of Evidence Where it proved that there was a racist Act and they still won't act yeah we Need Clarity here that's the bottom line Right like a DC United fan you want Clarity here in the MLS is not offering That in this in this explanation the Allegations are credible but you can't Verify them honestly hurt and you might Have more insight into this than me it Feels like a cya with a union it feels Like they're scared they're scared to Make a suspension here and and go Head-to-head with the Union I bet that's What it is because otherwise what's the Point of this statement it's totally Sitting on the fence MLS has done Nothing but kind of throw mud on an Already murky situation what union the Players union what what side of it what Side of the Union are they going to Represent no it's a good question yeah If you're the players union right who do You want to back in a in a situation Like this there's another uh topic here With DC United as well herc the club was Fined 25 000 by Major League Soccer because it Did not fully meet its obligations under Major League soccer's diversity hiring Policy this of course course has to do With the hiring of Wayne Rooney the

Policy herc requires that the finalist Pool include two candidates from Underrepresented groups and one Candidate must be either black or African-American and as reported by the Athletic DC United met with two Qualifying candidates but only one Interview qualified as a finalist pool Hence the fine more bad news hurt for DC United These Muppets actually thought that Rooney Rule meant hired Wayne Rooney and I'm I'm joking not to cry because it's So sad it It's so sad that in a game that is so Diverse so rich you wouldn't go out and Cast that net you wouldn't go out and See what's all you have to do is Interview said Canada they wouldn't even Do that as somebody who represented Underserved community and how important Representation is for us at all levels At all levels it it saddens me it Infuriates me because I know how Difficult it is because I have quality I Have friends of that could be quality Candidates you have Demarcus beetles you Have a Gucci on way you who have been Trying and knocking on doors for so long Trying to have these opportunities and They get overlooked Resume it's there I mean credibility It's there but they keep getting Overlooked over and over again and when

You're in this position and you see this Happen I don't even know what to say I have Some thoughts on on DC United but Quickly on on MLS I think we need to Give them credit for monitoring their Version of the Rooney Rule but the fine Here 25 000 for Millionaires and in many cases Billionaires I mean who's that gonna Who's that gonna deter from doing this If they want to go hire a white guy They're going to do it because twenty Five thousand dollars is nothing to These guys for nothing it's a drop in The hats Abby it's a slap on the face to Everybody here I mean if there was a Substantial fine great but it's not it's Just saying well we we find them that's What it's saying we find them there you Go people Uh as far as being a DC United fan this Is just the latest humiliating chapter Of course uh this year we had The Wooden Spoon I've mentioned many times Audi Field it's the worst new stadium uh in All of MLS you got the club now not Living up to these diversity standards In a city like Washington DC I can tell You that is not going to go over well This team is going to pay for that uh With their fans here in the nation's Capital this is really really bad and it Is the Legacy again of Jason levian the

Owner and for anybody who wants to doubt That when you have rot at the top it Filters all the way down to the bottom And I mean the very bottom I'm gonna ask Production to pull up the full screen That our stats and information group Made about not just DC United's Struggles this past season but Loudoun United struggles in USL as well because These are the two organizations owned by Jason Levy in DC United last in all of Major League Soccer 27th out of 27 Louden 24th out of 2017 teams in USL They were outscored 13 to 1 in their Last three games that folks right there Is Jason levian's Legacy as Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus