Why Do Forwards Keep Failing At Chelsea?

By | November 10, 2022

Recent Chelsea signings Raheem Sterling and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have struggled to hit the ground running at Stamford Bridge so far this season, but they are not alone in being formerly prolific forwards who have found it difficult to score goals in West London.

Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner, who cost a combined total of almost £150 million, experienced similar issues, as did the likes of Fernando Torres and Andriy Shevchenko before them.

So in this video, HITC Sevens takes a look at why it is the case that strikers seemingly keep failing at Chelsea, whether it's the club or those player's faults, and what Graham Potter can do to fix it.

The last time that a Chelsea Striker Scored more than 20 goals in a season Was Diego Costa in the 2016-17 campaign Six years ago and the last one before Him was Didier Drogba all the way back In the 2009 tank campaign that's 13 Years ago since then Chelsea have what a Couple of Premier League titles a couple Of Champions League crowns they have had 12 different managers Frank Lampard Became the club's all-time record Goalscorer left scored against them Retired became a manager joined Chelsea Got sacked by Chelsea has both won and Lost against them as manager of Everton Oh and the club was even briefly owned By the British government after they Froze former owner Roman abramovich's Assets before Chelsea was sold to a U.S Consortium led by Todd bowley in short Quite a lot has happened and indeed the Blues have had no lack of forwards During that There has been Fernando Torres who Arrived for a British record transfer Fee but could only manage 20 goals in 110 Premier League games at the bridge Former Ballon d'Or candidates Radamel Falcao who only managed to score a Solitary goal across an entire season on Loan at the club and who could forget About Gonzalo Higuain another South American Striker who arrived on Loan in West London with a big reputation but

Could only muster up five goals in 19 Appearances more recently Timo Verna Scored just 10 Premier League goals in Two seasons at Chelsea despite having Scored 28 in a single campaign Ferrari Leipzig the season before he arrived Romelu Lukaku is maybe the most pressing Example of all having bagged just 8 in 26 for the Blues in the league following His 97.5 million pound return to the Club and neither Raheem Sterling nor Pierre-america who are normally so Reliable when it comes to scoring goals Have been able to hit the ground running As Stamford Bridge this season so what Is it tactics confidence or just Something that they put in the water at Cobham the common consensus among a lot Of football fans seems to be that they Are all just bad players or at least That they became bad players after Signing for Chelsea and that the blues Were duped into signing them but given That so many have gone on to enjoy Success not just before signing for Chelsea but actually after leaving them I'm not convinced and seen as though the Common denominator in all of these Instances is the club themselves surely It is at least worth pondering the Possibility that maybe just maybe it Might in fact be Chelsea that are the Problem well that is what this video is All about so I grabbed my detectors

Badge and set about to see if I figure Out why so many forwards keep on failing At Chelsea The biggest problem that Chelsea Forwards have certainly this season is Getting chances Chelsea have an Abundance of midfielder's yet there is Still a distinct lack of creativity in There georginio can dictate the Rhythm And tempo of a game cover chich is neat And tidy in possession and in transition Mountain Gallagher are industrious and Have shown previously that they are more Than capable of scoring goals and Everyone knows Angolo can say strengths At least when he is fully fit but none Of them are particularly renowned for Getting loads of assists or for their Chance creation the best performing Chelsea player in terms of key passes Per 90 so far this season has been Raheem Sterling with 1.5 per game Followed by Mason Mount who is on 1.4 They rank 34th and 40th in the revision Overall Kevin De bruyne meanwhile is Currently averaging 3.5 key passes per 90. James Madison and 2.6 and Andreas Pereira Fulham and Bruno Fernandez and Manchester United are averaging 2.4 inch As for big chances created incredibly Cesar as pelicueta Conor Gallagher and Raheem Sterling lead the way for Chelsea All Tied on just three big chances Created all season after 13 games with

Kevin De bruyne once again being the Pace Setter in the Premier League on 14. That is almost five times as many big Chances created as anyone in the Chelsea Squad if you look just on a per 90 basis Rather than overall Christian pulisic is Actually averaging the most chances Created for the blues but he has only Scored one goal in 16 games so far this Season and he is yet to play a full 90 Minutes in any competition the only stat In terms of chance creation and key Passes where Chelsea don't score Absolutely horribly so far this season Is it respect to the CIS per 90 where Mason Mount ranks fourth in the Premier League on 0.26 expected assist per 90 And Rhys James comes in sixth on 0.23 it Is worth noting that for the Reese James Is without doubt one of Chelsea's most Creative and indeed offensively Dangerous players even from the Full-back position so his persistence Injury problems have no doubt been a Factor in the lack of chances that Chelsea have created and the scraps that Their forwards have been repeatedly Feeding off James was sidelined for 20 Games for injury last season most Notably a torn hamstring and he has Already been injured for the last two Months so far this season missing nine Games and ruled out to the upcoming World Cup as a result of the knee injury

That he picked up against AC Milan in The Champions League in September Overall Chelsea ranked 13th in the Premier League for big chances created This season behind Brentford Southampton And Leicester Leeds in Crystal Palace And tied with Everton on 17 in total That is an utterly abysmal record truly Wretched for a squad as expensively Assembled and is packed with quality as Chelsea's and it should and I've no Doubt that it will be a major concern to The club and an issue that they are Prioritizing trying to address it should Be said 17 is also exactly the number of Goals that Chelsea have scored in the League this season which puts them 11th In terms of the League's High scorers Suggesting that their forwards are Actually albeit only very slightly Outperforming when it comes to chance Conversion compared to other teams in Terms of solutions to this glaring and Really detrimental problem it does seem A bit insane to me that Chelsea have Hakim ziyesh in their squad a man who Was quite literally one of the most Creative players and leading assist Providers in all of European football For six successive Seasons prior to Joining the blues yet he has played Just 185 minutes of football for the club so Far this season in the 2018-19 season in Which iax reached the Champions League

Semi-finals and won the arabiza title Ziash made a total of 24 assists the Season before that he made 18 assists And during the season before that one in Which IX also reached the final of the Europa League ziyash May 20 assists I Point out how deep IX went in Europe's Two biggest competitions and two out of Those three seasons just because it is Very easy for some people to dismiss any And all accomplished As being either a relevant or Unimpressive when ziyash has in fact Proved that he can perform at the very Highest level hence why Chelsea signed Him in the first place not only is Ziyash incredibly gifted and creative He's also really versatile capable of Playing either as a 10 or in central Midfield outline on the right or Occasionally on the left what's more if You look at his actual output it shows That ziesh is just as effective in terms Of goal contributions almost wherever he Plays of course there is context as to Why ziesh isn't getting games at Chelsea And Graham Potter is very much the norm Rather than an aberration in terms of Chelsea managers who have looked at him And decided that whatever the question Might be he isn't the answer I can't see That changing anytime soon it does just Seem a little ironic to me that if ziash Wasn't at Chelsea and was almost

Anywhere else playing anything like it At iax just a few years ago we'd all be Falling over ourselves to say that he Was exactly the answer to all of Chelsea's problems in terms of chance Creation and assists and that the club Should immediately drop 50 million Pounds plus on him I would also add that Although ziesha's entire Chelsea Career Has undoubtedly been distinctly Underwhelming with pockets of decent Performances here and there but never Any sustained periods of good form he Did still average a goal contribution Once every 188 minutes when he actually Played in the Premier League last season Which is pretty much won every two games That's not quite Eden Hazard territory In terms of goal contributions who Average won every 133 minutes but it Isn't quite as far off as I suspect most People would imagine and Chelsea could Do a heck of a lot worse than having Someone who made a goal contribution Once every two games in that team right Now given that Zs recently reposted a Video of himself scoring for iax against Chelsea on his Instagram story I think That we can expect him to leave the club Fairly soon but it would be a remiss of Me not to acknowledge that he is someone Who is very creative lurking within the Chelsea ranks as for Alternatives who Aren't currently uploading videos of

Themselves scoring against the club to Their social media accounts but could Still make a difference there may never Be a better time for karni chukwa maker To break into this Chelsea team and Establish himself aged only 19 that Might seem like a silly claim to make But Chelsea answer club that are known For hanging about and you would have to Expect them to be on the hunt for a Gifted creative midfielder if not this January then certainly over the summer Until then choco maker has the chance to Make a real case for himself but they Already have a player of that silk and That that player is Signed for 20 million pounds from Aston Villa over the summer that might seem Like a crazy fee for an 18 year old as Chuckle maker was at the time with just 15 first-time appearances under their Belts and indeed it is but it was Justified because of chukwa makers Outstanding form at Youth Level swimmed With the amount of interest in the Teenager was reportedly demanding a Salary of 100 000 pounds a week at Aston Villa demands which the club refused to Meet and whilst Chelsea missed out on a Handful of targets to La Liga Giants Barcelona over the summer chocolate Maker was one player wanted by both Teams who chose to join the blues Instead there is of course rather a

Large Gulf between men's and boys Football but for England under 19s choco Mako did indeed look like a man playing Ed's boys big strong athletic elegant And Brilliance on the ball he looked Almost like a yayatory regen the few Times that I saw him in the the under 19 Euros over the summer which England won And in which he made the team of the Tournament as England's top scorer with Three goals from Midfield following a Mixed start to life at Stamford Bridge And without a win in their last four Premier League games gray and Potter is Unsurprisingly not making any radical Changes with the games coming thick and Fast or handling all that many Opportunities so players who were out in The cold under Thomas tinkle at least Not until after the World Cup break but Given the fact that someone like Ruben Loftus-cheek for example her struggle to Light up games so far this season you Would think that maybe chuckwa maker Might have played more than 43 minutes Of football this season in all Competitions it's notable that despite Chelsea's lack of Midfield creativity Over the summer they signed two forwards Who are very dependent on service but no One to create those chances or to Provide it for them with rice service Raheem Sterling and pierre-emerica Bamyang will score goals it would be

Quite frankly ludicrous to suggest Otherwise aubameyang is one of the most Prolific forwards of the past decade and He scored 13 goals in 23 games for Barcelona last season meanwhile Sterling Is firmly among the most productive White players of his generation and even Last season despite seeing reduced game Time and being rotated more at Manchester City where he only played Three thousand minutes of football he Still scored more goals than anyone in The Chelsea Squad both in the league and In all competitions the idea that either Of them have become bad players Overnight or that Sterling had been on a Slow decline at Manchester City as I've Seen it said is complete nonsense Sterling was England's best player at Last Summer's Euros where he made the Team of the tournaments and his numbers At the Etsy adins actually decline he Was just rotated more often if you were To give him the right service and play Him at all 38 League games there is no Doubt in my mind that Raheem Sterling Scores 25 Premier League goals which Would be enough to put him in Golden Boot contentions during any ordinary Season if it wasn't for that enormous Norwegian robot banging goals like a Child playing FIFA 2004 on amateur Difficulty level at the etiad I speak From experience with that simile the

Problem is that Sterling's greatest Strength under bamyang's to a great Extent is his or their movement despite Having hit double figures for goals for Nine successive Seasons at the age of Only 27 which is just remarkable and he Will make it 10 successive Seasons this Season even if he does have rubbish Service Raheem Sterling has never been All that ruthless or clinical in front Of goal the reality is that he's always Missed quite a lot of chances but his Movement is so good he is so intelligent And intricate within the box that still He manages to score a stupendous amount Of goals but he has gone from having Kevin De bruyne Phil foden ilkai Gundawan joauken sallow Riyad mahrez Berardo Silva and the like creating Chances for him to players who while Still immensely talented are not as Alert to his movements or as blessed in The art of picking him out as any of the Players that I just mentioned Chelsea do Not have a Kevin De bruyne they don't Even have a Martin erdogard or a Bruno Gamerish and that is doubly painful for Chelsea given that they didn't just have A Kevin De Broner at one time they had The Kevin De bruyne the best Creator in English football right now and for the Last few years but they didn't play him And they allowed him to leave the club For what now looks to have impedance

Sterling has also gone from playing Under one of the most regimented Managers in World football in Pep Guardiola who wanted him to play in the Same system and make the same movements In every single game to playing under Probably the Premier League's most Pragmatic manager in Graham Potter who Has No Reservations about changing his System and formation week to week to Suit the opposition and changing with That often times Sterling's possession Role responsibilities and what is Expected of him that is a pretty radical Change of pace overnight for Sterling Who has spent the last six years playing Underpap and that combined with Chelsea's lack of creativity whilst he Is still Chelsea's highest scorer in all Competitions with five goals this season Andy leads the way for the club in terms Of key passes per game means that I Don't think the fact that he hasn't Immediately set the world alight Ought to come as an enormous surprise The profile of forwards that Chelsea Have signed not just Raheem Sterling and Pierre-emerica bamiang but also romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner before them Whilst far from being identical Strikers Have all been very much goal scorers Werner and Lukaku were two of the Highest scorers in Europe the seasons Before they arrived at the bridge Verner

Having scored 34 goals for RB Leipzig And Lukaku 30 for Inter Milan and indeed 34 in the season before that it is Interesting then the whilst both of them Struggled Chelsea arguably had more Success and looked to be more of a Threat overall during the post Diego Costa ERA with Olivier Giroux France Than with anyone else giru has never Been insanely prolific but he has always Been dependable in terms of bagging a Decent number of goals but also when it Comes to Leading a line making himself a Handful and bringing others enter their Game not only that Giroud actually had a Better goal scoring record as well as Offering a lot more to the team than Teemoverna and an almost identical goal Scoring record at Chelsea to romelu Lukaku that is despite the fact that Away from Chelsea Lukaku and jaru Obviously have very different goal Scoring records and few would have Anticipated that being the case when Lukaku swapped the sansero four Stamford Bridge in 2021 for 97.5 million pounds With Giroud heading in the opposite Direction when he was quizzed about the Unusual Quirk of Strikers seemingly Repeatedly struggling at Chelsea Thomas Tukel was quick to point out that it is An issue which long predated his time at The club with players like Fernando Torres andresiachenko and Mateo keshman

All having gone from being Unstoppable Forces of nature before joining Chelsea To very much stoppable forces of nature During their time in Westland Tuka Attributed those difficulties to Chelsea's reputation as being a physical And a defensive team where forwards Might be a bit less skillful than in Other clubs but are expected to Contribute a lot more defensively it's a Theory that makes some sense especially Given the fact that the only two truly Great Chelsea Center forwards of the Abramovich and now post abramovichira Have been Didier Drogba and Diego Costa Who certainly fit that mold of offering An awful lot off the ball it's for that Reason perhaps that having already Signed Raheem Sterling and later Pierre-emerica bamyang tukal wasn't Particularly enthralled of the prospect Of Todd bowley bringing in Cristiano Ronaldo a man who is a poacher and Absolutely nothing else at this stage And relies more on his movement and Chances being created for him whilst Offering next to nothing off the wall Than almost anyone else in the game I I Also find it interesting that after five Or six years of Chelsea having had this Problem basically since Diego Costa Rejoined Atletico Madrid a forward Struggling and failing to score many Goals now they have appointed Graham

Potter a man who for all of his Undoubted talents and I like him a lot His biggest problem at Brighton as was Very well documented was getting a Center forward to firing goals for him Brighton were pretty much the Premier League's XG Champions underpotter as Became something of a running joke in Football nerd Twitter circles but Despite finishing ninth in the Premier League last season Neil mopay and Leandro trossard were Brighton's joint Highest scorers with just eight League Goals each mopay has since departed to Everton which seems to have actually Increased Brighton's goal scoring Prowess rather than thwarted it mean While trosard has already scored seven Goals not even halfway through November So far this season five of them coming In his last seven games alone since gray And Potter left the club and was Replaced by Roberto De zabi during that Exact same period since Potter left Brighton to join Chelsea Chelsea's top Scorers in the league have been Kai Havart and Mason mount with just two Goals each that's fewer than trossard Scored against Liverpool alone and he Was the best midfielder on the pitch in Brighton's 4-1 trouncing of Chelsea at The end of last month I am going to end Here because I've said everything that I Think could be of any interest or

Insights on this subject which is Normally when I end and the only thing That I would add seen as though I Haven't mentioned him once up to this Point Tammy Abraham scored 18 goals for Chelsea in the 2019-20 season which was Deemed as being laudable at the time but Still not good enough if Chelsea wanted To win the biggest prizes and whilst Well that may be but since then the Blues have spent an awful lot of money On the likes of Timo Verna and romelu Lukaku and neither have been able to Outscore their homegrown Talent who Scored 27 goals at Roma last season just To be clear I'm not saying that Tammy Abraham would be the solution to Chelsea's problems as I say I think that Is a creativity and system problem Rather than a finishing problem but I Don't think that he would have done any Worse than the players that Chelsea have Spent a fortune on replacing him with so That is it for today's video I hope that You enjoyed it hit the like button if That was the case I am interested to Know what you think so let me know your Thoughts if you have any in the comments And feel free to subscribe and turn on Notifications of course for hitc Sims You can also find me personally on both Twitter and on Instagram or either or Whichever you like via the username at Hrtc sevens should you wish to do so