Why are the Glazers looking to selling Manchester United now? 🤔

By | November 23, 2022

After news that Cristiano Ronaldo has left Manchester United, why are the Glazer family looking to sell the club?

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Uh coffee let's start with you shall we Why are the glazers selling now Well I think they feel that now is the Time to sell the club look a lot of Manchester United fans have been unhappy For a very very long time uh the glazers Bought the club 17 years ago I still Remember there were protests from fans At the time as well you have to consider How the glazers funded their takeover of Manchester United they didn't buy the Club with their own money they borrowed 600 million pounds to buy United in a Leveraged buyout and they loaded that Debt onto the club so the club has been Paying off that debt and 17 years later The debt is still around 600 million Pounds and in the meantime the glazers Takeover of the club has cost Manchester United about 1.5 billion pounds now During the past 17 years there's always Been significant opposition to the Owners from Manchester United supporters I think that has played a part in why They want to sell the club now I think The other reasons are one Manchester United needs a lot of money investing in It uh Old Trafford and needs to be Redeveloped to United need to spend a Lot of money on the training ground as Well although I know they are spending Some money on those two areas so money Is needed and I'm not sure the Glazer Family want to invest their own money in

The club and also the days of cheap Credit are over you can't go out and Borrow money very very easily the other Reason I think is because just like Liverpool they saw what happened to Chelsea when Roman Abramovich was forced To sell a Chelsea earlier this year There were so many different investment Groups and businessmen interested in Buying the club Chelsea eventually went For 2.5 billion pounds so for the Glazer Family they realized there is a lot of Significant interest out there if we Were to sell the club now would be a Good time and we know for a fact that There are people especially in the United States of America who want to Invest in a Premier League club and you Have to say United are probably arguably Historically the biggest Club in Manchester United sorry in the Premier League so there will be a lot of Interest in buying them Though in some ways is that price Affected by the fact that the market in Some ways is not flooded but Liverpool Are also potentially Up for sale as well does that in some Ways reflect the price I think what's interesting is that Manchester United have retained the Services of the rain group To handle and Market this potential sale Now the rain group were the investment

Firm that Roman Abramovich used to sell Chelsea and we know for a fact that more Than a hundred interested parties Contacted the rain group when Chelsea Was put up for sale now of course not All those interested parties would have Had the funds to be able to buy a club Like Chelsea I'm sure some of them did It for publicity reasons but the fact That Manchester United are using the Rain group To me suggests that they want to tap Into the knowledge that the rain group Have of the people out there who are Interested in buying a Premier League Club which is why I think this could be Done quickly look we don't know how long It could take sometimes a potential Takeover and we don't know for sure that The club is going to be sold can take Years but we saw it was pretty quick it Was three or four months I think in Chelsea's case so I think the Glazer Family if indeed they do want to sell The club outright I believe the reason They are using the rain Group is because They know the rain group have the names And numbers of the people with the money Who can afford to buy a club as big as Manchester United hey and Carvey what is The feeling within the club about this Potential sale then Well look the information I'm getting is As far as the uh playing side is

Concerned uh Eric ten Haag is totally Focused uh on playing matters of course Because the World Cup is on at the Moment the players are either away uh The coaching staff are taking a little Break the issue with Cristiano Ronaldo Has been sorted out and I think Eric ten Hogg feels that he can do what Thomas Tuckel did during all the uncertainty Surrounding Roman Abramovich selling uh Chelsea Thomas tuckel actually insulated His players from all that uncertainty And Chelsea's results were pretty good During that period so I think that is What Eric tanhaag will be trying to Replicate but of course when a club is Up for sale effectively the people Running that club in key positions will Be thinking about the future because Look at what has happened at Chelsea Since uh Todd Burley bought the club a Lot of key people have left Stamford Bridge so you'd have to think if the Glazers were to sell Manchester United Whoever buys the club and I'm hearing It's more than likely going to be a Group of U.S investors they would surely Want to bring in their own people so a Little bit of uncertainty around Manchester United at the moment Especially at the senior level because They know if new people come in they'll Want to bring their own people in with Them