Who will be the BIG SURPRISE at the World Cup? Can an African country win it? | ESPN FC

By | November 19, 2022

ESPN FC's Gabriele Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab & Juls Show) discuss about who they think is the surprise package at the World Cup in Qatar. Will we see a new World Cup winner?

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All right Joe so what we thought talking Before yeah I just got off the plane I'm Talking about what are we going to do in This we thought we just look at four Teams that we think could be dark horses And four teams that we've got question Marks about this is not a ranking these Are not the next four best teams in the World Cup Um and the four teams we have question Marks about aren't the four worst teams And some others have also issues yeah And there are others that that have Issues but Let's start with the four Um Who we consider to be dark horse I'm Gonna go with something that's an Unpopular pick because And maybe we're influenced by a recent Conversation with Vince and Company yeah By my prediction many many years ago About Belgium's golden generation which I'm still waiting on But It's Belgium and and hear me out here Okay we can all point fingers haha look At the Muppet Show at the back and stuff And and okay yeah the Defenders aren't Great and I know Lukaku maybe he's back Maybe he's not back whatever But I think to myself Maybe the best number 10 as in attacking Midfielder in the world yeah it's

Official maybe the best goalkeeper in The world Once you get to the knockout phases you Don't necessarily need much more we've Seen this in past World Cups yeah why Can't Belgium be a Dark Horse no other Things I would argue like I said to Nathan who mentioned it before it's a Very tired horse but if you want to Count it as a dark horse like I give I Give that to you and I agree with you I Think and you know what maybe the best Thing that could happen to them is that They're arriving in this competition Under the radar there's no just lost to Egypt for example in what was the Friendly so There might not many uh there's not many Many things that you can take away from That friendly against Egypt however They're really under the radar before They used to be we every single time we Were saying okay this is the moment this Generation is going to hit it here and Now there's not even that kind of talk And I think that really that's in their Favor I'm thinking we always see this in World Cups and look I I am you know Pulling names out of a hat here right of Very talented players who've had Difficult times at Club level but maybe Hit form just at the right time and you Know my adoration for your retirements How in this you know you kind of tailed

Off at the last season didn't have a Great start to the season and then maybe In the last month picked up right those Those pile drivers from outside the box Could somebody like that you know become Kind of a third actor to carry this team With courtois de bruyne can they get Something from Eden Hazard that's the Question that's why I'm on board with That yeah uh who you got so for the First one I'll go with Senegal uh not Just because I'm wearing the shirt today In in tribute For him of course and him missing the World Cup but for the whole of Senegal However I still think that even without Him they can be a really nice surprise They've got a really strong Collective They've got like Star Players let's put Him that way Bali Ismail for example I would suspect We come in and replace Sergio who is on The same level of Sergio but can can can Provide really good something really Good on that on that on that wing and I Think are you CC has learned a lot from What happened in Afghans in the last Especially in the last one that they won I think that win is huge apologically And I think their physical strong team Which always a bit like a European Country really that do so well in in World Cups historically yeah all those People who check out stereotypes over

The years they're so tired they're so Passe but especially you look at Senegal There is no stereotype about this other The fact that this team plays like a Certain type of European team exactly From maybe 10 years ago and you know and It's simply because you see is actually I think a very modern coach who or a Very competent coach you know you're not Going to see from him necessarily the The high press the the fancy stuff but Again it's national team yeah and it's Right you know Um another one that comes up uh we're Totally in two minds I'm totaling two Minds over Louis van Hall yeah I know You've had your love hate relationship With him over the years But objectively yeah what can Holland do I I think he can say as much as he wants They're going to win it and good for him And you know I think that's also part of The character that he is I think he's Built a unit that is very impressive and I think yeah of course defensively if You look at a battery of probably Timber Van Dyke and Ikea DeVry I guess the Third one would be this is impressive I Think there's a lot of depth there yeah And I think the back switch suits them Perfectly and then if Memphis depays on Good form I think but again I don't think you can Take out one player I think the strength

Is that Collective Unity that Collective Strength the solidity that they have and How strong physical and intense they can Be Yeah I I don't know I'll be really Interested to see what we see from fun How because obviously last time funhal Was in a World Cup We saw Holland go far with the team that Was I thought purely defensive and often In a very ugly way Um you know but then it's a World Cup so If your game plan is Defensed outlet with your back three and You need that because of the we've Discussed before the weird situation at Goalkeeper and wait for Memphis to do Something at the other end hey that's a Game plan too yeah at Memphis if he's on Form can be unplayable at times we we Have said this right so I could see Holland being in that mix I know Serbia Get a lot of people excited because of The potential of lavish yeah milinkovich Yeah yeah and mitrovich and kostich and All that great talent which is great to Have talent But this is new to them this is all new To them they've never been here before Some are really young some are more Experienced at Club level but this is a Different level and I think this is the Only thing that makes me think okay how Do you approach a game against

Switzerland where they've been here Before they've won World Cup games They've won Euro again big games as well They've caused problems to a lot of big Teams in World Cup in Euros before and And you your Serbia and you're like We're so excited to be here but this is All new to us and so let's see how they Approach it and how they accommodate Themselves it does feel that Serbia also And people are going to bring this up And I hate it when people bring up oh Historically a World Cups it doesn't Matter this is a new team these guys Weren't there 10 years ago people will Bring it up if Serbia screwed up against Switzerland we can see it happening Right Switzerland bought borothon and Then you know Fabian Shar header in the 88. oh well Serbia you know they always Like like yeah no it doesn't mean Anything Um who else you got well I think we've Done before so Holland Belgium Serbia And Senegal are for you know surprise Package potentially as in Surprise who Will go find the competition Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus