Who is going to WIN the WORLD CUP ? Gab & Juls have their pick | ESPN FC

By | November 19, 2022

ESPN FC’s Gabriele Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab & Juls Show) are in Qatar and they're picking their World Cup favourites. Is France going to defend their title? Is Brazil going to lift their sixth trophy or will Lionel Messi finally win it for Argentina?

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Jewels let's step away from the Day-to-day and let's remind ourselves There is a World Cup that is going to Take place in what less than 48 hours Incredible it's just that it's like We're almost there I am I'll be going to The opening game Qatar against Ecuador So we thought in this first segment it Might be fun to talk a little bit about Who are the favorites yeah and let's do A little preview without being like a Two foot on preview We're not gonna do a Boring group like group thing where People switch off because oh Morocco Whatever no I want you I want to know Who you fancy who for you maybe you pick Two countries who you think have the Best chance to go I will very easily do That I will pick Brazil yeah and I will Pick uh I I would have picked France but I Cannot get over this that lightning Cannot strike twice like DJ deschamp Cannot be Forrest Gump two World Cups in A row can't happen so I'm gonna pick Argentina as my alternative but with the Caveat the best team almost never wins The World Cup Yeah maybe maybe however I would argue That you two are very big favorite and I I completely understand your picks I Will certainly have picked one of the Two in Argentina uh who I think would be Brazil in the semi-final as they can

Face each other they've both finished First in their group I will pick France Of course because as you said it's Really rare to win back-to-back World Cup the last country to do it was Brazil In 1962 to show you how hard it is and If you actually did it in 1934 and 1938 That was even before and even if you Look at the last three World Cup the Holders crashed out in the group stage Every single time so there's a bit of That curse however I think that Deshawn Is going back to a very more solid team Mush defensive margin and you know what You will walk up with your defense not With your attack you know what I would Dispute that and obviously he did it Last time and it worked Um it's just I don't under I cannot wrap My head around logically why Club Football should be so different than International Football Club football the Best teams generally take the game to The opposition we'd say almost every Week on the show Why should national team football be Different that way I'm not saying it Can't work no but just Trend wise you Need more you have more time at Club Level to work on your daily patterns and Organization and everything with Club Especially for this world cup it's an Eight-day preparation it's it's very Short

To put everything you want in place and It's easier as we always say to have a Very solid defensive organization more Than fancy attacking football I think That's why for me I can't look past Brazil as the best team in the world cup They may not win it because like we said But Brazil played like a club side uh Teacher's been there since 2016. Um I think that matters there's a Tremendous team ethos in it when we've Talked about Deshawn's qualities of Being a great man manager I think Chichi Has that in Spades maybe even more so Because of course he didn't ban his best Center forward from the national team For many many years Um so I think they have that the one that Interests me though is my other favorite Tools Argentina yeah because leonette Scalone has is on this incredible run I Think we're seeing a different messiest Part of the run in other words not a Messy that has to carry the team the way It was under sambali Um I do Wonder though in the end Is this run a bit deceptive I don't Think it is I really don't think he's And I don't think even it's about if He's deceptive or convincing it's just That they don't know what it is to lose Anymore and I think you go in the

Mindset when you approach every single Game whether it's Copa America Qualifiers World Cup friendlies Finalists anything you want in a way Like we we can't lose here we haven't Lost nobody can beat us and I do think That they've got an easy an easy group If you want but they're going to go from Strength to strength to be ready for the Last 16 and the quarter final and the Semi-final and I really believe Argentina this is and Messi is in such Great forms this is where I paraphrase Mike Tyson everybody has a plan until They get punched in the face uh I need To know your I've picked two teams I Need to know your other team you Mentioned France yeah France is the First one and for the second one I just Don't think outside of those three There's one outstanding candidate but I Would go for Spain we both like Russian Enrique we big fans it's a team that is Not perfect I give you that especially In terms of who's playing up front and Everything I just think they can create The surprise and the more momentum they Will get the more they will advance I Think the better they can be and get That confidence that we saw for example Against Italy in the semi-final of the Euros which is a game that they could Easily have won yeah no as I said about The Euros I thought Italy deserved to

Win the Euros but Spain deserved to win That game if that makes any sense you Know what we love Luis Enrique I think It's fair to say we don't understand Um a lot of his choices uh it just seems Weird the way he's always moving the Team around Um you know I'm a bigger saval fan Obviously he's out with some hope that He might come back for the World Cup not There but it really feels like nobody is Essential Isn't that their strength maybe is that This team is all about the collective It's all about that unit and that might Be good enough in a World Cup again when We go back to basic on They've got flows of course Arabia Hasn't played merch and he will start This world cup asensio same Morata up Front and you've got busquets in Midfield and Northern he can run anymore And at this level I'm worried Defensively to play with two left footed Center bikes in LaPorte and and Powell I'm not sure that's again how effective That is however okay if you only had Eric Garcia oh yeah please no please Please don't get any ideas Lucha please But but I'm wondering if the Collective Strength that comes out of that Squad And it's very much Lucha's plan is like It's us against the world maybe it might Work it is faster it's fascinating look

We say Revolution Enrique is a guy who Does not give a flying you know what About anybody else you know I know it's Something we've used a lot oh he marches To his video Zone drummer this is Luis Enrique that is I think what makes him So fascinating I think you can pay a Price for it Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus