Which England Player DESERVED A World Cup Call Up? | Saturday Social ft Harry Pinero & James Allcott

By | November 12, 2022

Harry Pinero & James Allcott join Smithy and Joe this week on Saturday Social. Our guests discuss five of the biggest trending topics of the week, including Gareth Southgates England squad, Southampton’s new managerial appointment, Potter’s struggles at Chelsea & the Champions League draw.
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Saturday social is powered by EA Sports FIFA 23 with PlayStation right time up For trends of the week the guests and The viewers know the rules by now yeah Five Trends biggest Trends in the world Of football busy week this week Joe Wasn't it yeah news literally broke last Night so we're gonna start there Trend Number one Marcelo bielsen I saw this Unbelievable being heavily linked with The form of job here's David Ornstein With an exclusive saying that FC boom of Exploring the possibility of appointing Belser as their head coach now this has Kind of been further hasn't it there Have been apparently positive talks According to Sky Sports News which is You know a massive bit of news for Bournemouth we've currently got Gary O'Neill in charge haven't they been Looking for a manager for quite some Time now but the question we're going to Ask you two is would bielsa be the right Appointment for Bournemouth HP I based Off how things ended with leads I don't Think so personally I think we he was Rock and roll football and we enjoyed Like you know the the thought of how Leeds was playing and stuff but I don't Think Walmart all that type of team and I think with the managers that Bournemouth have had have been very Football based and in terms of Possession whereas it's very attacking

With with the way you know be also does It so I'm not convinced by him and I Wasn't convinced by him when he was at Leeds hence why he's not there no more Um so I don't think it'll be that Successful for me personally I don't Think it's a bad manager I can't think Of a worse option than Elsa and the Reason is actually Bournemouth are doing Pretty well at this moment in time and The reason they're doing quite well They're playing like solanki and Kifamora up top I lifted it quickly the Team of the most um tackles in the uh Attacking third is leads the bottom is Bournemouth and the way they're playing They're sort of staying strong at the Back and they're playing on the counter Attack and they're getting crosses into Two big guys up top but he also comes in It doesn't work for the squad that You've got I'm not saying it's a bad Manager but it is the worst choice you Can pick in my opinion wow wow That's why we get on because we know Football we understand the game yeah Okay wow quickly who would you choose Then if he's the worst appointment just Quickly I'd run with Gary O'Neill okay There we go speaking of managers bit of A manager's theme to this what is it Trend number two is about Graham Potts Now Joe and I we've been singing these Phrases for many years we're big fans of

Grandpa and of course he had a great Start to Chelsea but interesting reading This wasn't it looking at Chelsea's Recent results which we can have a look At on the screen now they've only won Two uh from the last seven games in all Comps and both of them were in the Champions League so obviously you can See they lost heavily at Brighton his Former Club of course losing to Arsenal And of course they were knocked out of The carabao cup tough opponents of Course in Manchester City but a few Losses there yeah Um so interesting reading that and it Got us thinking about Graham Potter and Our next trend is quite simply what Would be a successful season that's a Successful season for Graham Potter 60 Seconds on the clock James what do you Think I think when it's Chelsea anything Less than Champions League football is You know it's kind of unacceptable it Has been in the past certainly I think Look there's there's reasons why they're Struggling a little bit at the moment One is the injuries you know kante Rhys James chill well and those players will Really crucial but also Potter's sort of Trying five different formations he's Trying a lot of things which worked at Brighton he needs a bit of time to Figure that out and you think the month Away would help with that but actually

All his players are going to go off to The world cup so it makes life very Difficult I think he has to get Champions League football otherwise it's A failure surely I'm sorry I think um Like you said Chelsea has always been a Team that's been in and around the Champions League either winning it or Competing heavily in it and I think with The players that they have even though They are they are suffering with Injuries there's enough talent in there For them to finish in the top four it's Just about can you get in right with the Time you know it's not the best thing For him that the World Cup's about to Start next week so it's going to be Difficult for him to get it together but I think he's a great manager and I think Within time he can do it so maybe top Four would be the least he can do other Than that I think it will be a failure Okay both guests in agreement I think You'll get time Because I think it's as much as it's you Know the the hierarchy previously have Have got rid of managers also often that The fans go want people out and they're Used to that ruthless nature so I think It could be tough for him yeah okay uh Talking about managers let's go to Southampton because they've got a brand New boss in the door haven't they if you Missed this during the week Nathan Jones

The Luton Town manager has officially Been appointed as I've had the boss on a Long old contract as well until 2026 a Real sure of faith in a team that are Struggling at the moment let's be honest Obviously lost four warning it's Newcastle at the weekend currently sat In the relegation Zone as well we can See him here 12 points from 14 games so That is worth pointing out they are only Three points off of 12. extremely tight Down at the bottom of the table isn't it And that was a bad result against Newcastle but a very good Newcastle team Nonetheless at the moment but it is a Big job for Nathan Jones isn't it so the Question we're going to be asking is is He going to be able to keep them up does Nathan Jones keep Southampton in the Premier League this season Jimbo I think It I mean it's very touch and go it's an Interesting one because you kind of I Think it's an energy thing here with so Nathan Jones is like 100 passion all the Time like having seen him Luton and Stoke City as well and I think that's What they're kind of bringing him into To do a huge work great at Luton gets The best out of a squad that shouldn't Have been kind of where it was in the Playoffs last season so I think they're Hoping he'll do the same thing for for Southampton but I have concerns he Really needs to Galvanize the energy of

That Squad because I think it got really Really flat under Houston I think that's Probably why he's gone because in terms Of pedigree has knew it was got more Than Nathan Jones I'm going to say no Just about yeah I think as well as tough The time that he's taken over Southampton they're not in a best to Form and each game is going to feel like A cup final for him and I think that Pressure is sometimes difficult for any Manager to build on and again again it's Just like the World Cup happening at a Time where you've just been appointed It's very difficult so I don't think It's gonna work managing in the league However though happens we see this a lot Where where teams you know employ a new Manager and then they go free games and They've won so maybe that might be the Thing but we've only got one game to see How good he's going to be so is that a Good thing as well I feel like the World Cup for Nathan Jones given that not Loads of the Southampton Squad are we Going to be going so it's almost the Pre-season yeah it might give him it Might give him a chance for sure like Luton are a horrible team to play Against and I mean like the best way and I think that's what you've got to do When it's Southampton because they've Got young players and not those big Names and so so he might be able to kind

Of get something to together there and He does have a little bit of time so I Hope he does do well I hope it does do Well okay Trend number four good to talk About England surely big news this week The England squad was announced these Are the players they're going to be Bringing it home fingers crossed The keepers as expected in our gym was Singing Dean Henderson's uh praises and It didn't quite make the squad but three Top Keepers there Defenders um again Pretty much as we expected but there Were a few big emissions there which We're going to come on to in a minute Midfielders are Conor Gallagher getting The Calvin Phillips hasn't had a lot of Games time but made it in and James Madison was the big news uh to make the Squad Callum Wilson again just edging Out Ivan tone and then a lot of The Usual Suspects yeah restaurants back With the likes of Kane phone and Saka Grillish and Coast so some top players In the squad but there were a few Emissions as I alluded to there so we Want to know who is the unluckiest Player to miss out on the England squad 60 seconds on the clock Harry give us a Name um Ivan Tony I think Ivan Tony's Been incredible great goal scorer like Come from the championship and has held His own in the Premier League hasn't Looked like a player that you know is

Out of depth at all incredible and I Think he's very very unlucky great Penalties as well but it doesn't miss Doesn't miss and he's in total to Brenton's success and still being in the Premier League for me and I think very Unlucky you shouldn't be feel Disheartened that you know he wasn't Able to make the team because he's Everyone knows he's a great player Should have made a team okay do you Agree Timber uh I agree with what you Said but I think I've got to go with Tomorrow even because I think if we Generally go what's the weakness of England you go center-backs and he's Been amazing for AC Milan I think the Big reason why he's not made it is Because how Gareth wants to play he Wants to play it back three I think if They play back two he he's not only on The plane he's I think he's in the team But because it's a back three he's Missed out on a sort of tactical element Of it I think they want to they want to Score set pieces and they want to stop Set pieces being scored and tomorrow is That a little bit smaller and in a back Two would have been much better off and I think he's really really really unless Yeah what did you guys make of the of Reese James's statement he put out where It was kind of a bit like oh you know I Was kind of keen to go almost allude

Into the fact that he probably would Have gone do you think he's maybe a Little bit unlucky because Carl Walker's Gone with an injury but Rhys James has Not been taken with an injury maybe I Think uh Rhys James's injury might be a Bit more worse and might take a longer Time for yeah recovery and stuff as well I think Carl Walker's slightly ahead in The recovery because Rhys James if he's Fit has to start like there's no I don't Think there's any question about that He's been incredible but it's hard Because you know you might want to play And might think you can but really is we Need the fitness players for that for That competition James will prowse as Well maybe yeah he's unlucky I think He's lucky I don't think he's been as Incredible as he's been last season but He is someone that for set pieces I Think he's one of them He's a player that you know if you're Having issues in terms of like you know It's no no still mate and you need Someone to put deliveries in the Box He's the right man you've got trippy You've got Trent you've got Madison And and with Rhys James I think there's So much more depth in the right back Position that's why Calvin Phillips gets Away with it because it's not the same Depth in Midfield where is it right back Yeah there's more options yeah okay

Let's continue with the theme of England Shall we because we just spoke about the Squad there but I want to be asking you Guys who you think the standout player Is going to be who is going to stand out From this group of players at the World Cup really pop 60 seconds let's go Bellingham's on my mind but I'm gonna go Somewhere else I'll get a Luke Shaw the Reason over Luke Shaw is I think he's Had a really good few months he does Play well for England sort of all that Great going that in the in the final Um but also we just don't have many Options on that left-hand side now so He's definitely gonna play I think most Games I think it seems like trippy is The other option as the the second left Back but I don't think he'll use that Unless he kind of has to um and so I Think a lot of it will be on Luke Shaw If he could play every game and I think It you know hopefully he can offer Something down that side so that's why I've gone with him I was going to say James Madison because I just feel like This is his time to shine and let Everyone know how great of a player he Is provided he plays or not who knows But um I know that Jude Bellingham for Sure will be the player that everyone's Going to be like he was incredible yeah And I think he's plays older than what He is he's such an intelligent football

Player he's so important in terms of England doing well because you've only Got two midfielders there he's the one Who's going to actually be that Box-to-box guy so that's a great show And I do think that England have got one Of the best midfields in terms of talent That we've had in a very very long time So hopefully I think that's a really Good point that each makes that about it Plays Beyond his years dude but I watch A lot of Bundesliga this year and he's Incredible he doesn't look like a player That is making wrong decisions his Decision making for a young player as Well as his talent and also How He Commands yeah How far do they go then that Squad what Do you think the limit is of that Squad It's tough um anyone can win him yeah Anyone can win it honestly anyone any Team can win itself for that so are they Winning it then So there's there's seven eight nine Teams that could could really go all the Way and also the injuries for some of These teams as well plays a part in it So why not so you're going to win oh you Don't know we want it ready What are you saying I Honestly though I Do think that we can get to the Quarterfinal semis I think um there's a Lot of tough teams in that in that Politician that likes of Brazil Holland

Spain I think it's going to be very Difficult for France for our draw Potentially yeah as well let's keep the Faith there yeah