What World Cup roster could IMPLODE due to locker room issues? | ESPN FC Extra Time

By | November 12, 2022

Kay Murray, Craig Burley, Ian Darke and Mario Melchiot answer your questions on ESPN FC Extra Time.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Kay hosting the U.S soccer roster reveal
3:34 Which WC team (besides France) could implode due to locker room issues?
6:23 Did you approach World Cup games differently?
8:14 Who needs to move most in January?
9:19 Selecting injured players for WC teams
13:24 Fair to give Potter three years to rebuild Chelsea?
15:44 Has Ian ever called a cricket match?
17:56 Dark horse teams for make World Cup final

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Foreign Welcome into the latest edition of extra Time we have Mario Ian and Craig with us And you're just back from I have to Bring this up just back from the uh Hosting uh the U.S roster announcement Which must been one of the highlights of Your career absolutely yes it really was I mean I tell you what the excitement Levels I was sitting here I was just Couldn't I could check in my phone I Just couldn't I knew you would be it's Right up there with another event I Hosted Ballon d'Or you're right you're Hoping to host host the roster Announcement a couple of times if they Do it and did get to the well they won't Get to the World Cup yes in 2026. Absolutely which is here yeah free Ticket okay we'll see you'll be there You'll be there with your American flag Ian ducks are an English voice on the US I'm not going to bring up Ian's call of That game It was a very proud moment for me shall I say Ian you've not been over here for A while what's happening Oh um what's happening with what Craig I Want you to know from K hey Um can you solve the Zack Stefan mystery For us since you were there at the Announcement of the squad he was very Very elusive about why uh one of the Goalkeepers wasn't there we didn't get

An explanation it's interesting and this Is why you should watch football America's he hints that there is Something though he hints that there are There will be opportunities for again And I think he says something along the Lines of if he gets If he gets into his head to it's not he Doesn't literally say get his head Together but there's something that he Says that there's something more to it I I didn't uh we didn't we only saw Clips Because we were doing our own show when You were down there Billy big time with It big time ESPN ESPN FC who are they we don't care Right I'm here now here it's me and uh When you were down there uh so one of The clips I saw and I really couldn't Give a stuff it bothers me but you were Watching no no I saw this clip because We ran in the show I had no I had no Choice I tried to get off I tried to get Up here and run out the door but it was Greg berhauer said and I told you this Earlier uh and this is managers and some People pick up and that some don't Talking about Matt Turner and how he's Progressed he's really progressed in the Last six months I'm in Who's buying that Matt Turner has been a Really good goalkeeper at New England Revolution coached by my bet one of my

Best friends Kevin Hitchcock but he's Got his move to Arsenal he hasn't played Because of her in ramsdale yeah League Huh Europa League sure but what how do You progress when you're sitting in the Bench 99 of the tank right that's what I'm saying so please don't tell us he's Progressed in the last six months he's Probably progressed in the last two or Three years to where he is now getting To move to Arsenal but he hasn't Progressed in the last six months Because he's been sitting on his Backside well we'll find out that's the Other thing from us in this world that's The only thing I took from that roster Because the rest of it I couldn't get Less biggest lot of nonsense I've ever Had I can say that now because the Father has been broadcast I'm not Affecting the figures Okay it's not go go USA from Craig it's No no USB because I'll take Ian out to We like to Dan and I like to take Ian Out and get him a few beverages when he Comes over yeah I've been out you've Been out with Ian dark when he's been Over he loves a night out here yeah All right the first question for the Panel which World Cup excluding France Has the highest possibility of imploding Due to locker room issues Mario how's The Dutch Dynamic this year Oh it's good I think for God implemented

A kind of grouping sense of like Everybody gets on really well and I Think that's one of the key things and Look we all I think old lady said a Little bit don't ever go at our national Team I think it becomes like a trend Because each country that I go down to Prices happening all the time but it Wasn't dead he picked people that could Hang out and really feel comfortable Being around each other for five weeks And he made it clear too because he Announced that the way of talk I love excluding friends we had a well I Can tell you we had an unbelievable over The years I was with Scotland we had an Unbelievably strong dressing room and That's one of the reasons we were so Unsuccessful To be honest with you But you drink it together you drink it Yeah I thought I'd get that in there Before somebody else did but yeah as we Actually did a very good dressing room Uh but that's not why we get knocked out The World Cup uh oh but but it is Important I think the French different I Mean Put it one way if it was a race a Falling out competition It's not even a race is it the French of Laptop field And not only the players their parents Family members I mean when it comes to

That family members arguing each other Up in the stands allegedly about stuff I Mean that's just nonsense isn't it which Is why they had to be excluded what About the French what the 2010 World Cup And I was down there in South Africa on The Raymond Dominic oh good grief that Was that was a mutiny Around Yeah who else right what other team I'm Going to say Um well it's not going to be Spain Because who got sacked and it was Lopategy wasn't it on the Eve right it Can't be there can't be there Iran Iran Iran's facts the bloke who got them Qualified he'd won 15 of the last 18 Matches in September two months before The competition because some players Wanted him and some players didn't want Him and they had the chance to get Carlos kerosh to be in charge uh this is In the USA's group of course an England's group as well so kierosh Having failed to get Egypt and Colombia Through the qualification we'll be at The World Cup if even if Colombia and Egypt won't be he'll be there with Iran So there's a possibility of a dressing Room divide if ever there was one Yeah I never thought about that there You go not big into my Iranian football Here's a World Cup on Craig well World Cup games more nervy for you than any

Other big games did you feel added Pressure did you approach the World Cup Games differently No Then I then approach them differently I don't think any of my colleagues did But I It's a difficult one I mean when you're Playing in the opening game of the World Cup as we did in As Scotland did 98 against the reigning Champions Uh at the start de France and and back Then that was also the opening ceremony As well so the filter buying and they're Not you know we're a pretty good side to Be honest with you but they had they Were lined up you know not messing up a Few but it was tough Rail and Um Who's a left back from Real Madrid I Should have no one played against them When the left back from Real Madrid it Was a planet I was playing against the guy on the Right side he was in the left I wasn't Right I can't remember kafu Donga Bebeto Ronaldo Rivaldo I mean no biggie so there is another Pressure I think because you know the Whole country's watching and certainly We're back in Scotland there is an added Pressure that You do yourself Justice and I think we

Did that day even though we lost a goal After three minutes came back and it was Only a known goal with 10 15 minutes to Go unfortunately from Tommy Boyd that Gave Brazil the 2-1 win But it's hard to it's hard to decipher The pressure but it's a different kind Of pressure from playing from your club It's almost like you just don't want to Let people down which is I suppose the Pressure in itself Yeah I think the Brazilians were quite As nervous as us put it that way yeah no I'm sure they were for all who need to Move away in January the most Cristiano Ronaldo Hazard Joe Felix or politic or Another what do you think Mario All of them need to but if I look at Um okay let's speak politic for example I think if he's going through a journey Of not playing for so long you know as a Player being in and out I think you're Losing also it's not only like your Happiness is going but also your Attitude is gone you know he's he's too Important for his national team and Everything that he's built so far he now Needs to be somewhere but he plays every Week and not just get a week one day I Come on and one day or not I think he Needs to step away from that because That journey is not bringing him any Success I think he won enough trophies But sometimes it also eats inside there

Really it's always nice when you also Perform it but if you're just winning It's not always that that beautiful to Do For all do you think some of the World Cup coaches are taking risks by naming Players to their squads that aren't Fully fed like de pie dybala Bale do you Have to pick certain players no matter What and hope that they are fully fit by The start of the tournament what do you Think Ian Um well I think we've covered the in the Program tonight talking about this yes I Think with the 26-man squad and the Reason we've got a 26-man squad not 23 Is because of the possibility of a covid Outbreak but of course the coaches will Take advantage of that and they can Afford the luxury I think now Particularly if it's an important player And we've spent about dupai for the Netherlands he is an important player so If he's got a chance of being fit say by The third or fourth game Um yeah put him in so it's a calculated Risk and probably a good one I mean I'm Serious I mean this covered thing I mean You know you know not even about an Eyelid now did it freaking covered it's A runny nose isn't it you know so to go To go to the uh Uh To go back to the squad thing what was

The question again about taking injured Players in this oh yeah yeah I mean You've got to think about it from a Place perspective as well If you've got a chance to play in a World cup and you've got a slight injury You're just desperate to go the risk is Worth the reward is worth the risk Because I remember you know I played in Euro 96 and then I played in France 98 And I've just I just had a it was a Given I was going to play in Euro 2000 And then the World Cup in 2010 we never Made it back we never made it back and That was one big regret From that team that I was in And so if you're a ninja player You're just desperate to go and it is Just so much worth the risk to be on That big stage because it might come Around for some it comes around all the Time well every four years but it comes Around a regular uh four years the Countries are making the country is Making it there and they're having good Workouts for some it's not for some it's On a night phase your qualification and So that risk for a for any I think Some may view it differently I think if It was me even if I thought I was going To be out the World Cup was going to Cause me an injury for two months after It I'm playing because it is such a it Is such an iconic thing for you for any

Player growing up as a youngster to be Able to go and do that You're going to take those chances now Your manager will be on the phone going Listen come on you know he's a he's on a Different your Club manager's got a Different view but boy you're you're Putting your I won't say your career on The line if you could but you could put Your season on the line to try and plan That because you might not you might not Get another chance you can't disagree Hey Mario No I don't disagree with Greg 100 Million percent because when I was a Week and I remember we had a Euro for Example and we had Steve roozer by hand Manager he got to me like Mary plays With one more game one more game and I'll leave you out I get fooled on my Arm and I pull my groin it's it's just Literally hanging on my on the side of My bone like really don't go into detail Too much but at least I already told you But um that moment I had so much pain But I had an agreement with Markov Ambassador that I whatever would happen If I could play a certain level he would Take me with him that's why I'm not Surprised because they said to the buyer Similar thing I've tried so much and I Was in so much Faith but I did not care Even if I had to pretend like I was in Pain I would go with the national team

Because I promised myself people know You don't want to retire your game of Playing football and not playing or Represent the donation so that's why I Carry it on and I ended up going through The Euro at that City because At the end when I got there I had Another injury because it got sore again But I didn't care I was there Look at Marielle keeping it all players Out he's a warrior keeping other players Out what he could have just said I'm Injured shouldn't be going somebody's Dreams Mario let me stick with you do you think It's fair to give Potter three years to Rebuild now that we are not in the same Predicament as Arsenal was when they Signed our theater we have better Players and are the current Club World Cup champions You know three years is always a big Question right but with that I you know As long as you see the top is moving Forward You can give people the time but if the Club is not moving forward like look and I'm not talking about photo we are Seeing that because he is in that he's Seeing the things he's seeing the Talents that are coming across it can Moving forward if that's the case oh Yeah give them any time if that is not The case guys we all have to be honest

That is what professional football does It's always stresses you every time you Got like a circle of what three months Or two months you look at the games Which you perform and see how you're Doing so that's why I will never say to Be the guy that will say fire anybody I Will always support that person The current Club world champions it's Amazing isn't it I'm sure that's aimed a Little bit towards you Yes I I would imagine so we're going in I think Potter's contract isn't three Years I think it was five I think he did A smart deal uh they wanted him and he Was able to call the shops a bit on that So he yeah I think that was part of it Five years Well if he does get the old tintac at Least he'll have the old secure core van Behind him when he pulls out the Training grounds that is true load it up Lads get the money in But you know you give them a transfer Window and give them another transfer Window and and you see how it's going And you try and build her or you have a Continuation of the Abramovich era which Was sack sack sack success you know There was it was successful very much The real madridway in a sense isn't it And you know you come in you have Success and there's a few bad games and A few birds from the crowd and balls

Later you're paying someday often you Bring a new manager in you're still Paying the four managers from before all That sort of stuff you know whether they Continue to do that uh remains to be Seen I don't know and that will answer a Lot of questions for us as well about This new owner what's that we were Saying we'll see what happens if you're Given long-term contracts and we'll see What they're going to do right yeah We'll find out Korean you are a Legendary commentator have you ever done Commentary for a cricket match any Predictions for T20 Cricket World Cup Final Yeah I've got a prediction it's going to Rain all day I've been talking about that they've Been they've been talking about the From Melbourne where the where this uh The the world T20 cricket Cup Final is Going to be held and it's Dreadful and There's a reserve day they can play it The next day and the forecast for that Is Dreadful Um To answer your question yeah I've played Cricket a lot of my life actually at a Very low level Village Green level uh And I did do a little bit of cricket Commentary once but um Let's put it this way I wasn't rehired So a batsman are already in

A little bit and keep Wicked So I don't even realize it is that gonna The T20 World Cup one at the moment you Just need to ask Dan Thomas I know he's Cricket FCX I don't know Uh well um finally he's an expert on Something is that what is it no yeah Oh I thought you said I thought you said He's he knows nothing I was out for Lunch with my esteemed colleague Yesterday oh yes Plenty of backstabbing there then mosa We won't talk in cricket We're talking a lot about the blue dots Out for all the other colleagues no of Course not bottle it yeah better things To do yeah all right oh this you know What that's one way I was sitting at Home yesterday going like that what the Hell is this thing between my shoulder Blades it feels like a big knife your Right ear burning what is it left for Love and right for spiked I've never Heard that before there you go yesterday We split it tight it's tight you can Tell him when you next see him my mom Was there and his wife was there too so Yeah It sounds like a fun day Well there's a lot of talking let's say Especially with my mum there okay we All know the betting favorites for this Year's World Cup can you each give us One dark horse that could surprise and

Make a run to the finals Denmark but I know that when he saw that Serbia Squad he's gone oof which I think A few people did Ian Well that's interesting because Um that's quite a tough group I think That that Brazil have found themselves In I'm not saying they're not going to Get out of it I'm pretty sure they will But they've got Switzerland in there and They've got Serbia in there Serbia have Got a pretty squat strong Squad if you Look through it Um at the moment so they could make an Argument of it Switzerland always do So yeah She's probably in his best form Ever Isn't he and I think he I think he might Be the captain they've got metrovich Who's been banging in the goals for Fulham they've got vlarovich uh who's a Talented boy Um from Juventus as well Um and milikovic Savage very good Midfield player so it's a good little Squat that so yeah there are one or two They're not going to win the World Cup Some of these Outsiders Denmark as well Are in that argument but they could Upset some of those with aspirations to Win It tell you who else won't win the World Cup Italy [Laughter]

Uh georginio could have scored that Penalty in that final game does Ian know About Frank's predictions By the way let's just have you heard About Frank LaBeouf's World Cup bracket Ian yeah I think I've just got Denmark To win the World Cup hasn't he well not Only that he's got the semi-final as Actually Canada versus Denmark And then he's got Denmark to beat Brazil In the final but but a few weeks ago Denmark was on the final What's the birth what's he been eating a Few weeks ago I did say on the show here Uh when we asked for a dark horse this Was before the brackets I said Denmark Because yeah I mean you know England all These teams other teams Spain they're Not dark horses But that was just a throwaway line I I'm Kind of thinking now that lebov's Somehow in France watching this show and Has it is He's following ma which is a big mistake Remember 1992 Craig European Championships and Danish Dynamite and All that where they got came off the Beach they didn't even qualify for it They were they were jettisoned in when The old Yugoslavia couldn't compete and Ended up winning the European Championship Yes One didn't they but tell oh no no not a

Bad side but tell me how many teams Were at that 1992 European championships Was it not eight back then I think it was 92. hey Derek Ray would have known the Answer to that he would he definitely And in German as well yeah there you are Take that Ian yeah Mario here's your Dark horse that would be good Uruguay There will be probably my call because I Was dictating to see you know Ghana in Portugal I had them as smooth that group But I wouldn't yeah Uruguay could give Me um could give me a bad pick and maybe They go through and then take it all the Way so I will go to Europe Perhaps they hope there's some Italian People are watching this tonight things And just getting I hope that's sort of Stimulated you're trying to wait because Every nation tonight because everybody Always says the same thing when you say Something like that because they take it Personally or even though we don't see It as a personal attack have you got a Tick list you uh it's just a bit of Italy yes or in the World Cup I know but There's people that you're trying to Annoy tonight they'll say to me what About Scotland As if that's a bro beat down I'm like What a boat's gone the producer said it Was eight teams in 1992. see it was Eight teams and 92 the commentator

Didn't know the geek didn't know Do you know what we're gonna have to let Ian dad go back to the drawing board so Put it this way put it this way I don't Think there's going to be a special Edition of FC coming from Rome anytime Soon Not after Craig tonight I won't rule out but you won't you won't Be getting it you won't be getting Invite I think oh I'll invite myself That's what I do are we done yep we are Done thanks so much for sending in your Questions we'll do it all again tomorrow Thanks Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus