What is going wrong for Liverpool this season? 💭 | Soccer Saturday panel discuss

By | October 29, 2022

Tim Sherwood, Michael Dawson, and Chris Boyd discuss Liverpool's form so far this season, and what's going wrong for Jurgen Klopp and his team.
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Interesting as ever Goodwin and iax as I Mentioned with that defeated first Leaves them what 12 points of Arsenal 10 Points off Manchester City Five Points Off the top four and Clinton unimaginably really they've won Four League games so far this season do You feel this is temporary or is there a Deeper malaise there that's a good Question that is Jeff woof how long how Much time do I have to answer that Because that has got to get my thinking And it's hard when I start thinking but No I'll tell you what no I think it's Temporary I do think Liverpool will get Back today but I do feel they need to Strengthen they need to buy players that Obviously didn't I know they bought Darwin Nunez and he's coming and he Started scoring goals to be fair he has Started scoring goals recently it's Going to take time and I know we I don't Like to keep hopping back because Everyone does missing sadio Mane we all Knew they were going to miss sadio Mane But I think Mo Salah his game's not gone To that level which you were probably Expecting he was doing last season after He signed his new contract so at his Performances everyone highlights Trent Alexander Arnold the whole back four Wasn't defending well it's only on Recent weeks you look at Virgil Van Dyke And you say he's got back to defending

His best when he played against Harlan So there's a lot of things here y'all go Being injured in Midfield they have so Many injuries what they need is their Best players on the pitch to be able to Compete and at the moment they're not Competing the defeat against Forest is Nowhere near good enough if you want to Win the Premier League not being Disrespectful to not in the voice you Have to go to places like forests and Win and they're not doing that at the Moment so there is pressure on Jurgen Klopp but I think you'll turn it around If you looked at that Forest game Tim Um yeah Thiago was Ill he had an ear Infection the churchly Jordan Henderson On the bench Um and Alexander Arnold as it happens so The book The Midfield cavalio Elliott Curtis Jones Young and inexperienced too young and Inexperienced to play together obviously Because of the result and and as a Manager you're always wrong when when You get when you get the wrong result You've obviously got your selection Wrong Um I would would have thrown Jordan in Personally it's all right in hindsight Um I I think there's a level of Motivation there's a problem there now Jeff because the League's gone you know This is a team we used to be challenging

For for the premier league title and won It now they now they can't they can't Get anywhere near Man City Arsenal they Can't get there they're too far back now So where's their motivation is the Motivation in the Champions League when They've done better possibly not what It's like myself you know when you all Of a sudden you drop away from being a Challenger in the Premier League to you Know also runs around chasing European Minor spots you know how are them really Motivated to finish in the top four club One who of course they do and Jurgen Would want to I just think there's a There's a conversation to be had at the End of the season if they don't finish In the top four the manager will have to Sit down with the Iraq there and see if He's got the motivation to carry on they Won't sack him he's done a brilliant job We're delighted to have him here in the Premier League But I don't think he'd be able to pick It up and go again I really don't I just Think that there will be a conversation To be had of his future so you think if They don't finish top four he will leave I think he'll leave That's just my hunch no do you think They were all finishing their top four I Think they were I think they're capable Of doing it but they need to start now To put a run together because

There's so much competition for them Spots of course they're capable of doing It they've been great and so is Jurgen But I just don't think they're going to Be challenging Man City anytime soon Yeah I think the conversation as you Speak about your time will be around if It is going to stay I need to get Pleasant here we've already seen Um your own recent interviews we can't Compete with you know three or four Teams in Europe Um with the the the money they've got I Think Jurgen klopp has done a terrific Job over Um you know the period of time that he's Been at Liverpool to get and I know we Touched on it with Manchester United as Well there was no point in going in Getting the elite level players because It costs you so much money I think the Thing that Liverpool have done is is got He's backed his coaching ability and to To make players better you know I think When you know when you think of of sadio Mane if I mean nobody really heard the Firmino before it was when he first came And he's been an excellent scene you Look at Salah there have been Liverpool Fans why have you seen the mostella you Know because the only thing that Remembers the Chelsea they won't look at Anything else but he's got the best at Them he's turned them into you know

World-class Superstars and I think Looking at it now you know that's the Conversation you're gonna have you're Gonna have to back me here you're gonna Have to trust my judgment in players and He's already he's already had a pop and In terms of we can't compete with them Anymore in terms of you know that money So that's where I think the conversation One of the standings that they did bring In admittedly four years ago now is Fabinho and he's been absolutely Brilliant for them you know invaluable To them maybe you're replaceable as well But Michael Dawson what has happened to Him this season so far because he Doesn't seem to be the same player well I think he set the bar so high that That's what can happen with players and If you come off five percent I always Said what you and klopp did for Liverpool he had every player play into Their full potential and if you come off It just shows how hard the Premier League can be mo Salah Being one of the best goal scorer for Previous years we've not seen that all Right we see the goal in midweek in the Premier League he hasn't been like that And it's a prize for for me I think it's A surprise for everyone because we Didn't see this Liverpool team they're The only team in recent years you've run Man City close to to put them under

Pressure otherwise it would have been Like the league has been with teams Running away with it they've been Magnificent but they've come off it they Aren't the team that we all expected This season and and me included I Thought that would be second and now I Don't see it I see teams that have Overtook them He invested in Nunes I get that but you Sell money Um And he needs some help he needs Reinvestment you can't just bring one or Two players in you you're talking about The best teams in Europe and now they're They're struggling but I think you can Clock the the job he's done he will Still be chasing and I still think They'll I still think they'll make top four [Music] [Music] [Applause] Foreign