What happened to Jack Wilshere?

By | November 2, 2022

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At just 16 Jack Wilshere burst onto the scene, making his first-team debut for Arsenal. Domestic trophies followed, Champions League clashes, and starring for his nation at international tournaments.

But by 24 he had made his final England appearance, by 26 Arsenal had released him, and by 30 he had retired.

So what happened to Jack Wilshere? Seb Stafford-Bloor explains, Henry Cooke illustrates.

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He was supposed to be the future of English football he possessed technical Abilities and vision that were rare in a British player more often found in Spain Or South America and yet he would win His final International cap at the age Of just 24. he would be released on a Free by Arsenal at 26 and he would Retire at just 30. so what happened to Jack wilshere Wilshere was actually a Boyhood West Ham Fan who idolized Paolo dicanio but he Joined Arsenal's Academy in 2001 just in Time to see the Invincible era led by Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry and Then to watch as the club transitioned Away from Highbury and to the new Emirates Stadium it was the perfect time To be a young player at Arsenal the Building of the new stadium limited the Club's transfer activity meaning the Chance of breaking through into the First team was never higher and Wilshire Was 16 on his debut as a substitute Against Blackburn like so many young Arsenal prospects before him though his Big initial impact came in the League Cup when making his first start he Scored from the edge of the box to cap a Fine performance against Sheffield United he hadn't even signed his first Professional contract but his senior Career was underway in 2009-10 he would Spend an instructive period on loan at

Bolton lower down the premier league but The following season he would return Become a regular in arsene wenger's First team and in the Champions League Give the performance that characterized His abilities 2011 and the Champions League round of 16 draw pitted Arsenal Against pep guardiola's Barcelona Wenger's side would emerge 2-1 winners In that game but wilshere's contribution Was and remains what everyone remembers Against a Midfield three of Javi Andres Iniesta and Sergio busquets he provided All of Arsenal's thrust skipping through Tackles and driving his side up the Field and it certainly left an Impression on Javi who many years later Said it wasn't a performance that you Easily forget Guardiola was complementary too but in More of a backhanded way saying that Barcelona had many players in the second Team like him and that wilshere had no Pressure in his Club to win titles his Comments were treated as a slight by the British media perhaps not unreasonably In 2011 long before the football Association's technical Revolution Changed the profile of English players It was still unusual to find British-born midfielders who could even Be compared in style and size to players Like Chevy and Iniesta in the Premier League it was still the era of Stephen

Gerrard and Frank Lampard to whom the Five for eight Wiltshire offered a Contrast but while typical English Midfielders of the past had been blessed With durability wilshere would prove Fragile and the first sign of that would Come at the end of his breakthrough Season at the Emirates cup in the summer Of 2011. wilshere suffered a sprained Ankle that would eventually need surgery And at 19 it was actually the beginning Of the end he experienced setback after Setback in the 11 12 season that surgery Was followed in the New Year by a knee Operation and by the time he recovered He hadn't featured in the Premier League For almost 18 months and so began a Cycle of terrible luck between 2011 and 2018 he would never again feature in More than 30 Premier League games in a Season And yet still his talent was able to Periodically shine through in 2014 and 2015 he won the BBC's goal of the season First with a smart finish at the end of An impossibly intricate move against Norwich and then with a fearsome half Volley against West Brom he was also Consistently one of England's best Players during their run towards the 2016 European championship in France and Would score his only two goals for his Country in a game against Slovenia the Second of which remains one of the

Finest goals scored during Roy hodgson's Tenure as coach his class survived and So too did his sense of Mischief after Arsenal won the 2015 FA Cup wilshere in A bucket hat and sunglasses led the Gathered Arsenal fans in a song mocking Near Rivals Tottenham His career had highlights no doubt but They were never as sustained as they Might have been he would be loaned out To Bournemouth in search of Fitness in 2016-17 but by the time he was released By Arsenal a year later he was a Diminished player whose dynamism and Speed had been ground down he would Spend two years at West Ham a further 12 Months at Bournemouth and then as a Final Act half a season in Denmark all Told though after 14 years and despite Beginning at just 16 by the time he Retired in 2022 he played fewer than 300 Senior Club games wilshere often showed What a good player he was that his Career felt unrealized was simply a Measure of what it might have been And perhaps his talent and his bad luck Were intertwined one theory was that his Playing style exposed him to injuries Coaches described him as fearless and is Never being afraid to carry the ball Forwards or snap into tackles and win it Back the irony being of course that the Approach which defined wilshere as a Player ultimately harmed him and stopped

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