We’re asking players to do the job administrators have neglected – Shaka Hislop | ESPN FC

By | November 3, 2022

ESPN FC’s Kay Murray, Nedum Onuoha and Shaka Hislop discuss Jurgen Klopp’s comments saying that it’s unfair to criticize players for issues with the 2022 World Cup.

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Do you agree with what klops say in There that it shouldn't be the players Who have to apologize for this Um so I believe that they shouldn't have To but I believe that should they want To they should be supported in doing so But then at that point I think it Becomes a bit more tricky because the a Unified message is far greater than one Of just one or two people I think the Point that he made about the fact the Decision being made for it being here Was one which didn't involve most of the Key stakeholders within the game that we That we all know and love I think that's The key bit and for some like the World Cup for example is arguably the Pinnacle Of football and people will be desperate To even be a part of it so go and watch It to represent your National side to Get the chance to go and try and play to Lift up the trophy like so many have Done before that's truly iconic and There's the nature of where it's going To be for them you know it's a mark Because this one will feel different to A lot of the others that have come Before it and they understand that Things are a long way from perfect but Then the other side of that coin is They're desperate to play for their Countries they're desperate to get the Chance to go and play it's a World Cup Desperate for a chance to try and win it

And for so many you know for us we're Watching this tournament this might be The last time you see Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo Lewandowski people out At um Luca modri's playing at the World Cup and for them you know that's what They wanted the focus to be but they Know ultimately that's not what it is And I feel I feel it's wrong for those People to be criticized for going to Take part in something which they Dreamed of for most of their lives Especially when they know themselves That these situations are far is a long Way away from perfect so for them to be Criticized I think it's missing a point They didn't choose the Jurgen klopp said To go and play the tournament in this Country but they take huge pride in Wanted to just be a part of the Tournament itself I think there's going To be a lot of eyes on this tournament a Lot of questions asked about Wales here In the first place a lot of questions Asked about why it's going to be run the Way that it's run and I think there's Going to be a level of accountability Which will be leveled at FIFA and They'll have to answer these questions Because the whole the stakeholders of World football you know whether it's the Fans it's the players sponsors so on and So forth they really want to know why This is how happening now and why it's

Happening here and even if Qatar puts on A good show the fact is it'll be Different to the ones that came before And that ultimately isn't what people Want so I think this is a very Significant World Cup for a whole for Many many different reasons but I think To point the finger at the players and Say you're not doing enough I think that Misses the point they understand what's Going on and I'm sure many of them wish That they had to say in terms of where It was going to be and I think if they Did you probably wouldn't be in a place Whereby people feel that you know you Can't be yourself and things haven't Been done in the proper way but Unfortunately this is where we're at in Society I guess Checker Um I totally agree and I totally agree With everything Jurgen klopp said I Think it's unfair to expect the players To be the ones to to lead this church And listen I I'm I totally understand The power of football in addressing so Many of societal issues I think where We've gotten it wrong Is that allness has been put on the Players when the owners should be on the Administration we are asking players to Do the jobs that football administrators Have neglected and and not not only are We asking them to But players have become the first Port

Of Call Players shouldn't have to be walking off The pitch to protest racial abuse within Stadiums players should that that's the Job of administration players shouldn't Be having to take these types of actions When the administrators Put them in in that position We don't always we sometimes take that Responsibility on our shoulders and Fight that fight quite squarely but That's not our primary responsibility Um and and again to to the to Jurgen Klopp's point is I think as fans as The the games lovers we have We have shifted our attention From asking the administrator to do that To expecting the players to do it and And I think that is is misguided Nathan Yeah I was going to say as well one Point which came to me ashaka was Speaking is that some of the protests And statements that players have done in The past especially in the recent in the Recent past they've been given with the Support of the governing body but when We look at things like European Championships and World Championships You go to a FIFA World Cup and they say That the logo on your shirt can't be a Certain size the colors of this are the Wrong color you can't wear this armband It has to be this everything has to be Uniform so in this instance in terms of

People trying to make a stand like they Will be punished they literally will be Punished because FIFA themselves will Not support them because of the fact That FIFA have been the ones who've led To the tournament being held in this Particular location so when you say go And speak up go and speak up the players Are acutely aware of the effect that it Could have upon themselves individually And collectively as a team and as a Nation and ultimately that is another One of the big issues because you know That they will not get support for FIFA In terms of protesting where this world Cup is because it was free for Themselves that decided this is the best Place for it to be well thank you very Much for watching ESPN on YouTube for More sports highlights and Analysis be Sure to download the ESPN app and for Live streaming premium content and let's Not forget as well ESPN FC seven days a Week subscribe to ESPN Plus