“We want to go all the way and win it!” 🏆 | Jordan Pickford looks ahead to the World Cup

By | November 8, 2022

Jordan Pickford looks ahead to the 2022 Qatar World Cup and reflects on his penalty save in the Euro's against Jorginho, the last World Cup, what England can achieve this year and who in the Everton squad is the best golfer.

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Foreign Yeah so Michael Keane plays a bit I play a bit With me as an old girl we have a little A little much now and then Um So yeah I've got a couple myths down Here as well so I like to play golf as Much as I can really Always through some of the memories of Russia because that's what that's what I Really want to talk to you about let's Talk about that Columbia win because the First time England had won a penalty Shootout in a World Cup finals yeah What was going through your mind I mean It was a massive moment for England and For you wasn't it Yeah it was huge Um we did so well in the game it was Lighting away fixture really Colombians Had a lot of funds and we've got talking To deep Waters that night and I think We're all proud to get through it the Manager said in his team talk but at the End of the game before extra time No matter what it takes we'll win we'll Be prepared for this we're ready for Anything if it goes to penalties we're Ready for it Ah passage you Russia World Cup what's The out the most outstanding memory You've got of it Just me first major tournament and

Felt like My family really enjoyed themselves over There and the tournament itself was run Unbelievable uh everything was proper But the hotel we had an exclusive and it Was like a little bit out the way about An hour away from Saint Petersburg and Yeah tell me about I had to drive there Every day but I thought it was it was Great all the affair did it you know we Had an exclusive to ourself that fear That do anything for you really like Beds mattresses whatever they want to Give you the best they can and I think we had a it was a great Environment around to being away from to Be away from home for a month Oh Oh good I've got a few more toys because I'm not going home Would you hang around with an England Side who's you I mean you don't room With anybody anymore time Um to be fair we're You still got your mate Um but everyone gets a long feature of a Brilliant Um but yeah trips Maguire walked uh okay And stormzy name them all we're all good Mates with each other we all get along We all have a good bit of quote between Ourselves as well the Euros finals I Mean I can't I can't imagine what's Going through your mind at that point

What's Gareth said to you that the uh You know at the end of extra time it's a Similar sort of message can you remember Yeah you just said we'll prepare for it Whatever happens I'm proud we've come a Long way but I like if you see me I I Try and drawn out and kept myself in a My own mental Zone and we'll go and try And do the business unfortunately we Didn't but I feel as a goalkeepers in The research we've done as a group of Goalkeepers and the stuff behind the Scenes we we got we got a lot right There I can't imagine the pressure That's going through you when you know You've got to say georginio's penalty And everybody's been a lip reader as a Result of that can you remember what you Said did you say I've got this I just Knew the routine what convinced you were Going to save that penalty never Convinced because he's a top penalty of George Junior's no no question about That he's a very good penalty taker but It was all about time and then that Split Second I knew if I timed it right And if he's going to go that way I'll Have the best chance of having it but He's a top Undertaker and there's no Denying that but at that moment That timing on his jumper if you're Watching back it was all about the time And As he's timed it I've timed it well to

Hold long enough to make him go right I Feel and he did did it say on your Bottle that he was going to go right Yeah because we so you expected him to Go that way if I did everything I should Have done which I felt like I did Um I felt like it would have went right the Way what I thought in my head he was Going to do what do you mean you if you Did everything you do so you are you are You trying to psych him out and make him Go that way then I didn't say him up but If you look at me time and Um Because he does a hop skip and job yeah Yeah as he head goes down I haven't Moved So if I go early he slots at the way Maybe maybe not this was just handed to Me by the pro so It's gone left If I do this before you you're in Trouble you realize that It's absolutely bang on distance though Isn't it and how excited are you about Qatar and England's chances because I'm Not sure where England fans are right Now in the in the belief the expectation Was huge before the Euros because of What you've done in Russia home Euros All the rest of it I'm not sure what the Fans are feeling about this what are you Feeling about it no I think

We support the boat the the Russia World Cup there was not much expectation but Now there was expectation and every game Is crucial But in ourself as a as a group of lads I Know I haven't been a little last Camp I Missed with through injury but the Police still going to be there we know What we want as a as a group of lads we Want we want to go all the way and win It Um you've got to be the best teams to Win it which there's no denying that It's going to be tough but we have that Belief in ourselves and um To go as far as we can in the tournament Turn that left toe in a bit because I Reckon you 10 foot right all that that that's the One that's the one surely That's the one Foreign