“We Showed A Reaction!” | Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | Jurgen Klopp Post Match Press Conference

By | November 1, 2022

“We Showed A Reaction!” | Liverpool 2-0 Napoli | Jurgen Klopp Post Match Press Conference

Jurgen Klopp speaks to the press after his side beat Napoli at Anfield in the final game of the Champions League group stage thanks to goals from Mohamed Salah and Darwin Nunez on the night!



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Jurgen a good night what reaction did You see from your players this evening Correction I wanted to see Um We all agreed on that we have to Um shower reaction And um we did we did in a very difficult Game against a really good opponent we Were compact And so it was never easy for Napoli to Play out in all in all the moments and You see a football playing side in all Moments when they could Um player to Soy media how good they are And online situations and Collectively as well so but we we did Really well so we always have to be he Kept us the spaces small and all of a Sudden we found challenges all of a Sudden we have the challenges and we can Win challenges the distance was a lot of Cool kind of pressing moments good Football moments second half after the Um the disabled goal for Napoli got a Bit Hectic understands like everyone's not Really Um Uh up to speed and then we we lost a Little bit and too many situations then Four Napoli in counter attacks and we Were not compact enough anymore and then All of a sudden they they had more Moments

Could calm that down a little bit again And then um Scott who really nice goals which where We showed as well the right Determination we were there for the Rebounds and finish it off and won the Game very good you always look to carry A threat again this evening but when You've got someone like Darwin Nunes to Bring Off the Bench talk to us a little Bit about the impact he made because That was a great header obviously the LED to Moe's goal and then he is picking Up the pieces from Virgil's header as Well yeah absolutely good so we always Said in these games itself for us was Obviously not a game for massive Rotation or whatever because of the Situation But a little bit we had to and that's Why we didn't start all three Um because we have to see how you get Through a game and I thought Curtis did Really well on a on a on a unfamiliar Position for him did really well Um was involved in the game and then When you can then bring on a fresh Player with the quality of diamond is Very helpful so I'm really happy about That it's finally for me Jurgen Obviously one of the things that you Would have wanted to get through tonight Would have been without injuries again James Miller had a crack in first half

But then obviously a minute into the Second then you lose into an injury just How serious does it look don't know Don't know Seems seem to be fine now but we have to Probably do further checks I also Now to the best teams in Europe Yeah and that's for him Makes sense Yeah I can You've beaten two of the best teams in Europe in city and Napoli yeah what does That tell you about the quality of this Team your team despite the difficulties This is no we don't doubt the quality I Don't any don't think anybody doubts it Equality but that's a little bit of That's part of the problem as well so we Don't show it consistency Um That's why I I I mentioned the second Goal against Leeds as an example of our Situation so it's a situation where you Have to defend with all you have but we Are chasing the game even when it's like Around our 18 yard box And you can see no player really So like nobody wants to have a throw in For leads then they can let the runtime Um running down and nobody protects the Box pretty much because everything's Real three players out there we will win The ball so that's a little bit the Situation we are in we can we have to

That's why we have to make a proper step Back and tonight we did that Um to to be really when we when we Defend the defend because all we have What we did tonight we were really Compact really close Um close to the challenges and in the Challenges we showed the determination We have to show Um and yeah Liverpool top team beat Nobody forgot what we did last year the Boys didn't forget that but it's now not Important really so now important that We I know people might get sick of it When I say it but beyond we really have To fight through and in that moment then The football has a good chance to come Back as well the the real football but We can play and all these kind of things But we show tonight everything we showed Um Um pieces of Um really really really good football And and the offensive stuff was on High Level you cannot you said it right Napoli is the moment a real for us Really Um and so it could have been extremely Difficult for us tonight but the boys Played a really good game and that's why It was not so yeah again consistency Stability is what we need to get tonight Um we will take the right conclusions Out of this game even when the next one

Will be a completely different game for Different reasons but Yeah we will pick the take the good Stuff out of this game and and then Start the next fight against Me with the glasses but if you could Just wait for the microphone You don't have anybody to pass the Microphone no You could do that Congratulations The fact that you've ended up finishing Second in the group are you satisfied And given how well both teams have Played thus far in the group stage that You've both gone through Yeah yeah so I I don't I don't regret Tonight anything that we That we can go for the third in the Fourth goal well no um that's not the Case we had the worst possible start Into this group Um with a very bad game against Napoli Maybe we help Napoli a little bit Um with our performance that they got All the confidence they need and show Now in the league in Italy Um Um I don't know it's the third time I think We have to the last game against Napoli If I'm right in the group stage so you Usually our situation was different we Needed a point we had to win or whatever

And both times it worked out for us Tonight it worked out as well but Napoli Deserves the first place in a group no Regrets Come with the camera I reckon Um what did you make of the battle Between Trent and Claridge Australia Oh he's a good player both are a good Players so it's a really difficult one In the way Um I thought I know your people will Talk about one or two situations when When Trent tried to be in front of him And the ball goes through and he's He's really good the boy so and um Really quick and you have to you have to Defend him together in these moments When he has the advantage of the first Movement then he's already gone you have To try to be there in a moment when the Bubble arrives if you can't do that you Need to be protected because um your Speed he is cheeky goes inside he goes Can go outside that makes it always Really difficult good player and I Thought Trent played a really good game Against him was really on fire I was Really in didn't get frustrated by one Or two situations where he was second Best stayed in the game and was how I Said I like transgender you ended uh Man City on Napoli's on beaten run would you Take PSG and uh knockout runs

Um that's obviously not we are not in Dreamland oh yeah I know Um and I couldn't care in a moment Really Um we will it's a managed to draw Another seventh Monday Monday yeah okay I can wait until Monday Back Yeah can you obviously went back to it For free free system tonight what was The force behind that and is that Something that you would want to look to Move back towards long term given the It's the formation you played for the Majority of his army Yes this is so he played most often it's A system which is familiar to us when we Played well then you can we can defend Really bad on that system it didn't do That that's why um that that often when We played it recently that's why we had To to change a couple of things to give The boys a few new things to think about A few new informations all these kind of Things and that's Um it's of course always on the table For us it doesn't mean we will play it From now on all the time Um Darwin came on and and especially Offensively it's not a problem obviously There's no difference to to Um to a diamond really Um but defensively is a big difference And we have just so to figure out what

Is best for us when when when which Players are playing Um I thought Carlos did extremely well To be honest it did really well but Fabio came later maybe as well as in the League Oxley is now free for the league As well so we have a couple of players Who can play that um Yeah but no decision made it we will see What we do against Tottenham but it was Never off the table this system it was Just that we had to Um to change a little bit to give Ourselves a new impulse and to to feel The defending stuff again in a new way So that's sometimes how it works I mean We had good games in in the other system And it was especially in the Champs League as well uh where we we played Really well in the 442 for example Um yeah but that's the only positive Thing what happened so far in the season That we Plate and one in different systems not Often enough but at least couple of Times get closer to Liverpool Football Club and the amazing city of Liverpool With red men plus more content for your Eyes and ears documentaries extra bonus Red Men shows podcast features Interviews get close to the culture of Liverpool Football Club on Redman Plus