“We can’t sit and cry about it” | Rob Page reflects on Wales’ defeat

By | November 25, 2022

Rob Page says Wales need to bounce back and look ahead to their game against England after a heartbreaking defeat to Iran.



Well we've got to get on with it we Can't uh we can't sit and cry about it We've got an opportunity to go and put It right thankfully the game's just Around the corner so we can um We can go back on we want to like I said Give give our supporters Something to cheer about and they've Shown massive commitment to come over And and that really disappoints me as Well that we've You know given that performance from Today so um yeah we'll we'll bounce back We'll pick them up and uh we'll go again Any more questions The gentleman in back Hello you have played against the United States and Iran not as a coach just as a Football fan you prefer which team goes Up from this group Um No I would really impress with with Iran Today I thought you can't every time you You broke and went Iran went forward They um They look the threat It did Um USA of really athletic in the middle of The park so Um I think USA might just might just have The edge on it Hi Rob hi Rob hope you can hear me just

In terms of Tuesday is it maybe a chance To bring some changes give a few other Younger players a go because like some Of those that you said didn't show up Today they've played two games now it's Going to be a tough ask for them to go Again in four days time yeah that's the Problem we always have isn't it you know Will ask players that are not playing at The club to come and give performance After performance like that so we are Going to have to look at it of course we Are and and if necessary we'll have to Make the changes to freshen up We'll do two last questions here and Then here Hello hi Uh Romanian soccer so you talked about Having been impressed by the Iran team About them deserving to win but how much Do you think it counted the goalkeeper Being sent off do you think that they Would have a one do you think that the Goalkeeper would have had some other Solutions in in that moment than to make The fool that got to be incentive yeah I'm not sure they would have gone on to Win with the two goal difference if I'm Being honest before they're setting off But before this ending off I wasn't Happy with the performance anyway you Know Iran showed that they they were a Threat on the counter-attack Um

You know they've hit the post of at the Bar they've got to call this love for Offside which was marginal so they posed A constant threat Um we just could not get going in the Game and that that really disappoints me The most One last question here what's up how do You how do you go about explaining so Many players being so off at Rob and is This as low as you've you felt in Football management yeah yeah this is uh This is a hard one to take yeah because Of the stage we're on And I've said to them before every game Go out show the world what you show us Every day and that is not a true Reflection of that team you know they've Got the rewards today they deserve that Defeat Um and that's not like them and that's What disappoints me the most so um Nothing's Particular that's that's happened that Makes them play like that but um No look we'll go again and we'll have a Team ready to play England