VLOG: Behind-the-Scenes of Media Day with The Call Up

By | November 4, 2022

The Call Up has an EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes tour of Media Day, and you never know who will pop by. From Chicho Arango and Kellyn Acosta to Andre Blake and Alejandro Bedoya, Susannah Collins and Jillian Sakovits bring you all the Media Day fun!

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Top secret mission we are crashing MLS Hub media day and extra time gets to do All the interviews because we got to do Them at all star which is awesome oh Okay fair only fair but they can't stop Us Best hair From Los Angeles California you are Listening to extra time did they crush Us when we were at all star not per se I need to tell you the three Hungarian Words that I know oh and you need to Rape my Thank you what do I get out of town Describe what's happened They're flashing lights into the Player's eyeballs and then they're Taking pictures which is dangerous this Is so dangerous what were they just Doing to your eyeball honestly I have no Idea I was worried about things Oh they all said they're going to and Then the playoffs happened and nobody Nobody did it did Carlos say he'd grow a Mustache no Carlos Baylor has an amazing Mustache though and he knows it extra In trouble Yo are you guys The Tick Tock station That's supposed to be over there that's The most popular question of the day I'm gonna be a model go get them Keep going keep going no stop It's a goalkeeper of beer How many times yes three three times

Let's go It's a video but we need their light and Talk us through your inspiration for Today my teen rose with Rick Owens and This is Sure yeah we gotta stick together like a Barbed wire Como de garzones Long sleeve Alejandro Carolyn saying You're in dad We had to come in like dress to the Dimes this is a Thursday I left the tag On my pants Oh you guys crushed it it looks so much Fun people looked like they were Enjoying themselves I was like a fly to fly paper I was like What's this selfie story All in today's work Time to go to bed Um We crushed it we did it was really for Being two Uninvited people we did great I agree and now let's Take a nap on MLS What's up everybody it is Susannah Collins and Jillian sakovitz co-host of The call up and if you want more call-up Action hit like And subscribe right here On YouTube right there and also make Sure that you download every episode of The call up every single Tuesday at five O'clock Eastern time or anywhere that You get your podcast and while you're Here why not check out some of these

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