USWNT vs. Nigeria: Highlights – Sept. 3, 2022

By | September 5, 2022

Watch Extended highlights from USA Women vs. Nigeria Women, 09/03/2022

We're officially underway from Kansas City With a long ball and that's going to go Out of play immediately Nigeria playing a player down for the Losi off the field Well flip four and the run there by Smith Step behind the defense first goal U.S Direct on their goal kicks they have to Be ready for first and second this first One is won by the U.S and then they just Don't pick up the second in fact they Flick that on to the instinctive run of Sophia Smith who is slashing in behind Alex Morgan because that is going to be Alex Morgan's job to flick it on Nigeria Does it for Smith and then Smith does The rest slides this one back Against nosy tear it up to an open LaBelle Lost it on the touch normally she's Cleaner on those Okay From distance right and there That's your body Us into the box headed away Smarter than made that play initially U.S looking that's blocked as well it Falls Smith Paran looking cutting shooting goal Haram two-nothing U.S Foreign [Applause]

At the back post just makes a challenge On that which makes it difficult for Nigeria to clear they had it right down In dangerous area where Lavelle steps up Has a strike and then here's the play as It unfolded Sophia Smith tries to take On her Defender and then the ball's just Popping loose but she ultimately gets on And releases that pass to haran who Sends the defender flying one way with This cut I'm gonna shoot it nope cut it Back and then just slide that one far Post Against another who can't get down to Ground and it really was U.S putting Pressure on Nigeria they could not clear Their lines they could not fire to the Ball step up and make a play on it and U.S made them pay Great move decisive move by Haram to get That goal And a yellow card was this issue For persistent fouling That's what the referee was indicating Good persistence from her to even try to Make a play on that after she goes to Ground The ensuing yellow box ahead almost got That ball through It's off Morgan Left sideline Hugh Morgan turning shooting Morgan Right at goal Nice setup yeah

James headed to the World Cup next Summer Australia New Zealand here on Fox Free Smith can she get a second went Near post and hit the post And adjacent channels to each other Sophia Smith gets on the end of the port Clarence from Nigeria because any touch Any miscue from that back line is Landing at the feet of one of these Front Runners and Sophia Smith tries to Beat the goalkeeper near post Let's see Haram with one of the goals Sophia Smith with the other ball pushed In That's a foul or Yes Outside the box And a yellow card issued as well Holly Iran is set Wall is set Around from 20 save Now those who was right there saw it all The way Nigeria but Three other teams are in it here's LaBelle Right up the middle good ball for Morgan Save rebound Pugh save two big ones for The nosy in those wide channels but how About this ball into the Midfield from Emily Fox Roosevelt wide open and then It just picked your Runners you find Alex The middle of that pass has been there

All game left side foxes in in front Goal Smith Three nothing U.S [Applause] For the United States as they head into Halftime again just good Play Between The Lines two passes and they're in Behind Nigeria's back line and the early Service Fruitful again for the United States Sophia Smith running on that edge the Ball arrives and then it's just a tap And it's really difficult for abiodun For nadosi excuse me to get down quickly And make a play on that deflection off Of Sophia Smith And that will do it no throw in Taken There so what a first half for Horan Smith and Company the U.S scores in the 14th the 26th and the 45th minute as we Get ready to start officially now the Second half so three changes made for Nigeria none for the U.S at this point Although changes could be coming around That 60th minute mark 1v1 at the moment going wide looking to Cut it back she went down to the Box Pendleton This is someone that has really come in On the stage this year confidence in the Nwsl and now with the United States just Pouncing on that free ball in behind the Back line off the miscue not picking up The second for Nigeria then the U.S gets

Around the edge with Emily Fox Smith Always Hound 118 goals and Alex Morgan's brilliant International career fifth all time Among U.S players Morgan with a walk up Morgan the shot an Easy one for Alex Morgan for another U.S Foreign Against Canada where there was a lot of Pressure on Alex Morgan she stepped up And finished that one Same result today send the us up four Nothing just slides this one on the Ground sends the goalkeeper and the Dozie the wrong way and really easy put Away for her good conversion That's right because out of the six Starters that Nigeria was down to we're In that back line The other's in Midfield Was a young player herself only 23 Replaced by a 20 year old Sophia Smith will get one as well Ovation that is We Believe Lindsay Hoenn is going to be The other and that is the case Replaced by Sanchez ropino and parse How would you like to face those three Now the on tired legs this U.S side to Be able to bring in Ashley Sanchez having a great season in The nwsl Mitch purse another player that Can stretch the line Others just because she will step in for

The tackle There for rupino squares it cuerta Fighters wide [Applause] Division by rupino and then the ability To make that pinpoint pass Megan rapino Wants the ball at her feet she wants to Face up she wants to release the Opposite side you already saw it in that Ball over to Huerta so that means Fox Probably not going to get as many Touches in that final third said mobile All lead to ovations As the US makes three Subs at one Play will resume with his free kick And Nigeria has made another change We didn't see who was coming out Was the coach there Side Pelosi fires tipped by Nair Horse big chance first big save Up the field along with a Losi Nigeria Has looked more dangerous it's the ball In behind the outside back position Haley May is just trying to make up the Ground And elosi releases shot right before Pressure comes necessary tip over the Top I listen air she sees it the whole Way good power on that shot but that is The space since subbed out won by Lindsey Horan also subbed out one by Alex Morgan same for her Here's mace

Christy Muse Sauerbrun Cathered in Just back to the outside and then in Nobody could get to that ball Still loose for pain shot through Traffic stop by in there ninth straight Shutout as soon as we hear the final Whistle we've gone beyond the five Minutes and that will do it So good night for the USA They collected a couple of goals from Sophia Smith