USWNT vs. Mexico: Highlights – July 11, 2022

By | July 12, 2022

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] Alicia cervantes will get things started Capacity 41 000 In estadio universitario And the best crowd that we've had here Of the tournament Starters in different positions and subs In different positions that flow is is Going to have to develop And mayor with a move in the left What shot Talk about tantalizing that one is Sanchez trying to play one in [Applause] Over two purse purse hits the post Such good movement for mitch purse watch How she peels away from her defender Sees the release ball coming That one's fading away from gold from Kelly o'hara the delivery on a dime And then purse just trying to glide that One back to the far post and pings it Right off [Applause] Sullivan Driven and it's punched out by gonzalez Sanchez still battling for it Morgan Here's purse [Music] [Applause] Curse dribbling on her own purse cuts it

Back purse with the service And the shot for smith All building to Have the legs and the momentum going Into games four and five A chance for mexico sanchez with the Shot blocked by o'hara And the roar of the crowd and the best Crowd that has turned out for the Tournament tonight First on the right flank Purse trying to take it in line was Looking for morgan and opportunity right Into the hands of gonzalez [Applause] Mexico from the opposite side and then Purse Storming down on this near side first She Beats the defensive center mid Wouldn't that have been something if the United states got one on that one Nail nail between the united states and Mexico So the second half is underway No finishes For this mexican side here's morgan Looking to finish Some space for sanchez who winds up [Applause] [Music] The takeaway o'hara o'hara with the shot And it's why [Music]

purse getting the start up top Along with alex morgan at the nine here Is morgan morgan paddling for it Shot deflected there's sonic Another attempt again Gonzalez right place right time Now some time and space for sophia smith Who's had quite the 2022 a left-footed Shot got there [Music] [Applause] Tries to place it at the top of the six A dangerous place sanchez was there Rose lafell on the ground And she is pulling out the red car But that is Difficult to watch [Applause] Alex morgan with the near post run Again to cut back into the area the shot And the save by murphy Mayor plays it out mexico with the cross In Mexico with a shot to murphy Cuerta With the cross to sanchez Sanchez trying to settle and turn and Find something Sanchez cornea places it up sauna The call the u.s runs it through The united states has its goal To struggle through this game and really Look unlikely To find the back of the net they haven't

Been creative going forward And unlikely counted it And sonic sitting at the back post Sanchez does the work just dancing the Tight rope keeps that ball in bounds And the ball laid first time across at The back post sonnet knots it down And gonzales who've been so strong for Mexico has the fingertips saved and she Just can't get up quickly enough To make a play on it before mu is Sitting in the right area at the right Time and it's an awkward ball When that ball is at your midsection you Know you can't get a lot on it and all You got to do is just try to drive Through it run through it Mexico looking to answer Or tonya has made the turn couldn't get The shot off Placing it out Here's montoya montoya trying to find The head of ortonias And reyes goes down in the area that's The match the united states wins group a In the toughest match that they've had In group play against mexico but one Nothing in the final [Applause]