USWNT vs. Jamaica: Highlights – July 7, 2022

By | July 8, 2022

The U.S. Women’s National Team took on Jamaica in its second match of the 2022 Concacaf W Championship at Estadio BBVA in Monterrey.

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Versus haiti eight concacaf qualifying Debuts for some of these players And you add even more here tonight we Are underway jamaica and united states Sean the right side on the crown And the first shot there by jamaica That's how jamaica wants to really go About this match is conceived possession More than likely for majority of the Game but look for set pieces look for Transition Sophia smith Nice touch kept it to herself flick on And it's a goal wow Cheeky To begin with for the united states She didn't have the best opening match But this touch right here Is sumptuous just cuts it right back Against the recovery of blackwood and Then no goalkeeper is anticipating this Finishing decision and touch so many Players would go with the left foot Sophia smith opts to have the quick Release and goes with the outside of the Right and that makes That finish all the more spectacular and Unexpected by spence she sees it late And nothing she could do about that Perfectly placed in the back post and Pew would have been there that is just Shy of a quarter of the caps of a becky Sauerbrau as an Example if i carry the one right

Smith trying to run on again taps it to Herself Was it saved at the goal line [Music] And smith Is going to be credited with goal number Two They pay the price there sophia smith Just reads it Spencer comes off her line and that one You can see from that angle looks Clearly over And this is a goal or no goal it's Something that var can take a look at It'll stay a goal so two nothing so a Goal in the fifth minute and a goal in The eighth minute he said communication He didn't feel like You know was the major problem to your Point he thought it was winning those 1v1 battles defensively Ball is lou settled fired another score The united states oh they're going to Take it back The flag is up And the united states made them earlier As well Sanchez takes it away finds pew pew with The left foot the shot the deflection The shot again and how about the save by Spencer [Applause] Lavelle with the end swinger Back post area touched by sanchez it's

Off the post it's off the bar Hatch again had a look at it Grandma the number one overall pick to The expansion team of course san diego Wave [Music] With the cross the finish it's pew United states goes up three nil [Applause] Yeah it's very tight one uh i agree with Alia she looks like she might be half a Step off and that's kind of the critical Nature of this these are so tight the Technology allows us to get these Decisions correct and it is offside so Unfortunately another goal taken back But i think this is the correct decision One touch social smith there's hatch Again And spencer just gets right in the way Over to fox Fox plays it to the feet of smith smith Takes the left-footed shot So blackwood will have to miss that next Match against haiti playing it up hatch Again Nearly a header chance here's fox With the right foot Just up and over [Applause] See that shot differential here in the First half Lavelle wins it They play it up to smith smith could she

Get a hat trick plays it to pew Oh pew Had a prime opportunity now braun and Shaw with the Couple of shots In the first half Trying to settle a half chance off the Post and hatch Just can't get one mitch purse to try to Find mallory pugh and then this is Jamaica unable to clear it Ashley hatch with the half chance There's the ball from purse it's not Dealt with well by alison swaby And then ashley hatch a half chance Tries to just glance that one into the Far post Up and under it [Music] Lined up at the top of the area pew puts It in haran with a header just wide Olympic roster um has had a really good Nwsl season They play it to sanchez who's trying to Feed it inside hatch had another lock There's a one touched by lavelle And the united states Up 3-0 Here's a run out of mid they've pulled Out the full back And now you've got the gap between the Right back the center back ashley Sanchez pounces on it just with a Darting run

But Credit hatch from making that near post Run she drags the center back there Doesn't allow her to make a play on it And no one tracks rose lavell at the far Post and she just puts that one away It's a really good ball across the face A goal by Ashley sanchez and then lavell keeps That one low enough to glance it by Sanchez looking for more takes the shot And was going for the near post [Music] Well there will be some fresh legs here For the united states corniac a nice Touch pew turns pew fires and the save That time by spencer Beautifully done pew is having struggle With the final touch but this is Beautiful work by taylor corniak first She leaves it behind her trailing leg [Music] Sonnet very patient looking for sanchez Oh they've had some opportunities They need a tournament like this away From the united states to stay in a Hotel for a month Purse on the right side Give experience to players like that Purse will wind He was the only one still in this match Here for the united states of those Three Cook serves it

Korniak winds up Oh that was on a t He's looking for cornea Purse The interior routes and purse goes down Now she's got a penalty And this will be interesting on who Takes it for the united states One of the things vladko and oski wanted To see out of his side was taking the Initiative and going at players Initiating these confrontations from Jamaica purse weaves in and out of a few Defenders And then gets shoved to the ground by Bailey gail Muest drives it home Four nothing united states [Applause] Confidence of muess as she strikes that Sure with every stride Really clean take sends goalkeeper Spencer the wrong way And that is an authoritative finish from Christy muis Beautiful through ball As pew runs on and she serves it across The call and Rodman has her second international goal It's just such good awareness by mallory Pugh takes a couple good looks and plays That first time if she takes a touch There that angle is gone And the back line is able to recover or

Spencer makes a play on it but she plays It in stride first time and puts it Right in the space next match for Jamaica Is haiti on monday oh here's a look for The jamaicans And remember They have not scored against the united States in this series And the united states well in control of Group a Picking up another three points and a Five-nil victory against jamaica