USMNT vs. Japan: Highlights – Sept. 23, 2022

By | September 24, 2022

The U.S. Men’s National Team fell to fellow World Cup finalists Japan 2-0 in the first of its two final preparation matches ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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For joining us fairly early in the Morning on the east coast and very early In the morning For getting up in time if you're with us On the West Coast Get to the world cup with a degree of Comfort it's a convoluted process from Asia it's Junior Ito Into a shooting position and an early Feel of the ball for Matt Turner and Getting forward and I think with Giovanni Rayner having the ability to Come inside I'd be shocked if we don't See Vines more so in the final third his Desk standing one up for Ferreira First clear opportunity Best seasons if not his best season in Major League Soccer and as a Professional five goals this year for The United States albeit for those Against Grenada in the biggest question Mark about hazards Ferrer at the International level and it's allowed Japan to play between them a little too Easily And it's quite a significant departure For Japan to line up like that here's a Chance for them and Turner makes his First important save Both Aaron long and Walker Zimmerman Have given the ball away too easily in Possession And both times Matt Turners had to come Up with a big save none bigger there is

One thing about Japanese footballers Worldwide it is their durability and Reliability Here's Ito Morita There's the chance and there's the Earthing goal and it's that man who's Been such a threat commander who is Going to be denied and disappointed Ultimately by the offside flag as he Turned away To celebrate it was cut short pretty Quickly Yes this has taken us by surprises as Much as many others we were given a list Of the match officials we asked whether VAR was involved Ron this is the ball here where come on Look at the left foot of Walker Zimmerman that's what VAR is looking at Here the home broadcasters are from Japan Yeah but the question is is it clear and Obvious wrong he's going to go look at It and I think he's given a goal hasn't He he has Yep It's a hairspray Court Advantages chances There's a nice height and a nice pace For Turner Kubo Adams will see that House assisted by Sergino dest

Roying up at half time we'll have first Half highlights and Analysis we'll Discuss the potential World Cup that as We alluded to prior to the break four Changes by the US and you can see some Of the new arrivals so Sergeant Morris Cannon and Mark McKenzie replacing Jesus Ferreira Gio Reyna sergino dest and Aaron long whether the halter might give The current players a quarter hour of The second half to rectify things that's Not the case so what does that say of His mindset of whether or not these Players can come in a lot of eyes on Josh Sergeant in the form he's is in but Aaron long comes out Mackenzie who's Been in real good form at the start of The season in Belgium what does he look Like This tells you where Greg borhalter is Without even asking him A couple of alterations as well The Japanese coach hachimi moriyasu Sent on Hiroki Ito and shooto machino Looked back at Turner but decided on Another option which is McKinney Endo Ito us a bit squeezed and exposed Here To their attack right there's one thing To have energy there's another thing as Matt Turner came up with a big save here On Ito but it was the attack going the Other way to your point the congested Schedule actually works in Matt Turner's

Favor well it means Europa League is now Weekly pretty much rather than every Couple of weeks So hold on a minute Kubo Kamada Important Touch by Turner that's maybe His most significant save so far that Didn't need to have it Mark McKenzie That Ball's either going out of bounds Where he can play it back to his Goalkeeper instead he tries to play Something cute through the middle Turnover and immediately it's Japan and Kamado going the other way So here come Malik Tillman 80 years of age and John John cardoso Who turned 21 only on Tuesday Takes the us up to their coach of six Substitutions now and number 18 Kaoro mitoma who has recently signed for Brighton in the Premier League in England he was the player who scored two Goals in Sydney against Australia to Secure Japan's place at the upcoming World Cup [Applause] Japan looking dangerous what a save Rich Sudan holds his head for a moment Tillman Reggie Cannon the ball just pops Out so there's space there and the ball Comes to the top of the 18 and Dewan Hits him well she can the expectation is It will be significantly earlier than

That Here's Aaronson Brendan Aronson trying to carve and curl An equalizer That's a real dilemma because now you're Going to play a right-footed player left Back and I think that limits the United States in their ability and possession To create with Harrington down for the Umpteenth time today And that was very nearly two through the Player that scored the first Commander [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Has been very much involved the Brighton Player And Matt Turner can do nothing about That If the result was in doubt before it no Longer is Goal taken with great aplomb by keoro Mitoma this victory for the samurai blue And he was the best 11 in J league in 2020 and he's come right into the full National team in scored goals eighth cap For the national team and already his Fifth goal one of those in World Cup Qualifying he's been extremely dangerous Since coming on in this second half he's Gotten after Reggie Cannon he's pulled Walker Zimmerman in an awkward position It's remarkable to think that at the end

Of 2022 it's all done [Applause] As is this game Which ends two-nil in favor of Japan Over the United States