USMNT 26 Stories: Tim Ream

By | November 19, 2022

Defender Tim Ream describes himself as “pretty old compared to everybody else here.“ Since getting his first cap in 2010, Ream has played under multiple National Team head coaches and has forged a career in Europe for longer than many of his younger teammates have been pros. Now a 35-year-old veteran at his first World Cup, Ream aims to always give back -whether that’s providing perspective to his teammates or working with kids on wellness and mental health and speaking about his experiences at the highest levels of the sport. “26 Stories,” presented by Volkswagen.

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Foreign And I'm a Defender for the U.S Men's National Team That was a long time ago from my first Cap 2010 down in South Africa bag of Nerves walking out I actually think they They said in the broadcast that I look Nervous I tried not looking nervous but What a special experience and not Not one that you know I would have Expected to to lead onto this but Something that that I hoped would would Lead to where where we are today I like to joke about it because I I am Pretty old compared to everyone else Here it's been really enjoyable to be a Leader and a veteran in the scene Because of the you know the young guys Are so willing to learn and listen it's Changed me as a person and a player I Don't know that I I would have Necessarily been that guy had I not been In with with you know these guys in this Young group and it's something that I've Really embraced and really enjoyed and And you know even when I'm not here I'm You know texting some of the guys and And making sure that I'm you know Staying connected yeah it's just been Enjoyable I think that's the the best The best way to describe it there's been Some unenjoyable moments but overall Enjoyable to be here and be with the Group over the last three years to be

That that old head the guy that anybody Can can come to and lean on and and Speak to is has been um It's been it's been really good Over the course of you know my 12 years Professionally you know social media has Become a much more massive player in in The in the world and so you see it every Week I get it you know regularly I'm Sure a lot of the a lot of the guys here Get it regularly the messages in Comments on on anything they post and it Takes a toll so it was just something That that I Wanted to be able to share with the kids The Next Generation the you know growing Up that we all struggle at at some point Or another and it's okay to speak about It it's okay to not be okay we're all Human we're all the the same people and It's good to get anything off your chest That you're worried about You know during the pandemic we kind of Saw that there was just a little bit of A gap that that players weren't Interacting with with the kids and and The fans as much as we would normally And so we created this this online kind Of Um you know Zoom sessions where we could Speak to kids about anything they wanted To speak about really whether it's Anxiety growth mindset nerves you name It anything that that the kids may be

Feeling being able to share my Experiences allows them to see that even Professional athletes can struggle at Times it's not just what they see on on Instagram on Twitter it's not just what They see on on a Saturday on the on the Pitch it's it's a lot of stuff that goes On behind the scenes Getting on those sessions every week Speaking to kids about whatever they Want to speak to letting them know that That you know even if we are Professional athletes we have the same Feelings it's hopefully it helps Um you know at least one of those kids In every session and if that's if that's The case then we're you know we're we're Doing something right It's a really good feeling to be quite Honest and you know something I'm really Proud that that it's continued to grow And um you know continue to expand Around the world