USMNT 26 Stories: Cameron Carter-Vickers

By | November 19, 2022

Cameron Carter-Vickers was born and raised in England after his mother Geraldine Vickers met his father Howard Carter who was playing basketball in Greece. Cameron talks about growing up in England with his Mom andhis Nan, who always encouraged him to do any activity, including becoming a middle school entrepreneur. “26 Stories,” presented by Volkswagen.

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Foreign Car Vickers and I'm a Defender for the U.S Men's National Team My dad I was born in America grew up in America Um still lives there now He's from uh Baton Rouge Louisiana and I Used to play basketball I played for LSU In college Before you go to the final four in 1981 And then played in the NBA for two years Before um playing majority of his career In France and a little bit in Greece as Well and um and yeah that's where I met My mom in Grace I grew up in England with my mom and my Nan with my nan She's a little bit crazy she always Liked to be doing something even outrage Now 80 odd years old and she still can't Really sit still for too long yeah so I Mean growing up she She done a lot you know she's always up And about doing stuff playing bingo Mowing the lawn this anything she could Do really so yeah picture that brings Back good memories When I was about maybe 14 in school I Don't know I probably got the idea from Seeing an older kid in school maybe Doing it and so when I got a little Older Um I started um selling soda and candy At school

For a bit of profit yeah basically my Nan would my man would help me with that She would go to the store and buy the Big packs of stuff for for cheap prices And then I'll go to school and I'd sell Them for for a better profit Anything I would like to do She wanted to be a part of you know I Mean she was just like Very loving man the things I was telling The school canteen didn't sell so If he was in school and you wanted Some candy I was the only only place to Go to so I had all the customers It probably wasn't too too under the Radar too honest it's just mostly my Backpack so yeah if somebody wanted Something I'll just take off the Backpack pull it out Take the cash and get to my next listen You know my name is just a typical man I Think she and she loved me being around And stuff like that when I was younger So she uh he actually just helped me out And keep track of what I was spending And what I was bringing home to make Sure All the books were correct and yeah She left it all to me she didn't take Her This kind of shows how supportive she Was for me throughout my childhood and Um And and really helped raise me