USMNT 26 Stories: Antonee Robinson

By | November 19, 2022

Antonee “Jedi” Robinson talks through the origin story of his preferred nickname, from his first soccer team at age five coached by his father. His attitude and determination has led him to learn to solve rubik's cubes and do backflips when celebrating goals. Now he’ll bring the same swashbuckling character to patrolling the flank for the USMNT at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. “26 Stories,” presented by Volkswagen.

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Foreign I'm Anthony Robinson and I'm a Defender For the U.S Men's National Team My grandma's originally from Jamaica but She raised my dad in White Plains New York when he was growing up and then he Also went to college at Duke North Carolina before they ended up moving Back to the UK where I was born and Obviously grew up here my whole life but That's where my citizenship and odds Really comes from My dad's always been a football coach Even before I was born he was coaching My brother and he's always nicknamed his Players after players who they reminded Him of so when I was about five years Old and he made my first team that I Played on he said that I could pick my Own nickname and he assumed I'd pick Someone you know like Ronaldinho one Really like one of my favorite players At the time for whatever reason I just Said I want to speak all Jedi so I'll Look back I see a lot of pictures of me Like you know dressed as Luke Skywalker And I had all the toys and things like That so I must have just been really Dead set on that at the time but growing Up I just like it didn't even Associate with Star Wars or anything Anymore it just kind of became my name And ever since I can remember whenever I've met new people introduced myself to

New people I've introduced myself as Jedi at school at new clubs my mum and Dad still call me to this day so that's Just kind of stuck with me now I've kind of got one of those mindsets That when I see something that I really Like if I feel like I've got the ability To get good at it then I want to try and You know have a go at it so I want to Think back one of the first things and I Kind of did like that was learning solve A Rubik's Cube so when I was 15 seen a YouTube video explaining how to do it And I thought I can I'd be able to do That so I bought a Rubik's Cube then Let's do that when I was younger I did Try and do it one hand and I didn't have The patience to actually stick at it That much so I could do it one hand in Probably like a minute and a half two Minutes Um but I just thought yeah I couldn't be Bothered like the next step would have Been to Um you know learn how to memorize a lot Of um stickers and colors and Um like go about it that way to try and Speed up but I was just kind of quite Happy with the times that I had so I Thought I'd stick at that but then you Know family members all seem to think That I love Rubik's cubes and puzzles And stuff just because they know I can Solve it so Christmas presents is kind

Of always a puzzle or I actually got so This is a three by three Cube my friend Got me a five by five cube to try and Have a go at which I ended up being able To do in probably about five minutes and I was pretty happy with that because It's quite hard to do but yeah Growing up as a kid anyway I was quite You know energetic Reckless my mum had Turned around and I'd be climbing up a Tree or just random things like that and I remember Jumping off the sofa at home trying to Learn how to do a backflip not really a Formal way of doing it but eventually Just kind of rounded off my technique And it's just kind of been something I've been able to do with confidence and Ease since then so I remember that first Cam getting that's what my goal Celebration of being the only thing I'd I've ever thought of doing when I score Really is doing a backflip and yeah I Got asked not to do that again because It was great yeah Pretty scary and pretty risky to be Honest but it's just like part of the Way I'm really Like be out here now it's kind of Settled in it's real and I'm actually Here and I've finally get to represent My country on the biggest stage and it's Something that every kid dreams of Playing in the World Cup when the young

I think we're all turning up with that Hunger and desire to do the best we can Go as far as we can and make our country And our friends family ourselves proud