TRUE or FALSE : Harry Kane will have a BETTER Premier League legacy than Mo Salah | Saturday Social

By | November 5, 2022

Paul Machin & Flav join Smithy and Joe this week on Saturday Social. Ahead of their Super Sunday clash, we put a number of Tottenham vs Liverpool true or false statements to Paul & Flav and get them to decide on an answer.
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Saturday social is powered by EA Sports FIFA 23 with PlayStation well it'd be Pleased to know this next section Because Liverpool involved former Liverpool player uh of course a huge Super Sunday live on Sky the fixture That separates both of our guests Tottenham against Liverpool four o'clock Tomorrow so what we're going to do is a True or false themed uh Spurs and Liverpool section Joe explain the rules Quite simple these rules yeah the rules Are very simple two paddles in front of You one side says true one side says False I'm going to read out a statement You'll then have 60 seconds to debate The reasoning behind your answer should We just crack straight on there we'll Crack straight on all of these our Tottenham and Liverpool statements so First up good statement this one two top Players as we know but true or false Harry Kane will have a better Premier League Legacy than Mo Salah what are you Saying So quick with their paddles and they're Disagreeing we'll start with Paul 60 Seconds on the clock why Force Um Harry Kane will probably end up as The top goal scorer at all time in the Premier League but is is Alan Shearer Held in higher regard than Thierry Omri No people talk about Thierry Army as Being the better footballer to play in

The Premier League he has a bigger Legacy globally and I think most sellers In that bracket he's a global icon Harry Kane is an English icon so therefore Most sellers Legacy will be bigger than Harry Kane's slav you were completely Disagreeing with that why yes Cyrus Played in better teams if that was a Question he's played in better teams and Salah has but Harry Kane with bigger Greater limitations has done more in the Premier League than silence Yeah no he he uh he'll he'll be the Record goal scorer in the Premier League Which means his legacy is greater than Honorees and and salads it's ridiculous Individual individual performance over a Significant amount of time means that His legacy is greater does he have to Win a pretty no So you could come out of titles all Right if he goes to Man City and wins The Premier League title is given is That what how much does that add honey Kane is like the best fish and chips You've ever had doesn't really stand out Compared to the best steak you've ever Had does it like well solid state and Harry's fish and chip absolutely I like That that's quite good all right hey That was close that was close uh all Right next up we have got true or false Jurgen klopp is a better manager than Antonio Conte

That's based in there's some decent sort Of grounding in that right but this is This is different kloppy is the best Manager in Europe hands down he's better Than Pep Guardiola he's done so much More uh with less than pep has and if He's betting Guardians You know the the kind of trying to tear Managers is tough because they're both Right in the top tier I think kante's is Up there as well I think you know the Elite managers on the global scene I Think Conde is absolutely there but I Think to flam's point as well being able To deliver success and trophies and all That kind of stuff but actually the fun Along the way you know we're at no point Really if Liverpool fans gone oh I Really wish we'd play a little bit more Exciting football or have bigger movies I bet you both agree just quickly best And content better than pep as well for You I think don't do more with less okay all Right next up true or false Liverpool Will finish higher in the Premier League This season than Tottenham now for Perspective there's 10 points uh Liverpool 10 points but do have a game In hand and of course they play each Other this weekend The time that's all potentially Yes Paul why'd you say true go on because

It's spares in it you know it's no I Don't know it doesn't sound that Convinced no no because because I was so But let's go back to August I'm so Bullish on this show about how good Liverpool were going to be and we Haven't been so given that we've gone Through these stumbles it's there's Never been a better chance for Tottenham To finish above Liverpool because that's The whole way Informs we were ninth in the league you Know that's it that's a clearly a thing That's a that's a long ways to clawber However we've clawed back more points on Better teams than the teams above us Well I mean there was a long periods of The Premier League where Liverpool Didn't finish above Tottenham so we're Quite used to finishing above above Liverpool yeah nine nine years you Finished We're comfortable being above Liverpool Right but we've not played well this Season we're not played remotely well And we're third in the league full of One the European couples many times the Spares have actually been in it yeah but It'll be fair yeah but the question is Whether you finish above us and and the Reality is there's a lot between us and The Conte gets results even if we don't Play right okay this next one is is a Really close one

True or false dejan kolasesky has been a Better signing than Lewis Diaz there's a Lot of comparisons about these two Players same window as well a very very Close number of games played between Them let's have a look I'm gonna it's hard oh it's very close Let's go to you first then flat it's Super close I'm fundamentally I'm only Saying this because I've seen color Safety play every minute he's played for Spurs Lewis Diaz I've seen a few times I Understand how good he is of effective He's been could essentially though has Been an absolute renovation but Revelation Revelation and it's cost a Fraction of what the answers cost so um I would I wouldn't swap kalisevski for Almost any other right forward in the League at the moment based on what he's Done for Spurs thus far Andy's Relationship with is he on alone yeah That it's all right so he's not even Really playing Um Just saying he's really painful he's Really playing foolish Juventus police Theaters Yeah you know ideas has been an absolute Revelation it's such a shame that he's He's picked up the injury so after the Until after the World Cup now because You know he was taking the league by Storm and color says he too to be fair I

Think he's been very very exciting but There's something about him to come and Film sadio Mane's boots you know who's Been one of the best Premier League Players in his time yeah do you think he Has failed study of money because a lot Of people say though Martin leaving has Been a reason why the the forms of Interesting I think people have people Are falsely saying that we replaced Mane With Nunez when we never we replace Money yeah that we bought him of course As well both players injured sad as well And the numbers are really tight between 16 goals and assists in 25 games for Kulicevski uh 12. yeah seven plus five Is twelve into 21 yeah so very tight Could have to just edging it but has Played games more very good one that one Uh next up another two players uh true Or false what do you think about this One is Nunes is a better signing than Richarlison 60 seconds on the clock uh Paul will go straight to you first Because you were quite adamant with that One so why'd you say true I mean you've You've seen Rich Allison mate you've Seen him play football I'll have yeah Where he makes your support I've seen That does he I just I'm serious of him I Don't know the Everton thing Liverpool Furious is not the right word mildly Mildly I said when I remember that he Plays fuse

Um no he's he's just a he's just a Player isn't he just a footballer that's What he is Darwin Nunez is an agent of Chaos who takes the field and brings joy And Madness chaos with every step and Kick of the ball Um and richarlison's just a footballer Well I mean we we really don't know Anything about what kind of success Darwin Nunez is going to have at Liverpool but we are but based on what I've seen so far I've been relatively Impressed a lot loads of money though Spent yeah What would you want me to say you've Been all right Richard listen Richard Listen Um has been unlucky he's been played out Of position he's played two games in the Position he's supposed to be played in Is that to fill in on the right hand Side and now he's injured so I'd say the Thus far Nunez is better out of Positions We've got one more we've got one more we Can try and fit in here true or false to Talk to Hotspur stadium is the best Stadium that anfield I'm going to say yes because Um well this is really big and pretty And nice in it and Well there's not much praise that gets Aimed at Spurs and unless we fight for It and people tend to like our stadium

So I'll just say it looks like a toilet On Google Maps it doesn't doesn't it Looks like a turtle Um anfield has the heritage in the History doesn't it but um Spurs is a Better Stadium I just I don't know I I I'm just not as big a fan of The Phantom Menace as people in Tottenham are you Know what I mean and Jewel of the fights And all that kind of stuff not Big Star Wars people fans around Fields Um yeah and you know we have got loads Of selections of powers but they've come From local sellers outside the ground Um Look it's it's a more atmospheric more Historic more famous You don't think it's that loud anfield I Mean it is on like on a big European Night like everybody it is when we play Good teams Um I'm not saying Spurs is much better Little underhand one there we go A lot of them disagree I found that very Entertaining um