TOP PLAYS by Enoch Muchagalusa | USL Championship 2022 Season Highlights

By | November 17, 2022


Louisville City FC Forward Enoch Muchagalusa's top moments from the 2022 USL Championship Season

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Watch out Kilwine Acting like they never even actually hit Him The cave goes down Goes to the crossbar Good job positioning Wise by Hugo Pharrell not enough contact at all just Stand to your ground I like the fact That he doesn't dive in and if you're Mushigalusa Red Bull two battery at home On the road at Loudon home against Atlanta United too now you may not like The resume overall on whom they've Gotten results against but it's still a Chance for them to gain some confidence Early ball Harris foreign Scores in the last minute of the game An exclamation point and this boy can't Stop scoring [Music] From Wilson Harris the brace from the Englishman And just like that it's gone from bad to Worse for FC Tulsa but with Wilson Harris the turn on a dime Great explosion down into the channel As he pulls this back across Mike the Drift off the right foot to get a touch McCabe Headed down diving stop and swept aside Not out of the woods yet [Applause] Makes it three now

And adds the gritty to it Much like that second goal unable to Clear it well enough And at this point when the ball gets Recycled out when you need to touch a Man and grab that man and don't let him Go without your sight you just see the Lack of marking The lack of clearance out as well It's a bit shocking from the Red Bull Side gotta try and play through DeCosta And miloto maybe that's the reason why Miloto is on the field at the moment I Think you're exactly right miloto just Brings bone here to Musha glues on side And he scores it's his second of the Night And with 18 minutes to go It's Musha galusa again who scores for His team his ninth goal of the season It's FC Tulsa one loose city two But just in the blink of an eye the Quick transition great Play Bone plays a Very good ball One Touch One Finish it's all Mushugalusa needs can't allow Louisville To have around 65 percent of The Possession on their field and expect to Get yourself a result they're up near 60. so in that neighborhood Mushugalusa turns mushigo looses [Applause] On the board for Louisville and they're Up 2-0

Out of the middle there's the drop in by Corbin bone and they go to work Blind run that is normally Cameron Lancaster has obviously been passed down To Wilson Harris drags the runners with Him and owenby sneaking in is he the Target It's McCabe They did try a chance here from inside That is a goal a goal for Louisville A gorgeous shot And it's mushigalusa [Applause] See scandi wins the header away on the Edge of the Box musically just sets the Ball on the half wooly I was just ready to ask you about McKay But he seems more active tonight than he Has been recently more on that in a Second mushugalusa weights up for it This is it the hesitation the Finish It's his second goal of the year against Charleston And his ability to cut in but how about The inversion by ahmadu Diya because as He cuts he restricts the overall Movement by the Charleston battery Everybody starts to gravitate towards Where the next run is going to come from Your mind fluctuates in the wrong Direction and they forget about the Easiest route it's mucho galusa coming From outside in he holds the width of The play starts to create that diagonal

Just in between Leland Archer and Preston killwine it's put on a platter And he slides it into the near post the Little cut back across goalkeeper gets Caught now the problem with a limited Bench here for Louisville if Danny Cruz Is even considering getting mushigalusa Out because he's already on a yellow and Now on the radar after that last foul Who do you go to is the question it's Over to him now chance for mucho galusa On On Cue levels it for Louisville [Applause] The best part of the attack all evening Has been much it's the left side it's Been constant some decision making Inside the box has been lacking but not This time Rarely do we see the occurrence where Kuzminski is beat on the near post he's Worried about the back post runs cheats A little bit also feels like he has some Help from the two center backs and Archer and kilwein is there coming back Across Big moments now 34 minutes gone here for Both teams Jimenez towards the penalty Spot there's a player down there's a Real chance Bushwick loser levels it up For the league leaders he was on his own The ball fell to him nicely six yards Out And with 11 minutes to go to half time It is now FC Tulsa one loose city one

Another look here at the replay You see the unfortunate touch Falls Right to mushugalusa