TOP 10 PLAYS from Koke Vegas | USL Championship 2022 Season Highlights

By | November 25, 2022

#usl @San Diego Loyal SC

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Foreign [Applause] Intentional handball here [Music] Nice giving go nice lovely chip here and Great save from Koke [Applause] Hits him in the chest there You know I don't I don't see much I Don't see really an intentional handball [Applause] Well outside the 18 fired Lorenzo What a shot in Vegas has to punch it Away Wow What a hit that was a design play at That Lofting it up to the top of the box Jacker connecting Better than you'll ever see them connect With the ball But Coke Vegas with a great reaction Safe And the second attempt goes wide Numbers for Oakland Looking up Ed Stoneman who breaks it up For San Diego [Applause] Vegas off the line again Takes it down From from Oakland there and Ended in what Oakland felt like was a penalty but the Referee waved it off said he was diving

But still ended up with a very good Chance and Koke had to make another Clean save it'll be a corner for Oakland Here's Davila nice ball ahead to Cabral This needs to be cleaner but here's Judd With a Chance on his right foot Campbell Defending and it's saved Adams defending I should say and as the blocked and Picked up It's definitely not looking as good Stutter Step move here long range Cooking Vegas off the post gets a hand On it And Vegas will track it down for San Diego something out of this you know Just puts it in a good spot Low and hard and Coke Vegas did well to deal with it and Got a little lucky off the post I'm gonna do some stoppage time here in The second half The cross Gomez heading it down Vegas From the start up high to the air still Alive Okay Vegas Keeping it alive First half here protective Stadium can Imagine there's much stoppage time to Close this one Agadello looking for the Run of Martinez Saved by Vegas [Applause] Headed over the end line by Adams Another huge stop from Koke Vegas

Really big play from Vegas Great passing He's in Vegas just so quick gets down and makes The play Schwartz wraps his foot around one Almost fell to Bruce Stoneman once again Header comes up what a save and loyal Able to preserve the clean sheet Elvis another header that goes straight Up in the air great win by Sam Hamilton I think Daniel Bruce swings a lick as You see Galaxy just controlling the game They they had 51 of possession at Halftime but I think you're gonna see more Great save by Vegas Preston Judd turned and fired with the Right foot And here's Vegas In goal Against Frank Lopez who has five goals Already leading School score for the Toros Shot and a save made big save there by Vegas it's still in play Ruiz chips it a Header at the dead off the post and out Of play tricks right now we'll take Another look Lopez read this really well Does a nice job of getting Vegas moving To one side but Vegas read that really Nicely committed and committed smartly