Tim Ream Credits Family For Achieving World Cup Dream

By | November 19, 2022

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Yeah my first professional season was 2010. I was drafted by the New York Red Bulls played well enough that I was able To to have a good move to uh to England Where I'm still there today after 10 Years which is saying something these Days staying staying over there for for 10 long years I'll be in at Fulham for the past eight It's been a one heck of a ride Football in England is just a massive Amount of pressure the toll it takes you Know physically and mentally on on People is you know it's just immense It's always been about bettering myself And and the will to you know to stick Things out and and you know continue to Improve as a player and to be able to do That is is probably one of the the Proudest things that for me being there For for as long as I have Yeah I mean when you're Working on the weekends and in hotels Every every couple nights having my my Wife who's obviously been been there Through it all you know right by my side And supporting and doing everything Behind the scenes it helps massively Bring three kids into the world and the Dynamic changes and you know you miss a Lot of Milestones so To have them there the support the Unconditional you know feelings and love And being able to walk in the door after

You know after a victory or after a Defeat no matter what they're excited to See you it's easy to say but it's been It's been amazing to to have them and be On the journey you know with them those Are my three kids obviously my lovely Wife after winning uh winning the Championship this past year promotion First in the table it's my oldest year Aiden Middle one who's a An absolute ball of energy is his Theo Um and then the little princess there Little Miss is uh Lilia and they're Eight six and four We were actually just having a Conversation as as I was walking in here And The amount that she does So I can do what I do Um wow A little bit emotional um The things that that nobody sees for us And for me to be able to do what I've Done for so long Is is really only because of what she Does And I appreciate it obviously But yeah She's uh I mean they're all the you know the best Things that that's ever uh Ever come into my life and I I Appreciate every single one of them

Because they all they all bring a little Bit something different and I can't wait Until they until they get out here To be sitting here at 35 years old and Making it to my my first World Cup and What what is most likely my last it's a Proud moment it's it's a problem for for My family it's a proud moment for for Myself you know I had to explain to my To my kids last week of kind of what it What it means and relating it to to Their hopes and their dreams and and you Know being able to do that with with Them and have them understand is you Know to be sitting here is just special I don't think there's any any really Other ways to describe it as a dream Come true and it's it's just a special Special moment There's no doubt in my mind that I Wouldn't wouldn't be here without Without them without my family without My wife without my kids I'm so so happy That that they can and have joined me on On this On this career and on this journey