‘They are SCARED!’ Did Mexico try to tempt Carlos Vela to return for the World Cup? | ESPN FC

By | November 4, 2022

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Sebastian Salazar on Futbol Americas to discuss reports suggesting that the Mexican national team tried to tempt Carlos Vela to return to Tata Martino’s squad.

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Foreign Mexican manager Tata Martino recently Who made a last-ditch effort to convince The 33 year old to return to the Mexican National team for the World Cup now According to haraje Vela could not be Persuaded maintaining his longtime Posture that he's done with L3 here's Vela earlier today with hurricane Mao on Our Nuka Foreign Foreign Foreign Is it something nothing or everything FMF begging Carlos Vela to come out of Retirement ahead of the World Cup well It's everything because of the confusion This report says that Somebody from FMF and they didn't Clarify us The new uh sporting director there are President of selections reached out to Him trying to convince him to come back To the Mexican national team and we Asked Carlos Bella and he's like no I Don't even know what this about that That didn't happen and he was almost Himself kind of like uh about it so this Is everything because of the confusion It's everything because these reports by This certain Network don't just happen They are leaked they are leaked from From somebody within so I firmly Somebody tried to reach out whether that

Was successful or not or whether it got To Carlos valarina I I don't know but so What do you think this was an effort to Put pressure on him but the fact that This is out there shows me how desperate They are sebby they're grasping us Straws they're looking for anything at This moment because quite frankly right Now they don't think what they have is Enough yeah I think it's it's probably a Fair assessment right they're looking Around they're looking at all the Injuries and Tata Martino in this moment Of desperation is saying yeah can I get Carlos to come out of retirement and Maybe help me we always talked about This hurricane and you always kind of Left this little sliver of hope you said As long as Carlos vela's still bawling That door is never really going to be Closing and here you are right and yet What we learned is that at the end of The day Carlos Vela does really not want To be with the Mexican national team Because the thought was Boy doesn't want To go to qualifiers he doesn't want to Be away from his family but maybe if he Just made it really really easy for him He might play no no this would be the Easiest of all right just show up to the World Cup ball out spot is made for you And still he doesn't want that that Tells you how far away from reality it Is that anybody who has a thought of

Carlos Vela representing Mexico again in A big time yeah you know how much I love To be right at your expense but but not Not on this one I mean this is a player That was spurned and spurned hard by the Mexican Federation at one point and he Is over it he wants nothing to do with The Mexican national team you could say What you want about Carlos Vela but you Have to respect the man you have have to Respect his decision and it is what it Is Case Closed he said it himself but The fact that so many the fact that the Mexican Federation if this is true is Still trying to reach something that Speaks volumes to me the action speaks Volumes yeah they are so scared so Nervous that what they have is not only Not enough but that it may be so Historically bad that they all get fired Can I can I tell you I don't mind the Action like if I'm if I'm analyzing Tata Martino or FMF I want them to turn over Every stone in pursuit of making this Team as good as possible if there was a One percent chance they felt that Carlos Vela would say yes I'm I'm glad that They called because I don't really see What you lose by making this call but I Do watch your show in Spanish and I did Hear what Mauricio Pedrosa said he said It will hurt the other players in the Locker room what message does it send to Them basically saying hey this guy's

Been retired for three years and we're Still desperately hoping that he'll come And bail us out will the players in the Locker room see this and be bothered by Do you believe that if there's a player In that locker room that feels Comfortable right now with their Position in the Mexican national team That's the problem and that's why they Are where they are today as a football Nation head into this world cup with so Much uncertainty and so much doubt you Need the best players and you had Juan Carlos here in this very show say I want The best players playing in the best Possible uh positions and in the best Possible Rhythm heading into this world Cup Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus