‘There’s NO possible way’ Is Raúl Jiménez ready to play for Mexico at the World Cup? | ESPN FC

By | November 5, 2022

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez and Sebastian Salazar discuss the latest injury update on Raúl Jiménez and the likelihood of him playing for Mexico and if he can be fully fit in the next 11 days to help in a starting role capacity.

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Ahead of the World Cup we all know he's Been working in Mexico trying to get Healthy then went back over with Wolverhampton to try and continue his Recuperation uh ahead of the World Cup We're all Mauricio imay has been with The team during their European Journey He went from chirona to Wolverhampton to Speak with Raul and get a proper injury Update let's hear the latest from the Mexican number nine Estas Bobby in Is O Calendar Yeah foreign Professional Motivation is Talking with our Mauricio ima all right Uh I don't know that it's good news There hurt but it's not bad news Necessarily you're any more hopeful that We'll see Raul at the World Cup I think this is terrible news you're Telling me he's got 11 days until that List comes out to prove that he's fit Seb if I had stopped playing a regular Season And I just called turkey because I was Trying to nurse something and you said 11 days from now you have to be fit to Play the biggest event of my Sporting Life there's no possible way that in 11

Days I am fit enough to help this team In a starting role capacity and if You're banking on me coming off the Bench or waiting for me to help you with Any kind of uh minutes out there or Hoping that I can get to 100 while this Tournament is still going wow what a Scary position for Tata Martino to be in Because you have to decide if you're Going to take Raul Jimenez who's been Your go-to guy from the beginning or if You say you know what I'm sorry you did A valiant effort it was a valiant effort Trying to get in shape trying to be There for yourself and for us but this Is as far as we've come and you can't go Uh it sounds from the interview there Like the player himself is willing to Pull the plug on this if he knows he's Not going to be ready right like that Must be for a player for for Raul Jimenez especially who has been waiting For this World Cup this was going to be His World Cup that's got to be a Brutally impossible position to be in Because it's clear the technical staff And even even the Federation staff are Going to wait to the last possible Minute it seems like the the one with The clear and cool head here is gonna Need to be Raul Jimenez otherwise They're going to take him and just and Just hold out hope burn one of those 26 Spots yeah yeah because in 2014 it was

Chicharito in 2018 it was Carlos Vela Chicharito and Raul in some capacity This was supposed to be his he was Supposed to be the man not too long ago Almost 18 two years ago 18 months or two Years ago he was one of the best Nines In the world not my opinion those are Statistics playing in the best league in The world performing the best league in The world putting up numbers like one of The best forwards in the world after That unfortunate incident he's been a Shell of himself now today 11 days out From giving a list Yeah it's not looking good we talk a lot About how injuries are going to impact This world cup and we're focused a lot On the injuries that have happened in The last weeks and last months that Injury to Raul Jimenez is going to have The biggest impact of any I think on This Mexican national team Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus