The World Cup’s most controversial goal ever?

By | November 21, 2022

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During the 1986 World Cup in Mexico the Goal of the Century was scored in a hotly contested game between England and Argentina. But that game had another goal. A goal we all remember.

“A little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God.” – this is the story of the Hand of God. Written by Seb Stafford-Bloor, illustrated by Philippe Fenner.

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Foreign In June 1986 Argentina and England met In a World Cup quarterfinal framed by Violence and the memory of recent War The game would feature arguably the Finest goal in the history of football And yet it's better remembered for a Different goal one which remains Notorious to this day this is the story Of that goal now known as the hand of God [Music] At half time in front of nearly 115 000 People in a roasting Azteca Stadium in Mexico City Argentina and England had Produced little more than a flurry of Chances their footballing rivalry had Reached a crescendo previously in 1966 When during a different world cup Quarter-final an ill-tempered game Spiraled out of control Argentinian Captain Antonio ratin was sent off and At full time despite his team winning England manager Alf Ramsey prevented his Players from swapping shirts with their Opponents in the aftermath to add fuel To an already Spitting Fire Ramsay Branded the Argentinian players animals His comments were perceived by some to Be racially motivated and even after 20 Years those wounds were yet to heal Additionally political relations between The two countries had reached Dana deer Four years before in 1982 when the

Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands a British colony provoked a Brief bloody conflict as a result of Which nearly a thousand people lost Their lives by 1986 that was still fresh In the mind but nevertheless despite Skirmishes in Mexico City before the Game and they reported fist fight Between a few supporters in the stadium Itself the lingering animosity remained Beneath the surface For the day itself would belong to Diego Maradona Argentina's captain and Probably the best player in the world at The time Six minutes after half time with the Game's still goalless England Steve Hodge hacked at a clearance slicing it Backwards into his Penalty Box as it Looped towards goalkeeper Peter shilton There seemed to be little danger Maradona had kept running into the box But at five foot five he wasn't much of A match for the six foot Shelton or at Least he shouldn't have been but as he Jumped to contest Shelton for the ball Maradona flicked his wrist up and sent The ball up and over the keeper and Bouncing into the net England players Fumed appealing furiously for handball But the Tunisian referee who'd had an Obstructed view ignored their protests Gave the goal and jogged back to the Halfway line having shown the world his

Mischievous side Maradona then unveiled His inarguable class picking up the ball On the halfway line Maradona scythed Through the England defense beating six Players before rounding Shelton and Doubling Argentina's lead it was the Finest moment of maradona's career and In 2002 it was voted FIFA's goal of the Century but it remains however the Second most famous goal from that game Argentina would ultimately win 2-1 and Would subsequently go on to win the Tournament beating Germany 3-2 in the Final But in the aftermath of the England Victory when Maradona was questioned About the legitimacy of his first goal He admitted that it had been scored a Little with the head of Maradona and a Little with the hand of God In a 2019 documentary about his life Maradona described the 1986 win a Symbolic revenge over the English after Argentinian defeat during the Falklands Over the years he also reveled in the Cheek of the goal and appeared to enjoy It as an act of defiance perhaps even More so than the Brilliance of his Second in that game in 2022 the shirt That Maradona wore in that game went up For auction and when Sotheby's reported That an anonymous buyer had paid 7.1 Million pounds for it the headlines Around the world echoed the news that

The hand of God shirt had been sold not The goal of the century shirt and that Neatly encapsulates the incident's Lasting Intrigue and its many layers of Sporting political and cultural Fascination If you like this video please consider Subscribing to the channel The athletic brings you the best sports Journalism in the world in a Personalized experience connecting you With the stories and teams that you care About the most there's coverage of 13 Sports Plus direct access to world-class Journalists through live q and A's Discussions and podcasts and you can try It now for free for 30 days by clicking The link in the description [Music]