The ultimate decider | Playoff PK Shootouts

By | November 2, 2022


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[Music] With the goal kick yeah The whistle sounds from referee Michael Radchuck it's an Angry Crowd in Pittsburgh but well the home team still Has a shot in penalty kicks former Member of the Stanford Cardinal Three-time NCAA champ while he was there Scandridge coming hard to it right along The ground and in And now the hounds he did become one Very quickly in his first River Hound Season the former Rochester Rhino Francois wasting no time and he got it And we continue on into the sixth round Hands on hips In the top of the eighth Got it drilled it And the keepers really haven't come Close In the state of Missouri against Jake McGuire Rayleigh left foot missed it And Bethlehem Steel has come out of Highmark Stadium With a penalty kick shootout [Music] That's gonna do it it's simple math Votes What do you get when you put together no Goals in two hours of play penalty Saved by Lubin A rising star in the world of football [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] And it's saved by Restrepo Not the first time that Lambert has been Denied from the spot The man has participated in a World Cup Final at the spot Right down the middle And all the pressure Falls on Ben Spencer and it sneaks underneath the Restrepo he gambled staying down the Middle and he can't keep it out my Goodness [Applause] More than a hundred caps for the reggae Boys Saved by lumen And Phoenix if they convert By Cody Mizell Cochrane and Phoenix are Off to the Western Conference semifinals [Applause] And there it is the final whistle is Blown What an effort by both of these sides And the top two teams in the USL Has a goal A well taken goalkeeper barely even Moved there King Is it past Fury Well Perry did good to guess to the Right side but it was just too close to The post for him to get Apodaca No rejected by Logan

10 years overseas playing in Germany This is his first year in the United States Here he comes And he delivers in Phoenix Defeats Reno on penalty kicks and they Are going back to the Western Conference Final There is the final whistle we have Played as far as we'll go tonight 120 Minutes in the books no goals and we Go to penalties Stepping to the spot a crucial penalty Kick for Oakland Harish top Corner again Another clinical penalty for the roots Okoli converts Both sides five for five and we are in To a sixth sudden death round It's been such a big part of Oakland This season Ward is finally saved Rakovsky pushes it away and Orange County on the precipice Does he go the same way Thomas to send Orange County the Western Conference Final Orange County [Applause] And it had to be Thomas at the end he's Your goal scorer 15 goals on the year Doesn't have doesn't have it the right The first time And that will end extra time for the Second straight week Orange County going The penalty kicks

Nathan and PC though not on the field Anymore so all new penalty kick takers This year here's mines and mine scores [Applause] Kamiri He slots that one home three after three Rounds this looking like the shootout From last week Justin Dillon And Dylan misses Cody [Applause] Oh Coley And Orange County western conference Champions they do it again in a penalty Kick shootout [Applause]