The TOP 10 PLAYS of Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC | USL Championship 2022 Season Highlights

By | November 18, 2022


Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC top 10 plays from the 2022 USL Championship Season

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Molina reaching the end line could slide In and that'll get the crowd excited Here in Oakland [Music] Gila threaded that through brilliant Brilliantly and now Colorado Springs has The opener it's Zach Sandy [Music] Just look at this this is a simply Threaded pass Got to be better at your marking it's More out there Zach Sandy will take it [Applause] [Music] For it he didn't get there And the switchbacks have a Lifeline with Three minutes of injury time left Tracks are back in it things just got Interesting the service from Zandy Perfect the services really let them Down so far and that was perfect right There as Mahoney gets to that near post Space news does come All right Again turned over it's Barry sliding This in Goleta top the post it in an Impossible angle but Mishi Galena opens The scoring for Colorado Springs He always provides those magical Finishes It's dictating the game on their own Terms they push you and pull you in a Million different ways and then spring Into action

Tucked up down into the corner ball Comes back to the goalkeeper terrible Decision Compared to where he should have played This should have gone long and away from The middle instead right down through The spine easy to collect but how about This finish how does he get this thing Into the back of the net [Music] Been that man tonight Hasn't been cold on a ton but he's made A couple of big stops to keep the clean Sheet to this point now here comes mines Buried to his rights Barry back to mines who puts it in [Music] And surely that locks up three points on The road for Colorado Springs Thank you Ben's on as we get close to stoppage Time Audrey Berry with the nutmeg pass right Perfect place for Ben mines [Music] MO And deep Galena from a tight angle roof sits and Colorado Springs have the opening goal [Applause] And acrobatics to boot from Michigan It's the switchbacks in front [Music] Might even deflected off the post that's

How tight it was [Music] They have those two midfielders and a Two wide midfielders spread out so the Three versus two in the middle of the Park is where Orange County have to take Advantage well that was a good exchange Here's Johnson Johnson with the finish And it finds its way in He had two tries but third time's a Charm Malik Johnson gets that one pass Forkowsky it's a two goal lead for Colorado Springs Look at what Weaponry look at these Simple one two blowing pass or insurance And then look about the cool finish pass Rakovski Talk about how wildly different that is From his first two shots and that's even Again was in roughly the same area in The Penalty Box but this time cool Compose Not sure what magic words we're told by The way we got 25 goals in 32 games last Season Yeah yeah watch out for that guy you may Not know him yeah This one finds Galena he heads it up Galena inside the 18. plays it on goal And Colorado Springs fires the first Goal in this one and some acrobatics From Galena [Applause] The first goal for the home side this

Season And an excellent finish from Michi Galena Frisco the ball is split right Between the foot back and he's set to Back Henry was beaten on the pass but Look at the Finish you thought you Pushed him out wide enough but it inch Perfect finish just clipping the inside Of the push to make it five Goals at home and another penalty Carlson's denied He went right down the middle and he is Stopped by Caldwell On 16 tries for Caldwell It's that little stutter step [Music] Ball floated back the other way [Applause] To sweep it off A game in that Caldwell an incredible Save That's why you go out and get him right To make saves like this to deny Lara Caldwell quick enough down like a cat Big bear claw just comes bit too fast For Jennings unable to get his feet Underneath Him Oakland had the mid-year coaching change Of course Juan Guerra out Noah Delgado In but not much has changed early chance Here wow wow Fight of 30 seconds l [Applause] No better way to start than that

Wow I look like that at 23 seconds long ball Series is not necessarily there from Fred Meyer But a great read from Elvis running Forward An early strike prevents Pablo and chat Being in the right place at the right Time although that's an impossible shot To stop as well