The Robert Lewandowski disappointment is real 🤯

By | November 23, 2022

The Robert Lewandowski disappointment is real 🤯
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I've not been just so disappointed in a Player a prime player in Lewandowski Like I was this game really even when They were if you if you wanted Who was more quiet in their respective Game Lewandowski or bail It's tough right it is tough but Bell Made his penalty kick there it is he Came up he had the Aguacates to hit it And he slotted it he took care of it Robert Lewandowski his legacy will be What he doesn't do in World Cups now I mean give credit to Mexico Yes give credit to Mexico give credit to That defensive line the Midfield how They played the the effort they put in To limit service to Robert Lewandowski But that will be his legacy what he Doesn't do in big tournaments