The Journey: Sophia Smith

By | October 26, 2022

The Journey is an original U.S. Soccer series that follows U.S. Women’s National Team players on and off the field as they work toward earning a spot at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

This episode of The Journey follows forward Sophia Smith and her commitment to trusting the process as she chases her dreams be among the best in the world.

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Also going to get our first look at Sophia Smith this is exciting her senior National team debut this is what I was Meant to do and the love that I had for It I didn't want to do anything else a Special Frontline player someone who Made me the future of the US Women's National Team how much does Sophia Smith Check those patches here we go Sophia Smith First International goal for the 21 year Old and it's a beauty yeah Foreign [Applause] It was a long drive down to Denver every Single day after school I missed out on A lot of things that a lot of normal High school students got to do She lives up in Fort Collins She has to drive you know a round trip Over three hours and if it's a rough day It's four hours in traffic We would pick her up about 20 minutes Before school would get out so we could Be on the highway before a certain time And then about 10 minutes before we got To practice she would get her soccer Practice jersey and shoes on go out There practice for two hours get back in The car finish her homework eat her Dinner get home at about sometimes 8 30 Or 9 o'clock at night take a shower go To bed and start the next day pretty Much every day she was always so

Thankful They sacrificed so much for me to just Be able to play this game they knew that I had a dream and did everything that They could to help me reach it and Continue to do the same When you drive that far he give me extra Motivation to say I have to make sure That when she shows up I have to make sure to try to get Something under the training section and She just tell you exactly the way she's Actually I'm driving I'm coming down I Want to trade and I think that's that's To me from a young age that's Professionalism My very first camp with the senior Women's National Team I was scared I was Nervous I was intimidated because I knew I was going to be in the same Environment as everyone I grew up Watching I was gonna have to step on the Field with them and Try to prove why I was there at the age Of 16 and I think her going to camp for The first time the main thing I was Worried about was her just finding the Right gate like at the airport getting On the Right Flight and the camp part I I knew she was going to have so much fun And loved every second of that And I think that just opened doors and Showed me what it took to be on that Team and to play at that level every

Single day I can't even put into words The amount that I learned from just Being in that camp A lot of things went into my decision to Leave Stanford early It was a hard decision to decide to Leave a school that she worked so hard To get into she's so mature she's able To figure out a lot of things on her own It just Seemed like everything was saying to her The time is right My parents knew that this is something That I wanted to do and it was a serious Decision that I had to make so they were Just helping me in any way possible Weighing the pros and cons and thinking About different circumstances of what Would come of that decision so they were Very supportive want the best for me and Helped me figure out what that was with The first pick in the first round of the 2020 nwsl college draft the Portland Thorn select Sophia Smith from Stanford University Everything kind of just fell into place Knowing that I would be in Portland I Didn't want to go anywhere else Foreign [Music] Than to see your kid Happy And Live in their best life

[Music] [Applause] Regardless of how many games I've played Here it's like a dream there's fans that Are so passionate and have so much Energy and you can feel that down on the Field and it's something that every Soccer player hopes to be able to play In front of us We took her to a uh du Portland pilot Game and she actually pointed out Sinclair and now to see her playing with One of her Idols is very special To just see the kids that were Sophie at One point now wanting to see Sophie Become what they wanted to become and Know that dream can come true for them I Think is amazing Here with my parents they're in town for My games and we had to stop by my Favorite coffee shop Sterlings it's Right around the corner from my Apartment so I come here pretty much Every day and get a matcha latte and We'll see what my parents want to get Everything's really good [Music] Yeah Yeah sounds good all right [Music] Right Thank you to all the coaches that I've Had throughout my career specifically Thank you to Lauren Donaldson from real

Colorado For believing in me and seeing a Potential in me that I myself never even Knew I had I was like a proud pop Sophie Has to feel like somebody believe in her I believe in her and I know what she Could be it was special to me because I Know where she was coming from and the Little trials and tribulation that she Went through at the time just to get her There I was very very happy for her I'm Still very happy for her I wouldn't be Where I am today without Warren he Completely changed the way I look at the Game and the way I look at myself and my Potential he's almost like a second dad To me he pushes me and his heart on me And knows that that's how you're going To get the most out of me so she gave This to me and I was I was obviously Shocked like I think he just came from Her heart where she feels about our Relationship I thought I'd just just hit up another Kid out and she takes it like okay Every time I need you know I need some Help training or whatever you always Find the time to You know get it done Why me give this to somebody else who Will help you in life a different way This is only football but she think it Was just a major part of her life the Road to the 2023 Women's World Cup

Continues from Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City Colorado I'm so Excited they're going to be in Denver And that week can have so many friends And family be there for her coming home And playing in your backyard and playing At that level in your backyard is is Pretty special [Music] U.S scores [Applause] [Applause] It was a dream come true to be able to Play And everyone I love This picture [Music] The opportunity to wear the crest has Always meant so much to me it's an honor To represent this country and it's a Very rare thing to do so anytime I get To wear the crest I I never take it for Granted and I'm always going to get 110 It's not always going to be a straight Path to the top or to where you want to Be there will always be adversity and Hardships and things won't go your way And I've had my fair share of that so I Think just falling back on the saying Trust the process is something that I've Always told myself and still tell myself To this day when things get hard because There is a point that I want to be at But I know that it's a process to get

There and and to just trust that Everything will work out how it's Supposed to [Music]