The England XI That Will WIN The World Cup! 🏆 | Saturday Social ft Nubaid Haroon & Nieve Pegg

By | November 19, 2022

Smithy and Joe are joined by Nubaid Haroon & Nieve Pegg this week on Saturday Social. With England kicking off their World Cup campaign on Monday against Iran, we get the guests to pick an England XI that can win the World Cup.
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Saturday social is powered by EA Sports FIFA 23 with PlayStation right we've Done the predictions the all-important Predictions it's now going to be Focus All of our attention on England as you Can see the Saturday social is out in All of its glory and we've tasked our Guests quite tricky this I think to pick An England 11 that has the best chance Of bringing the World Cup home so it's Not I think 11 for a specific game it's An 11 that has the best chance of Winning the World Cup so first up They've both given us their 11s They Don't know what each other have picked But they've agreed on this seven so both Of our guests think these seven players Are nailed on to start for England so Let's talk about these players before we Get into disagreements firstly my big Question is formation do you think England needs to play three at the back Three Central Defenders if they have any Chance to win the World Cup yeah 100 I Think I've spoken about a such length But when you've got that base in your Team with no disrespect to any of those Players you need to protect it basically And I think if you're gonna play back For like they think it's hungry you get Absolutely battered when they played Germany the game was really open and too Stretched I think If you play a two who are you two

Especially considering who's gone we've Got Dyer Cody Maguire Stones you won't Play Walker in a pair so you kind of Have Maguire and stones and I don't feel Very safe with Maguire on his own Without walking next to him and I think Walker has been huge for Southgate Because he's almost been a bit of a bit Of a cheat code ball goes over the top And he catches everything so Yeah I don't feel like there's any way Around that I'm gonna throw a little bit Of bait in there is that this was a lot Of topics at the start of the euros and Then we went for every group stage gamer Back four Tyrone Ming started in the First game is there no way that you see Garage South get aligned with about four And see Iran no I I think back four for The group stage but I mean this is an 11. it's a winner you get deeper and you Want to win it but the competition Against Iran like when we played against Germany in Italy we shifted to the Bathroom yeah yeah okay so you talk About some of the I think we should I Think we should pick fitting goal just a Tap in Thief yeah 100 yeah does his Tournament no disagreements yeah no he's Been he's a regular Southgate yeah worth Putting that as well every time he puts On an England shirt he always plays at Such a great level doesn't he um so he's In his number one both gone with the

Same back three a lot of talk about Harry MaGuire and his lack of game time Uh for Manchester United this season but Of course we know that he is a regular And the guy with South Carolina Southgate speaks very highly it's worth Pointing out as well that he does you Know he did have a great tournament for Him as well so uh just interested as to Why you've gone with those three It's just that consistency really this Is the back three we had in the World Cup in the euros and and took us to you Know very deep into two competitions and It's about keeping that I mean Ben White Benjamin white yeah for me personally I Think that Benjamin white Um he should be there if catwalker's not There that's where he'll be in the back Three he'll be there in Kyle Walker's Place Um and Ben White as well if it's a back Four can play right back as well in in That situation so yeah but Ben White I Think should feature at this world cup Declan rice as well just nailed on he's Really the only defensive midfielder Obviously count Phillips as well but That's fit and still playing at a top Level yeah I think also he patrols that Area on his own quite well um even at West Ham they've tinkered with the System a little bit which allows him to Sort of dominate that position I think

He's probably England's best option even If Calvin Phillips is fit and in my System I only play with one six so it Was another different race uh and the Front two uh so let's talk about soccer First uh great season he's having isn't He do you think southcote will start him Because obviously he's in a position Where there's a lot of competition for Places got a lot of strong options that He has do you think Southgate will start Him I should do considering you know the Minutes he got at the Euros when I'd say In soccer's own personal career and in Terms of form going into it he's he's Even better now so there's no reason for Him not to start opinion yeah and same For you yeah I mean I think Southgate Starts Sterling to be honest Um on each one of the sides I don't know If he starts Saka I'm not that sure Personally I start soccer because I Think for Pure explosiveness for Probably one of the most informed Attackers in the country he plays but Still both Sterling and sucker Pace Either side of cane uh I don't Personally I don't like the balance of Playing both I quite like having someone On the other side who keeps the ball for Longer periods um whereas on this side You have your more explosive sort of Like One-on-one Winger but yeah not Sterling

For me okay and Harry Kinder calls Nailed on England Captain how important Is it that he stays fit I can't even Have any chance to win it because I mean He's such a crucial player for England Yeah 100 I mean we saw that at the World Cup in 2018 when you could argue our Squad was maybe not as good as this one And at the euros and but we had that World-class sent it forward that helped Us it just need to stay in the box right Position as much as I love Harry Kane The footballer for England the problem We're going to have playing a black five Is you need your Striker to play in the Box Harry Kane will end up playing Holder Midfield with rice and then then What we're doing yeah Um and of course neither of us you Mentioned him for the Golden Boot you Talk about the players Golden Boot you Think he'll be in amongst it because he Is the reigning Golden Boot holder in The World Cup of course how many pens And set pieces do we get yeah yeah Literally that's why I couldn't choose Because I think the Iran game will be Tight Wales game will be tight USA That's the three easy I think it's a Tough group this don't you for England Yeah I just think all all the teams that England come up against have their own Qualities and also it's completely Different

Um weather conditions I don't know if People at home have seen the video of The players getting like this fan thrown In their face so I just think the World Cup is never easy I think that the Perception we have as England fans is Like we'll beat you around four nil uh My good friend James Alcott seems to Think that's going to happen but you Know not for me Which is the show all the time which is Australia let's go to some disagreements Then let's start our right wing back Where I know that there's a bit of Debate already on the studio who have You gone for the boat I've gone for Mr Trent Alexander Arnold Neve I've gone For very lad Karen trippier trippier Versus trents okay why why trents I Believe they can both coexist which is Why I don't really want the argument and He was dangerous No I think when you play it back five You need creativity in your system I Think when you've got Walker playing Behind whoever your right wing back is You've always got a security blanket There and he's really good in wide areas Naturally because he's the right back Yeah and then once you've got someone Like Trent from Deep you can supply Kane A lot easier I think Kane actually Benefits from having Wing backs or fall Backs that can play Ballers and balls

Into dangerous areas then you've got Sakura in front of him who'll come Inside or hang wide I think it's just I feel the team is now made for Trent Um mainly because of the injuries They've had um if if you offered me Reach James I probably would have played Reece James because he's safer yeah um But Trent for me if you want to win Yeah I've got my trip here because you Know I think he does offer creativity Himself we've seen what he's done Um at Newcastle not just that you know Look at what he's done for Alma at Newcastle yeah being that fullback and Then he can do that for soccer as well So in terms of facilitating the players In front of him I actually think in Terms of his leadership value as well I Look at trippier as genuinely not that Far behind Declan rice and Harry Kane as A player that regardless of about four Back five he's there he's one of the First names on the the team has been Brilliant this season yeah created more Goal scoring chances in the Premier League this season than any other Englishman or Defender has been Brilliant in many people's team of the Season so far and he's also in your team As well isn't it Left wing back I just think he's played There under Simeone and done a really Good job he's played under Southgate as

Well to be fair yeah and I don't think Luke Shaw's showing the form this season In the league or even to be fair when He's played for England to guarantee Himself a start there I think Shaw's Best time playing for England was that Left Center back for a number of games So I would personally play ship you're Off the opposite side play Trent off This side you've got two creative hubs Electricia took in when the opposition Has the ball so you can play her back Four and let Trent go and do his thing Yeah let's see sure has been great Though I just put it forward a bit of Defense For England I think seven goal Involvements in his last 11 competitive Games he especially think back to that Wait I don't think he's going to play in That way for England because if he's Playing in this back five he's probably Going to be expected to so that was the Last seven in his last 11 England games As well so he he's great the Euros Doesn't he was amazing the heroes but Should we combine the two fullbacks chat Then so just just to confirm okay Um you do want trippy in your team but Left wing back knee you've gone four I Presume Luke sure then yeah I've got Luke shot why have you gone sure uh Because I mean as you say I mean what He's done for England when he's played

In that left wing but role I mean if it Was a back four I I would agree with you That I'd put trippier on the left he'd Be the left back and then I'd have you Know probably Kyle Walker right back so You know defensively I can understand Your point of view but we've seen and Play left wing back for England and I Don't want to miss out on that do you Oppose Trent is that part of the reason You really want sure because you just Put it back four and still didn't have Trained in there yeah I mean to be fair I actually I like the idea of Trent Because you know if you've not got a Backfall and you've not got someone like Mason mount in behind to sort of create From Deep so you could look at Trent at Being the person that creates from Deep 100 Um with sort of his range pattern and Stuff so it is an option I don't I don't Disregard Trent at all and it's actually Quite funny both of these I'd be quite Happy with so could you could we go for A little bit of compromise yeah we're in Agreement we need a magnet on there okay Go trip your left wing back then leave I'm a good guy okay so trippier left a Bit you know what it is it is one of Those decisions it's going to be tough For going south to get that right wing Back or right back position because There are so many great obviously we

Didn't even speak about Ben Whitey They've got to say as well he's having a Brilliant funny blanket we spoke about Him a bit let's go to the Midfield then Shall we who's partner in Declan rice oh Boy here we go I'm gonna upset a lot of People but just bear with me please I'm Not playing two sixes so you're not Playing dude you're playing no I'm not Um no dude no uh I'm playing Madison in Front of rice because I think I was Basically I did a coaching badge Recently and they were talking about When you attack should attack in a six And a four but when you play with two Sixes England playing a seven and a Three and I think part of the reason for That is because you play with two sixes Obviously Bellingham will get forward But it won't be as frequent as Madison Say Um that's the first reason the second Part of the reason is England don't have Like someone who can do something at the Blink of an eye someone who almost has a Mind of his own like Madison does I Don't know if he'll be allowed to play That way for England naturally but I Think you can give him the ball and go Go win as a game go go do something in a Difficult situation and the way the World Cup is it settled on moments and This guy thrives in the moment so Get James Madison in this team did you

See that Nave Madison played just in Front of Declan It's a lot of work for Declan rice You've got to get yourself Birmingham in There and the reason why you've got to Get yourself Bellingham in there because You look at the approaches that we've Taken to International tournaments the Euros obviously we had rice and Phillips We can't just suddenly have Declan rice And James Madison we can't just suddenly Go from that to this I mean it's so Reliant as well having Madison is so Reliant on cow Walker actually being There and having him as that last Defender with that pace and also coming Back from injury and he's had a grind Injury being able to actually have that Cheat code you know he's a little bit Older now than he was at the Euros If you can have Trent as well how many Risks do you want to take in the base Yeah but this is a kind of a risk where You've got Walker there this is an Ever So slight wrist but I think just purely Because of how the World Cup is decided England if they play with like Essentially seven Defenders they're not Going to go far Thing is I want to talk about Drew Bellingham as well because he I know you Said you prefer Madison going for but He's been so effective for Dortmund in Those forward areas this season he's

Four and five in the champions league Isn't it you don't think he could do That getting in late to the box he could But I think the way Southgate would play Him as we've seen in a double pivot Doesn't suit him and I know like I think A lot of the comments after the games Were Jude was the best player on a pitch Because he's techy and also he bombs up And down but then my thing is in that Germany game in particular and the Utility game there were holes behind him All the time I think the better teams Will take advantage of that and that's Not his fault that's a systematic thing I think if you play a different system Jude is one of the first names on the Sheet but All right we got a side I'm not gonna Lie on the side of the magician yeah I Think I thought I think Possibly put medicine in an 11 just like That as well by the way because Because I mean the second you start Madison if you start Madison straight Away I think you're going to create way Too much noise at this world cup and I Think it'd be a huge risk if South Gate Gets medicine you look grealish the Noise around him at the Euros everyone's Like I need to play needs to play and Then we did play I mean he was good but What did he really Do's on let's look at the last player

Because there's some big names not in This team currently yeah so who have you Gone with for your last player Um I think he's actually had a pretty Good season this season Um I feel people have been a little bit Critical of him because of his comments Around uh Mickey Almer on yeah Um but I think generally what he's done For Pep Guardiola and city has been Pretty consistent I also think if you're If we're playing this side and obviously My side had Madison in it but even in This side I think you need someone Against those sides like Iran USA Wales Even in the latter stages someone who Keeps hold of the ball in that final Third the best sides can suffocate you And I think grealish can keep hold of The ball they win you fouls or getting More set pieces and that is self-getting England's game and if you disagree You've gone with looks like yeah still Folded because I don't think you can Keep Phil phone out if I'm completely Honest is that sort of excitement and Caliber of player and actually I mean Looking at this team now more than ever I'd want Phil foden because he can pick Up the ball deep and affect the play From deep but also he can get in behind As well we've seen him do it at Man City And get in the Box too so I think he Offers just a little bit more to his

Attacking game than greelish okay need a Decision it's down to Should we go with what we think is more Likely then for the for the team I Actually think grillish is a better Impact player I do I just think as we Saw the Euros I think he's an amazing Player to bring Off the Bench whereas I Think full phone controls the ball a Little bit as well would you agree with That yeah I think it's also I would Personally have started Raheem Sterling Bigger missions Sterling and Mason now We haven't been talking about Mason Mount who features a lot um A tough one that folding ingredient You're going with phone some sort of Behind the scenes stuff for people I Compromise by doing a back through in General because I originally wanted to Do about four in which Mason amount gets In so I think it's only right okay there We go that's not what you think at home That is the uh confirmation about England team that's likely to bring it Home let us know what you think