The 26 PLAYERS who Herculez Gomez thinks will rep the USMNT at the World Cup! | Futbol Americas

By | November 8, 2022

The Futbol Americas crew present who they think will be the 26-man roster representing the United States at the 2022 World Cup.
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Her Greg berhalter is set to give us his 26th player list for Qatar on Wednesday But before we get the actual national Team managers list her I want your 26 Player list this is what do you mean not Yours this is why I think What is this year 26 man list no my 26 Man list didn't even make the 55-man List so I don't know what you're talking About but these are 26 people that I Think Greg halter is going to come up to The world okay the excuse here it goes Okay okay what great what we think Greg Burhalter will do correct so we don't Have to put our opinions out there go Ahead but no it's my opinion on what I Think he will do Is that how it works because if I put What I want out there was this fantasy Landing it won't happen so it doesn't Matter as you can see there would be no John Anthony Brooks on this list if it's What I wanted to do we'd have some made Up funny man list all right what was Your toughest decision my toughest Decision there were two my toughest Decisions were the center back decisions Okay uh and then When you talk about One midfielder and uh the Wingers but Okay so let's start with the center Backs let's start with the center back With Walker Zimmerman Aaron long Mark McKenzie and Cameron Carter Vickers what

Was a tough choice there for you Well that Chris Richards apparently is Still injured and won't be anywhere near Uh healthy so he's out we know how you Feel about injured players if they're Not 100 fit right now tough to count on Him I mean Chris Richard's still not Even training in any capacity so it's Tough to say that he will be ready in 13 days yes so exactly with Chris Richards being out that means for a lot Of fans Um it's a be a tough pill to swallow but It'd be Aaron long next to Walker Zimmerman so who do you go with there And everything Greg burhalter has told Us the wanting to play a high line Deploying that high line and the type of Center back that he needs well I had to Eliminate John Anthony Brooks because he Eliminated him I had to eliminate Tim Rheem because you can't play Tim Reem in A high line so that left me with Uh Aaron long yeah yeah I mean as much As the other two for sure I mean uh what About up top perk that's another big Decision for Greg berhalter you think He's gonna leave Jordan pfoc out why I Do This is Greg Greg has shown us Um that he doesn't value Jordan pfuck or What he brings to the table Jordan P Fox The only striker in this pool and it's Crazy to me that never went cold you

Could say well he went cold to get that Would be probably the only moment you Just pulled off a little bit no in the Last couple weeks after the great start To the Bundesliga season compared to Every forward on this list he never went Cold and that's a reality you could say Josh Sergeant went cold you can say Ricardo Pepe went cold and he did Jesus Federa when his team was down in the Playoffs and they needed a goal his head Coach Nico Steves put him as a 10 on his Attacking playmaker and put a Franco Jara playing frankajara who's like 35 36 Years old already around that age who Had three goals all season so This player is the only one out of all The players in the poll all the forwards In the pool that's been consistent and He won't be there and that pains me perk You got goalies you got three of them on This 26 player list you've got no Ethan Horvath how'd you decide that yeah that Was a tough one between Ethan and Sean Johnson because he's thinking about what Greg uh will value and especially what You should value when it comes to making Decisions about a third goalkeeper is Chemistry within the locker room those Blue guys what kind of leader do you Have Etc et cetera but it's so difficult Because Ethan Horvat has done nothing But be there when called upon I mean the

Hero the heroics of the concaf Nations League final where it comes on you know For Zach stuff in the Ninja Zach Stefan To literally do a walk-off penalty kick Save to win the game against Andres Guardado Mexico's Captain it's so tough To leave a guy that's so likable like Ethan Horvat off the off this list but I Think this is what Greg will do Um okay was there a big snub for you was There like was it pfog maybe was there a Player who for you you just felt like Man if I had 27 this is the extra guy That I would have taken as I was doing The math well P is the obvious name Okay just because I think he's a he's a Player that is a goal scorer and you're Gonna be in need of a player to come off The bench and maybe be a guy can get on The end of a cross be a guy who could be At least on a set piece be a guy in Transition could do well for you uh Different passes the game when they're Required he can be that guy when called Upon but it's Jordy mihilovich yeah and It's because of the engine he's Western McKinney right now is injured and I know He's got that Wolverine blood in him and He comes back faster than the normal uh But Luca De la Torre is not there you Saw what the US men's is that why Luca De Latorre is not on your list by the Way is that an injury omission and not a Form or Talent Commission because at one

Point you said he was 99.99 to even Start again he's training by himself Right now Um he's not fully integrated with this Club I don't anticipate him to be Healthy enough for the World Cup which Is a shame I thought he would be one of Those players who contribute but you saw How bad the US Men's National Team was Against Japan and against Saudi Arabia In that Midfield wouldn't have Eunice Musa so a player like Jordy mahilovich Being in that Midfield gives him A Touch Of Class A Touch of skill the element Being able to take the ball from point A To point B to point C creative enough to Get in and out of tight spaces and Create for himself and for others I just Thought that was a gimme I thought That's a player that you'd like to have Up your sleeve if needed and it's a Shame but Discussions that jordy's have of them Because he's disclosed those publicly I Haven't been Necessarily to his liking or for him to Feel like he's gonna get that call up So one name that does surprise me herc On your list is um I like Tillman who Seems to have been like a real bubble Player he kind of got got cold there but Maybe you got him heating up and then Making the squad one name that I do see Is missing from your Defenders and I

Don't know if this is uh you're Projecting that the injury that he's got Right now could carry into the World Cup Or if it was just an oversight because We did these kind of quickly no sergino Dest so assuming that we do get dest in There Um who are you taking off of your list Of Defenders no I have destined there That's a that's an oversight issue okay That's a graphic oversight yeah okay That should be there dust is there and And you could you could take off uh Reggie Cannon if you'd like dust is There okay all right yeah cause we got 26 on this list so okay so Reggie Cannon Then is the is the odd man out there yes Wow look at that put him on the team and Then took him off but more more than you You hit it with Malik Tillman you and I Spoke about this when Malik got a call Up Um about the conversation Malik had with With Fred berhalter and how it leads me To believe like you don't do this switch So early on you don't declare yourself U.S Men's National Team eligible unless You had a talk with Greg berhalter Unless there I don't want to say was an Insurance but you had a Feeling by the Way you were being spoke to that you had A legit chance of making this roster and If you feel you had a legit chance of Making this roster and you get some

Playing time and then it's then you make A move in Europe Europa League ready and You start scoring some big goals and you Have the national team coach talking About you That leads me to believe he's going to Be that that guy in there can I get a Look at the list again because I got one More question for her it has to do with The the MLS players on this list because There's some MLS guys who are definitely On the bubble that you put in the team Christian rolled on yeah Paul Ariola Jordan Morris so those three guys Specifically who is most on the bubble For you Uh Jordan Morris okay I was gonna I Agree with you there I think he's got The probably the weakest case right of The guys that you put on this on this Graphic to make the team yeah and it's Tough because you're trying to go by What Greg berhalter has shown you and Listen some of Greg's favorite players Have fallen off throughout the World Cup Qualifying uh cycle guys like Sebastian Legit so they're they're still uh room There's gonna be a couple surprises There always is but if you think about What Greg burhalter has shown us I think This is a pretty accurate list all right Just to be clear that is herc's guess at What Greg burhalter will give us on Wednesday not what herc would do if he

Was in jail you see John Anthony Brooks And Jordan P there many people in The YouTube comments would like that They would like you to be in charge of The national team but for now it's still Greg burhalter and we will get his list On Wednesday in New York City