“That was an ERROR!” 👀 | Redknapp & Hasselbaink DEBATE Arsenal priorities

By | November 13, 2022

Jamie Redknapp, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Karen Cairney analyse Arsenal's title chances after their 2-0 win against Wolves and debate whether Mikel Arteta's side should prioritise the Premier League other competitions…

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Only four teams have had a better start After 14 games than Arsenal have managed This time around they're on course if They continue at their current rate to Get a hundred points that would have won It in every season apart from the one in Which Manchester City managed to get 100 Points so look everybody who's been in This position has gone on to win the League Can Arsenal What a question Um well I've seen this enough you will Ask them that could have been impossible Made possible when Lester did what they Did a few years ago and if you if our if Leicester can win the Premier League Why can't Arsenal I mean anything is Still possible man man city are my Favorites I think I still think they'll Win it because of the qualities that They have but for Arsenal to be in this Position when every judge I don't think Anybody would have put them even in the Top four I look at it and they're 14 Points ahead of Manchester United right Now we're in fifth place that in itself Is an achievement so they're pretty much And they can't really I mean be amazing They can throw away not get into the Championship that would have been his Objective at the start of the year can We take that next step get into the top Four but right now they've got

Themselves in such a position where They've got to believe they they their Squad is is we use the term Bare Bones There's not many if they get a couple of Injuries to keep players it's going to Be really tough and they might need to Add in January with the right kind of Player if they can do that and keep Players fit anything is possible because They're playing with so much energy and They're a joy to watch right now I think That's the only thing the the thinness Of the squad and in these interviews he Keeps referring we keep playing every Three days we keep playing every three Days and he's come out and saying oh I'm Light I'm light and that's when you'll Know better than anyone but being a Manager is that when you do interviews It's not it's not just for people like Us and the fans it's for the owners it's For the players it's messages to say hey We're top of the table right now keep Adding to me in January we won't be seen We can really kick on we're in a great Opportunity and bringing a new sign in As well is freshness it's to the squad It shows that we're going for it and He's got messages in there having to dig To the top people saying this is this is The only thing that might be our Achilles heel yeah I think if they can Help him in January with giving him some Kind of strength in depth that still

Doesn't guarantee that they're going to Win it but it will will give them a Better chance I think especially how they are playing You were you were spot on Jamie they Were they were going at the beginning of The season for a top four spot and we All were like I don't know if he's going To going to get that but the way that They are going out the the The way that they are playing the way That they are winning matches we all Like watching them he has got them uh Playing in a certain way you know really Good football and organized and not Getting a lot of goals against and I've Never really seen Um An Arsenal team work so hard off the Ball when they lose the ball they react So well when they lose the ball their Counter press is so good they win the Ball back and then they keep it and You know at the moment they are they are The real deal can they maintain it That's that is you know I think it's Really in January Jimmy like we all Agree they did they need to thicken up The squad it still has to be the right Time yeah because that's something that I think has really come across in Watching a documentary that Arsenal Involved with that he wants good types Around him that are going to work

They're going to buy into that work Ethic team ethic that he has the players That he bought in there's inchenko Jesus Has been great bringing salad brings Been a master stroke obviously bringing Him back there are so many positives in That square and what you don't want to Do is add Problem if you like you just want to Keep everything ticking over you know They go out of Europe it's not in the World even going out of the cup this Week you know the less the the least Amount of games is obviously better for Me that was an error this week yeah for Me that was an error time will tell on That I guess well you won't always want To win every show it doesn't you cannot You cannot say I'm just gonna go for the Premier league but right now would you Not but right now Jim we we're in the Position there could be in every Competition doesn't matter but if you've Not got a big Squad that's what we're Saying he's mentioned what I'm saying About every three four games but I think That that will make his argument with The board even better because he is in So many competitions guys do you want me To compete in all this competition give Me give me more strength and depth you Know he's out of it now that might give Them you know maybe An an answer for that he doesn't want to

Hear you know that that they don't have To really invest as much in January you Know you want to be in every competition They're brought in as we said zinchenko And Jazzy's both title winners at Manchester City both premier league Title winners they do have other title Winners elsewhere in in Europe in the Squad and elsewhere in the world in the Squad but they haven't done it as a unit How important was it that they reacted To the opportunity to go Five Points Clear with Manchester United Manchester City dropping points in the in the Lunchtime kickoff that they go into this Break having taken that that chance well I think Jamie mentioned it earlier at Half time I'm sure he would have went in And went what are you doing up your Tempo move it quicker get down the sides More because it was slow it was Lethargic and I know they've come out And said they've had a few sickness and Stuff like that but you'd be kicking Yourself if you've seen earlier on that Your your rivals in essence have dropped Points and you came and you were Lethargic you know apply yourself Because when they did and they shifted The tempo they went 1v1 and had a go They got the result Um but we've all mentioned characters And there will be a point within the Season that Arsenal might have a blip

That's why the characters are so Important because they have to be Resilient and bounce back and go again And we don't know what the World Cup is Going to do to that but they've got to Find that momentum and if they do have That blip they've got to have the Characters to dig them out if they're Going to go on and win the title yeah They must have been the most difficult Round of games that these players have Ever had in their lives because knowing That if you get an injury you might miss Out on the World Cup what's at stake you Want to win you know for us doing that First are one or two players look like They probably weren't quite at it look At man City's result players you know Think even if I get an injury here and I Could actually play it 100 although Subconsciously you want to but you just Don't know what this is doing to the Players because no one wants to miss out On the World Cup and they've got a few Days to prepare I think it's worse for Our Twitter though having to it must be Offered a manager yeah because you want To keep everyone at it but you also know That there's such a there's so much at Stake for these players if they were to Pick up an injury thankfully it looks Like everyone I know James Madison has Spoken after and everyone's going to Come through this but for the manager it

Must have been because well if you Especially if you think they're not Quite at it like you said it must be Hard how you sort of manage that one and He'll just be delighted because every Team today it was a banana skill for Every single team and that's why it was Such an important moment for them to get Those three points and what man city did Is just giving them a little lift you Know they're going to come back after They've got some great games they've got Tottenham very quickly after the break So Mikhail arteta will be sending a few Away on holiday keeping them fresh and Just hoping and praying the other ones Come back nice and fit