Ten Hag on whether Ronaldo apologised, talks Maguire return ahead of World Cup

By | October 30, 2022

Erik ten Hag sits down with Dharmesh Sheth as they discuss Harry Maguire's return from injury, Cristiano Ronaldo and the upcoming match with West Ham.

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Big night last night for your captain as Well in Harry MaGuire got 45 minutes of Action how do you feel he did and do you Feel he can still make a big impact Ahead of the World Cup and get enough Game time so that he's ready for the World Cup for England we have five games To go Um so in a short period so we need Everyone and that's obvious but I'm Really happy Harry is back from his Injury and and now he has to fight his Position back in the team and so I was Really happy to give him the minutes Yesterday and he did well so he will Compete for those positions in the team And we have to win all the games so I'm Happy he's available he's ready and Prepared to cut in the team and prepare To win games Cristiano Ronaldo was back And and back with the goal as well can You give us an Insight in what's Happened in the past week I know you've Answered this question many many times But what has he said to you to the squad Did he apologize Ah it's um I said enough about it and I Give enough explanation From the why and of course we are happy He's there and he is an important Squad player and he is our goal scorer And yesterday he scored a goal and I'm Really happy with that because I know Goal scorers they needed every time

Again that they get the confirmation They put Confidence from that out and I Hopefully he's building up and It can be even more important and I'm Sure he can do that another big game They keep coming thick and fast at the Moment West Ham United on Sunday a Victory would keep you in and around Those top four places it's been a really Good recovery after those first two Games when you reflect on what's Happened during this season was there Any self-doubt after those first two Games in your mind I think it's too too soon to go analyze And to reflect we are in a direction and I know Seasons Um and when you especially when you are New and you have to get used to each Other uh we have to to set a culture uh To get used to players manage new Coaching staff new style of football Takes time but in football you never get Time and you have to deliver we are Aware of it and yeah in this moment we Don't analyze we don't set conclusions What we have to do from came to game and Especially we have to improve our game In the away Dugout on Sunday at Old Trafford will be a man who used to be in The home Dugout a former United manager In David Moyes have you crossed paths Before do you know him have you spoken To him before no did not but I admire

Him what he's doing you see his teams You can see your signature Um style of football really High intensity football well organized Football Also a good passion and team spirit and His team so we have to be good to win This game a bit quite clear that's the Objective we have to win that game what A lot of people are noticing as well Eric is the connection that the players Are having with the fans particularly in Comparison to last season when everyone Was pretty low What you put that down to and and how Much are the new signings like lissandro And casemiro and Anthony helped with That connection now we searched for such Characters and football scores is one Thing but personality is another thing Uh first everyone has to fit in in team But you need also the emotional types And especially I think here at United There where we strive for Perfection Where we strive for determination and Resilience you need to search such types And I think we had so many and you can See the effect I think we are well Cooperating with our fans there's a Connection there's a fight and we have To keep that going do you think it helps As well that they haven't been scarred By what happened in previous Seasons When they've come in yeah but what was

In the past there was history and we Have to to look in the future we have to Build our future together with the fence And yeah we are in that process I guess A manager always likes to stamp his Authority and his personality on the Team How would you describe your personality And is it being reflected now in in your Team and the way they play And that's not my my my aim is to to win First games and second I had to restore Man united there where they belong and That's in the top of Monday or football And that is what we're working for every Day and the best weekend this is one of The most full-on jobs in in European Football in World football Do you ever have the opportunity to Switch off can you Uh you you never can and but of course Also manager needs time to to relax but Hey you have to know when to spot on Just finally you've only been here a Short while and it's just one transfer Window but you're you're saying that You're in that direction and that Trajectory that you're trying to get to Where United want to be How long do you feel or do you even Think about it before you think Realistically United can be title Challenges and challenging for the big Trophies yeah I don't think in time I

Think in from game to game and of course I have also as a manager think about Strategies over the longer period but we Have this squad in I'm happy with the Squad and we have to develop this quote We have to develop the individual Players and we do that by setting the Right culture setting the right way of Play or a proactive one in and out of Possession and then we have to see we Want to beat everyone every game and Then we have to see yeah how far we come This season and from the outside it Really does feel like that the club is 100 supporting you do you feel that Support yes absolutely absolutely from From from top to down everyone is Supporting this process Um I feel really that connectivity is in In United and it's like we're United Stands for we are united pleasure Thank you so much peace cheers