Tampa Bay Rowdies vs. Orange County SC – Condensed Game

By | November 11, 2022

Watch the Condensed Game from Tampa Bay Rowdies vs. Orange County SC, 11/28/2021

00:00:00 – Kick Off by Tampa Bay Rowdies
00:00:12 – Shot by Sebastian Dalgaard
00:00:28 – Booking by Forrest Lasso
00:00:47 – Foul by Kevin Alston
00:01:23 – GK Save by Patrick Rakovsky
00:01:50 – GK Save by Patrick Rakovsky
00:02:02 – Goal by Ronaldo Damus
00:02:50 – GK Save by Patrick Rakovsky
00:03:02 – GK Save by Raiko Arozarena
00:03:14 – GK Save by Patrick Rakovsky
00:03:30 – Goal by Ronaldo Damus
00:04:18 – Goal by Mikko Kuningas
00:05:04 – End Period by Orange County
00:05:15 – Start Period by Orange County
00:05:26 – GK Save by Patrick Rakovsky
00:05:50 – Shot by Leo Fernandes
00:06:02 – Goal by Leo Fernandes
00:06:52 – Player in by Luckymore Mkosana
00:07:02 – Player in by Seth Casiple
00:07:13 – Player in by Thomas Enevoldsen
00:07:24 – Player in by Nathan Smith
00:07:36 – Player in by Jordan Adebayo-Smith
00:07:46 – Player in by Sean Okoli
00:07:59 – Shot by Luckymore Mkosana
00:08:21 – Defensive act by Nathan Smith
00:08:34 – Disqualified Goal by Luckymore Mkosana
00:09:01 – Shot by Ronaldo Damus
00:09:28 – End Match by Tampa Bay Rowdies

His first postseason start his second Ever start in the championship Albany Kickoff we are underway [Applause] Orange County Dalgaard Dalgaard [Applause] C e football on the screen USL Multi-year agreement with Konami OSL Championship going to be [Applause] [Music] That game starting in March that's the First card of the game it's Forest lasso Good from Fernandez gonzadi returns Three points The rowdies have something to cheer About a chance to take the lead inside 20 minutes Just in front of the Center Midfield John Acura specifically but watch him Just tuck inside the right shoulder of Kevin Alston as he comes back across It's the trailing back foot as zekra Pivots his hips open good little step in Front but watch the left foot of him Right there 100 the correct decision Too late with this strike at the ball Might be his most magnificent signature Moment And the air leaves Al Lang Stadium in One large exhale Sort of a specialist in his own right at

Least we've listened to him talk about It in training watch the explosion Actually starts behind the line Step Up [Music] Good to find dos Santos the target Man On The Move Tinga background we'll have a go Bbled recovers Hey fans follow the USL championship in 2022 on ESPN plus home to the USL MLS Bundesliga UFC and much more join the More than 17 million sports fans who've Already discovered trouble a Rosarita's Beat Orange County opens the scoring It's Thomas His 17th of the season [Music] [Applause] The mistake coming off the back line I Told you they will have pressure it's Not always a press calvio rotates out of The middle and it's the square ball Coming back across Uncustomary mistake from Jordan Scarlett Trying to pick out Forest lasso to Pivot The other direction Well done by the 10 ends up at the nine Notice The Presence by Forest lasso on These dead ball situations you know Where it's going every single time still Find him dos Santos put it down Never down to 10 men doesn't matter if They're behind in front Of course the former doesn't usually

Happen All cracked forward taken on by rosarina Since the 20-minute mark I mentioned how outside there was a good Presence 15 minutes in by both Wingers And then dos Santos just haven't really Been able to put it all together when Saudi could go from here he will save Rakovsky Tampa Bay rowdies You know what their Tendencies are but There's an unpredictability about when They're going to go after it right it's You can understand okay well if this Person on the left hand side starts to Pinch we know that you're going to see Lawrence white come a little bit higher Alveo Thomas He's got two a shooting star for Orange County Doubles the road advantage [Music] Watch your defender of the Air Force Lasso as he pinches left he and Scarlett Don't get back on the same page Thomas Right in the gray area can't allow him To operate in this manner someone's got To step up in Alaska actually overloads The space but dumbest I talked about his Physical presence but Be powers or coningus [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] In the first half can you hit this thing Any more pure than Mikko canungus told You coming in this was my wild card and This is why Score him any which way but how pretty Left foot enough Pace just enough English to get around the wall bending Dropping the entire way Thomas Thomas Ran out of room And these teams are headed to the Dressing room Angus on the other hand Just his fourth of the Season they've All been in those pressure pack Situations the rowdies looking to come Back from three goals down Promising Hilton will take that space Hilton slashes It Wide del Santos Jose Rakovsky and he leaps over top Gratefully in transition I love this Step by Lewis Hilton and watch him look Around just trying to find out where the Sport's going to come from expected Fernandez to stretch this a little bit Further provide a presence on this Left-hand side but when Finds white [Music] Good first touch ball hoist to the back

Side To Lee Cohen's points no one not one Single player is bigger than this Organization [Applause] It's gonna have to be that way here in The second half they want to find Success Harris has been critical from the wide Area Back toward goal a heavy Rick gets into The rounding score Finally back in it Leo Fernandez To attack here in the second half moving Away from their bins but moving in the Right direction laid back Post Run was Not there in the first half from Fernandez but when you pump him onto the Front line he's got more of a luxury to Float within the Box you know they're Going to look for dos Santos they'll Play in the gwenzati's feet but who's Going to win those second and third Challenges rowdies brought on day on Harris at halftime now they get to bring In Lucky mkosana He's a Rowdy Once Upon a Time 20 because Simply lengthy injury Thomas in evolson Significant injury Sean McCauley coming In mid-season they haven't really gotten Everyone together now until maybe the Last month or so let me help and then Volson scored 20 goals in 2018. Orange County was a number one seed took Didier

Drogba and Chris Cortez Storming in from Phoenix Eastern Conference Final [Music] And Smith trying to shore things up a Bit in the back Richard chaplow Beginning to play Stephen dos Santos checks off he finally Got to play in the championship finals Suspended the 2015 Edition arms extended On the communication on the dead ball Ingas makes his way to the bench what a Goal he scored the free kick [Music] Again Dangerous ball and cosana what a save Forkovsky he saved a penalty he may have Just saved this trophy [Applause] Then it's really close but absolutely Not from the German [Applause] Ball forward headed toward the penalty Spot out of Bio Smith kept it alive Contact referee looks in and cosano Rolls back Emily stopped by Smith Clear decision making here they'll make It more difficult on yourself than you Have to On the cross comes out for Accra [Applause] But the flag is up it's offside it will Not count for the rowdies To all the bodies because as you slow it

Down the back Post Run mkasana is in an Offside position an Orange County side That's Started to see real development out of Their Academy Thomas Thomas is through Thomas can end it or Rosa right is there Thomas turns the rosarina wants more For a very long time would be very easy To look at the scoreline and question The performance of Rose Arena do not Absolutely not two mistakes off the back Line the talent level never a question We've gone the four minutes [Music] Window dressing from here should Tampa Bay get one dalgaard out of play And that's full time The old guard with a new trophy