Switzerland vs Cameroon INSTANT REACTION: Embolo’s goal for Swiss sinks country of birth | ESPN FC

By | November 24, 2022

ESPN FC's Alexis Nunes, Julien Laurens and Nedum Onuoha discuss Switzerland's victory over Cameroon in the opening match in Group G at the World Cup in Qatar.

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Alexis you know is alongside Juliana Ross and nathanuo we're going to be Talking about what I wanted to call the Redemption classical because it was Headlined by Granite Shaka by the Switzerland up against Sugar Mountain And Cameroon in the end it was Granite Shaka and the Swiss that were happy with The narrow windshields I know you have Mad love poor Granite Chapman what did You think of this game is there a big Win yeah Was really well constructed really the Passing the movement was fantastic and Then some really good finish a good Course by shakiri after all broad can't Really like a little bit of Cutting Edge When they had the board especially in The switzerlands So boss and defense I think it's in a Very well organized yet Keen organizes Them really well and and they've got Talent pretty much everywhere there's a Good mix of experience in the youth and I think they do something Coming out of your bracket or do you Choose somebody else Did pick Switzerland so let's go to our Swiss experts well of course you know Everyone knows Well they play football and they score Balls right but how much did they Impress you today was it um a Straightforward as a winner no to be

Honest I think I I don't completely Disagree with George because as I was Watching the game it did feel pretty Even but then it also felt like maybe Switzerland were a bit cleaner in terms Of their attack they felt more dangerous At times but I think the people who look At the stats possession was 50 50 shots Were basically the same so it wasn't a Bit more of an even game but he didn't Have the relief that Switzerland going To be the team that came through and Would it and then obviously it's just One obviously it's such a strange moment To see somebody score a goal and not Celebrate yeah that symbolo it was born In Cameroon for playing for Switzerland But that must be such a tougher position To be in but you know obviously you Forgot to score the game against his own Nation and such yeah but in the end Switzerland I called it the Redemption plastic Because a lot of spotlights aren't you Promoting of course and granite Shaka uh Jules how did you feel both of them do Yeah I think Jacob was the leader of That team you know we this moment of Bring us on the gold and you see stars That breaks the lines yeah I think find Bar gas we couldn't find Shakira across His friends don't you yeah he's a good Boy he's very talented Is typical because especially now after

What happened at Bayern Munich he feels Like he has to do a bit of everything in That camera team but he can't be at this Time and at the end of every move so Again I think he tried his best and they Were just they just don't understand Yeah I think I wanted to be honest I think Looking at the game total cambe and Bruno they didn't really have as much of An influence the same lady volcast did What Shakira Did in this instance so you Are looking to promoting thinking maybe He has to do more of what is the top Position to be when you're saying Potential Striker by yourself it is Tough but ultimately it's the way Football goals you know getting the ball Into the net is the most important thing But it's also the hardest thing because Otherwise I don't explore many goals Every week oh like you know like Spain Or something like that yeah Exactly yeah well remember that Brazil Still have to play tonight of course This is one of the groups that Definitely had our mouths salivating With this one now that we've seen these Two I know native I think half the Swiss Coming out didn't you that's really good Listen I'm very comfortable right now You're comfortable right now you think They could take on Brazil So I'm very happy Jewels what about you

From what you see the first impressions From any of these two yeah I think this Is a top group we've said it before even In braziland's favorite but between Serbia and Switzerland and then Cameroon I think the three of them could probably All believe in that second place so it's A big win for Switzerland and it's Always good we said first games are Always tricky we still have Germany we Still love with Argentina other Struggles as well but for them to get a Winning star not conceding it's going to Be fun I think I actually had Brazil Cameroon gets me out of this group I Didn't want to say it but I know Up to the cameras I mean I always bring The bag so hopefully they bring the bags On the picture and maybe get a win in The next one Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus