Stormzy launches #MerkyFC, reacts to MNF appearance & reveals what he said to Aguero!

By | November 3, 2022

Stormzy speaks to Sky Sports to announce the launch of a new Merky Foundation and Adidas partnership with 11 brands, including Sky. Stormzy also chats about his unplanned appearance on Monday Night Football with Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville and Roy Keane, reveals what he said when he met Sergio Aguero AND picks his musician 5-a-side team!

#MerkyFC is open to all. Candidates can visit to find out more and register their interest in the placements available, ahead of the nationwide application process commencing from tomorrow, November 4.



Marquee FC going into this amazing Partnership how what does success look Like for you Um I think With murky FC I think I'm I'm just Really proud to have launched it like It's been years in the making it's taken A lot of planning and preparation from Ourselves from Adidas who have been Amazing so massive shy to Adidas because Like this an idea of this stature takes It like we need to we need people need To come together you know I mean it's All great us having these ideas but That's why I always say massive shout Out to Adidas because as soon as as soon As like we came together with the idea There was all steam ahead so I think my Mass my idea of success for it is just More more Brands coming on more um Different corners of the industry Different partners of the industry just Coming on and Adding to them to the starting 11 that We've got and just seeing people Thriving those roles man I always say Like with anything that we do I always Just hope that like I said before like In 10 years 20 years I see someone and They're like yo you know like I'm Currently the something something at Manchester United or I'm currently doing This at Sky Sports I'm currently doing This at the Bible and that was because

Of Mercy FC and the initiative that we Started Um now so yeah man just seeing more Young black people in these roles more Young black people in positions of power Away from Being on the pitch yeah man and just Seeing that Thrive and grow and inviting More people to come along and offer Those opportunities what do you think Like some of those disparities because You see loads of black people Necessarily see that off the field and Some of the statistics are pretty Shocking yeah exactly yeah so um I think Yeah as you said the statistics are Shocking and I think it's down to Visibility a lot as well in terms of Even growing up we didn't see any black Managers we didn't see any black people Like yourselves on our screens in the Media so I think when Ian Wright comes Along Thierry on re comes along like the Man them all right we can we can Kickball we've always known we can kick Ball in terms of the other positions in The industry we don't we don't see our Representation representation important When you can't see it it's not always Easy to believe it yeah absolutely and Like some of those statistics I'll read Some of them to you the biggest Challenge faced by young black people Trying to break into the wider football

Industry is their ethnic background or Their lack of knowledge like 33 of People believe that and then women again Like so many of them don't believe they Can be in those roles 6.7 of senior Roles in football are taken by people Who are black and mixed Heritage when They make up over 43 of the people on The field yeah exactly that statistics Embarrassing you know what I mean like As in I don't think there's nothing Short of embarrassing I think if you can See that much representation on the Pitch with all the players then it Should at least be backed up in terms of Positions of power positions of Influence positions outside of being an Actual footballer so yeah hopefully with What we're doing we kind of drive a Change there you're United fan of heart Which is yeah yeah come on there we go But what were I guess your role models And what made you become a United fan Because you were raising recordings yeah Yeah I know I'm uh what do they call This Courtney Redskins my favorite Playground was real yeah good choice Yeah because I'm dead at football but I Always thought if I was good at football I would like to think yeah The strength you know I mean the Physicality like but um what made you Grow up it's like so even my nephew Supports City ah you know what I mean so

Conflicted yeah but it's like growing up Like I probably just saw United winning All the time I said yeah I want a piece Of that though what difference I guess Do you hope to make with this Partnership that you made you've Partnered with quite a few Brands and Organizations Sky Sports News being one Of them and Adidas so what do you hope To bring from this I hope to just like With anything that that we do at murky And with the murky Foundation I just I Just hope to inspire That Change which which sometimes sounds like Such a worldwide and such a like massive Ambition to have and sometimes it sounds Unrealistic but like always imagine that Hopefully I don't know 20 30 40 years From now there's some kid who has no Idea who I am like I'm way too old you Don't care about no storms either but Some initiative that we started Like now yeah allows them to like have Some ambition and some a dream and a Future so yeah man just keep the ball Rolling domino effect you know I mean Hopefully that inspires my kids kids Kids kids you know I mean and we put Some infrastructure and some real change There that actually allows them to you Know I mean be stronger and more Empowered yeah and hopefully it starts To show up and the statistics time goes

On exactly exactly for you who do you Consider I guess Trailblazers in Football and in the footballing industry Woof good question Ian right I adore that man I love I have so much Love and such respect for him and even His journey from a footballer and him Now everything he does how bold and Unashamedly like he he Um stands in his views and his beliefs So Ian was always one for me Um Raheem Sterling like Sterling like I've always said like the stick that he Always used to get from the media was Always just you know I mean we could we Could smell that a mile off and I think He always he always had to be brave in The face of everything and and stand for What he believed in as well Marcus as Well Marcus rashford that I think any of That because also understanding football Like me being a musician I think it's Easier for me to like say yo that's not Right or you know what I mean like as in I I feel like I might have a lot more Freedom to do that because of my career And like the kind of structure in my Career is with footballers they're they Have employers they have the fa they Have they have a lot of things where It's like They might feel a bit restricted in Terms of like Being being the the truest versions of

Themselves so when I speak at Ian Um raheems your Marcus is it's like yeah Man that they're standing for something So yeah bigger bigger pulling no Absolutely what they're doing is like Really incredible on the topic of Marcus Rashford because obviously he's our United and I wanted to ask you as a United fan you've had the privilege of Going obviously to odd Trafford I know You're a bit Starstruck last time I Quite loud that was like to this day People ask me like yo man that and I'm Like there's no surprise like other People like that they think well ban Like storms against Starstruck all the Time I get started if I see uh if I if I See anyone like I've literally got a Folder in my phone called Fanboy Mac and It's got about 70 pictures of like me Seeing when I saw I saw Aguero and Dubai And Aguero was the he crossed my heart That day when he done that like and I Saw him I was like yo I hate you but I Love you let me get a picture of that so Yeah whenever but I see anyone who like I've grown up watching on telly or who Have inspired me or who I respect or I Admire I'm like yo let me get a selfie So that day on Sky Sports was like I was Sweating I was flustered that but yeah It was sick no it looked it looked Incredible so does that I guess being Able to have those moments make you just

Feel like a bit normal because obviously You're a massive star in what you do Yeah yeah I guess I guess it's normal Until that happens you know I mean that So I was with I was with all my nephews And and we went to the we had the Courtesy of going to the side of the Pitch with Adidas they took us down There where you you can take some Pictures there's a few people there and Then someone from Sky Sports like I Thought they were coming over to tell us To keep the noise down because we was Talking a lot I thought it was coming Over to tell us keep noise down they Came over with Mike and was like oh your Students you want to go one day I was Like what no they were like yeah yeah And I was like oh and my nephews were Like go go and I was like ah and then Went on it's not sweating they're like The old storms what do you think and I'm Thinking like I'm just looking around Like this is insane like but yeah it was Normal until that point and then I Realized okay you know I mean that There's still the fanboying exactly Exactly let's understand what happens It's not a good team so on the topic of United if you could choose a track for The team to walk out in Old Trafford You've got like the best seat in the House it's any song you want what would It be well that's a good question it

Will be clash with Dave Dave featuring Myself because that's like a Yeah so if you could pick I guess your All-Star Dream Team fiber side because Obviously I know a lot of your Footballing friends love you're sorry Your music friends love football as well Yeah yeah so you got your music team and Your football team okay All-Star United Team All-Star musician team five aside Gone okay my All-Star My All-Star football is this just past And present just in general you didn't Make the rules so it's up to you oh That's tough that's time when I get Cooked for this man it goes what you're Putting okay Forever goalkeeper is smackle that's Good choice My it's fiber side yeah so what am I Doing one Defender two midfielders a Striker Formations I like it Uh my Defender I'm going real okay Um My two midfielders it's just gotta be Messy When you and anytime you say Messi Ronaldo This was oh but you can't you Just there's no point being silly Messy Ronaldo and then R9 up top good if That's all the time all the time I'll Take that and musician equip so you've Got your Music musician friends your

Rappers everyone else in your circle up Against this team excluding me what a Musicians who are good at football it Can be I mean I want to try and think of Them anymore I don't have to be good at Home but it's probably sure because They're being against us okay Dave I Know Dave's Dave's good at football I'll put myself in Gold I'm gonna go go Yeah and I'm a goalkeeper by chess not Because not because I was rubbish and Everyone said that to go back that's who I wanted to get to that so I'm gonna go Put Dave somewhere avelino was actually Really good yeah Rich is good as well Apparently I say apparently because I've never seen Rich but I've seen I've played I didn't See rich is meant to be cold okay and Then who's my last person who's good at Football Um I know Dave's good I know Dave's good um I've never seen Kevin Um Chunks Big chunks my brother I don't know I Don't know if he's that good but he's He's caused he scores goals he scores he Scores goals I know he can't believe That he scored them goals but I'll put Some meat chunks Dave avelino and Rich That's a strong team that sounds amazing Man no that's a strong team I think ABS

Dead Abby is dead but he's just got a Nice touch he's got a bit of flair to Him but they got me and go so they were Here we go thank you storms we've Learned obviously so much about you and All your ambitions