Spain announces World Cup roster, Ansu Fati the X-FACTOR? | ESPN FC

By | November 11, 2022

ESPN FC reacts to Spain's World Cup roster selection and discuss Ansu Fati making the roster.

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Kick things off with Spain tonight 26-man roster named by Luisa Enrique a Couple of notable absences in their Borque Iglesias Gerard Moreno Sergio Ramos serpio Canales no David de Gea but Then there are some notable inclusions To one of which is ansu fatty one of Seven Barcelona players that was called Upon as we now welcome in Mario melchiat Gemma solab and Ian dark and let me Start with you Gemma because there was Some controversy on the last International break when ansu fatty Wasn't called up into the Spain Squad so Has there been some surprise now that he Has been for This World Cup squad Hola okay yeah it might be no surprise For that because he wasn't in that last Call but let's remember that in summer During the Nations League he was on the Squad list even though he was not fit Enough to play why did that happen Because Luis Enrique wanted an sufati With the dynamic of the national team in Case he his Fitness his physicality was Good enough to go to the World Cup Luis Enrique considers that this is happening Even though he confessed that he Hesitated until the very last minute but Uh he had some medical tests earlier This week in Barcelona that proved that He is okay to play it's true that he Hasn't been enjoying that many minutes Starts with Barcelona that he might be

Doubtful but at the end of the day he's A different player he's a talent and He's a player he's a prospect he's a Player of the future for Spain so Luis Enrique considers that it's good enough To take the risk to take cancer Fati and Maybe and not another player that could Be enjoying more minutes or more goals Like a borja Iglesias this we're talking About the Spanish national team that is Uh exciting young promising and it's the Main leader of this national team is Luis Enrique is uh like an author made Made by himself so he considers that and And that's why he decided at the very Last minute to take and safati like gem Is saying he's not reached his Peak this Season Craig but a risk worth taking He's not reached his Peak because his Manager even when he has come in and Performed well Off the Bench or whatever Has tended to leave him more often than Not so you're not going to and I think I Think for every player with a World Cup Coming up if you're not getting the game Time you need if you're not showcasing Your talents like we see there and we Know he has a talented young man then as A concerned you start worrying about uh Well that's if you care about I'm sure Most players do you start worrying about Your place in the squad you start Worrying about going to that World Cup So that's that's been a lead for him now

But I'm sure he had a nervous few weeks Because he's manager for some reason Even when rafinia in particular but Rafinian then barely was struggling uh Others were coming in before him so but I think it's the right decision to take Him because I think he's a supremely Talented player it's a massive moment For him Ian are you happy to see him in The squad Very happy indeed because I think Spain Need is kind of X Factor they're going To pass some teams to death out there They're going to be high pressing but he Can go past players he can make the Unexpected happen and I think that's What they're going to be lacking I like Them a lot it's a lovely uh balance They've got in this squad a lot of Gifted footballers and I would have Fancied them to win the World Cup to be Honest with you but I think they're kind Of on a collision course with Brazil if It all works out the course see you know Trying to work out how the World Cup Might actually evolve it is different But I I think yeah absolute fatty is That all that kind of injury problems But I'm glad to see him at the World Cup Because he is a he's an exciting Youngster one player that we won't be Seeing is Sergio Ramos he wasn't called Up during the Euros Mario but there had Been some speculation that he could be

Coming in he'd been playing well at PSG He'd let it be known that he'd be Interested while more than interested Obviously to be involved in a World Cup He's surprised not to see him there Yeah I mean look the experience I think They look at the overall package and I Think the team is a very stacked with That so that's why I think the coach Made that decision look regardless of That as an individual your husband go to The World Cup that's now I mean I didn't Expect him to say any different uh you Know like all the players are you know Attending the competition are there Because they know that could be their Last and he wanted to be that for Himself too but I mean the sketches now You know one of the key figures in the Middle of the park for them and I think With what the coach now really wants and I think if I look at all the teams that What they're really crucial now is that The coach makes sure that the time They're gonna stick together that they Make sure that everybody is there as one Objective it doesn't mean around us Wouldn't have that because only one Thing you have sometimes is that Sometimes the individual could have more Effect in the coach and I think Sometimes coaches don't always look for Them Gemma obviously for some parts it's not

So much of a surprise to not see Sergio Ramos there but what's been the reaction To him not being included Well we kind of expected it because she Hasn't been in the last squads and uh Luis Enriquez I was mentioning he had a Lot of personality he's the leader of That national team and when he took the Charge he decided to to do a lot of Changes and and taking out some of the Veterans was one of the decisions so he Decided to stick with that even though That was easier last season but not this Season because Sergio Ramos wasn't Playing he was injured and this year He's always in the stars of PSG he has Played more minutes than any other Center Defender that he has picked like Eddie Garcia La Portillo or Paul Torres So yeah it's it's kind of shocking a lot Of people in Spain are not happy with This decision but I think it's uh Luis Enrique he always stick to his decisions His big personality and he decides to to Go with that even though Um Sergio Ramos was in the playlist in The previous list of Luther but uh he's He's staying with his idea he's got Results uh he has reached the finals of The of the semi-finals of the Euro he's In the final four of the National League Final of the National League the the Previous Edition so he will stay with That a new Fresh promising national team

It's won the Euros twice he's won the World Cup he's got a lot of experiences Said fioramas it would have been the Last dance do you think he could have Brought something special This is this is the angle that a lot of People take and it's not about his last Dance it's about the national team it's About the squad it's about what the Manager wants and as Gemma was saying Clearly that these decisions have been Made a long time ago to freshen things Up it's interesting uh you know some of These Defenders and I think that's where The Achilles heel is along with the Holding Midfield position in front of That because if it's Sir George birth Skates that plays uh then I think he Struggled for long periods this season And whilst they can pass the ball for Fun you can get around him you know Carver House not been playing regular as But quit has not been playing regular uh Eric Garcia we've talked about him in The show he's made the cut a lot he's Made the cut he's not failing me for the Conference but the manager likes him There are one or two others in there and Then you look at the Midfield Some real talent and not spend Midfield But there are actual players who are not Playing well one or two players at least Maybe two or three in that Midfield Bracket that are not playing well and it

Just seems to me for some countries now In some managers this is this is the way They go and I think England and we'll Get to that are a little bit like it as Well in terms of their manager I don't know if it's just because the Game is changing or the management or The way the local is changing all the Squad list has got bigger but it used to Be players were kind of for the most Part selected and formed but it seems Now players are selected because a Manager a can trust them has what with Them knows they're not a problem within The dressing room which is a can be a Problem if you're going somewhere for Over a month and two into your system That a manager wants to play and gone on The days where just because you're Banging in goals or just because of your You know David de Gea and you're the Number one goalkeeper in Russia and Since that time you've resurrected your Career and you're in sparkling form no You're not even in the squad I think That kind of tells the story of how some Of these coaches now are looking at the Balance of how they put their their Roster together yeah and especially Luis Enrique he doesn't mind about the form He cares if you fit his system what About you Ian do you agree with Craig in That it's right for him to do this not To put Sergio Ramos area that's not what

Suits him Well I think you bring back Sergio Ramos As the leader of the gang if you're Staging some kind of comeback concert I Don't think Louise Enrique is of that Mind he's got a very clear idea isn't he Of the way Spain are going to go about It they're going to play bravely at this World cup they're not going to die Wondering they got to the semi-finals of The euros and only got beaten on Penalties thought they were the better Team in that semi-final against Italy as Well so they're talented I mean he's got He's got Eric Garcia okay who's forms a Bit in and out he's got Laporte he's got Power Torres who's a nice footballing Defender so you know I think he's Happier to go with the younger guys at This point if Sergio Ramos was say 32 Not 36 it might be a different argument Mario you've got them going all the way To the final I hear what do you like About them Yeah no no just like you guys already Talked about look if you're looking at Another country you know like a nation That's supporting if you look at the Group groupie I always like on my list Uh Germany and Spain going through and Then you also got to look at what what They're going to meet afterwards you Know and I think that is one of the Crucial things like if you feel if they

Face okay maybe you can trans maybe you Can ask your question about it but I Think if they inform and you also need a Little bit of luck here when you come Into this tournament I feel if they you Know side step friends they they play That final if they play that final that Is maybe my pick also because Brazil It's amazing that I think that will win The World Cup but that is just my pick Because you know one because I like the Way they play but if you look there They're you know national team it's Almost I think it's a bad performance in Brazil Doesn't win it that's what I see because Of the quality they have in that team Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week Subscribe to ESPN Plus