Shaka Hislop’s latest Power Rankings feature a shakeup at the top 👀 | ESPN FC

By | November 4, 2022

Shaka Hislop is back with the latest edition of his Power Rankings that he claims no one can argue with.

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And once again okay there can be no Arguing well but there can well we we Don't where is it by the top man wins Still enjoy 10. Benfica Second understand PSG Did you just said Benfica you're about To deliver us Defeated this season topped their group We including PSG there could be no Arguing there Napoli okay they load they Lose to Liverpool but they top their Group other than that simply fantastic In Syria ah Manchester City in it Fifth Was it three wins and the last six you Understand why they're that low Real Madrid what a loss of the drawing their Last three Arsenal a draw and a loss of The last four Union Berlin top in Germany still I say that again say that again Berlin Top in Germany still but they lost a Couple weeks ago and still have fallen Somewhat I know what you're gonna say because by The top And I can't remember who's tenth okay Good job Newcastle that's right yeah There can be no argument it made Nathan Pull a stranger's face yeah No I just I love I love coming on the Show especially for the power rankings Because I just I'm learning from the Best if for everyone Engagement online Just forward on trackers Power Rankings

They make no sense against everybody Upset but it creates the conversation so Welcome Chuckie you did it again very Well though I don't think that was a Compliment I was it felt kind of weird Actually no no I don't know if you know But that was not a company I was just Trying to break it down myself zebra When a child yeah What repeat that Union Berlin where are They in the Bundesliga they're top a new Second bye Beauty oh so they're behind Union Berlin they lost two weeks ago I Just told the last two weeks ago so They're Bob munica nine wins and a draw In the last one but they're they're Behind you know playing in Europe So are you in Berlin by the way yeah I'm Gonna ring Derek Ray and we'll see what He's got yeah oh nothing well thank you Very much for watching ESPN on YouTube For more sports highlights and Analysis Be sure to download the ESPN app and for Live streaming premium content and let's Not forget as well ESPN FC seven days a Week subscribe to ESPN Plus