By | June 12, 2022

Yes Guys!
To celebrate today’s launch of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football on Nintendo Switch, I am creating and scoring my very own Hyperstrike! 🎯💥🤩
If you don’t know what a Hyperstrike is, check out the Mario and Luigi clips in the video – they are crazy! This game has no ref or rules so anything goes. 😱
Create your Hyperstrike AKA your BEST GOAL EVER and be in with a chance of winning a Nintendo Switch and Mario Strikers: Battle League Football goodies! ⚽️🎮
• Record your best attempt 
• Stitch Mario’s Hyperstrike clip from our TikTok page to the start of yours.
• Make sure to include #MarioStrikers and #HyperStrikeChallenge to be in with a chance to win a mega #Nintendo bundle including Nintendo Switch OLED, a copy of the game, and some Mario Strikers: Battle League Football goodies! 🤩🎮
Head to My Nintendo Store For more info and click here to purchase ⬇️ –
Competition closes 19/06/2022 Good luck! 🤞
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Thanks to Nintendo for sponsoring this video.

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Billy Wingrove & Jeremy Lynch

Yes guys what's happening welcome back To the channel now today's video is Going to be insane because i have been Challenged to create my own hyper strike Inspired by the brand new mario strikers Battle league football on the nintendo Switch that's out now let's go this game Is absolute madness no rules no refs Pure mayhem mario with the hyper strike Of the fire cyclone what a legend he's Always reliable he's a great all-round Player and he has impressive pecking Luigi with the spin tornado hyper strike A technical player with excellent Passing luigi excels as a playmaker Right guys it's time to see what i can Do i don't even know if i can do it but I'm going to give it a go if i make Contact i know it's possible Oh that's good I can't engage with the balls in the air Where it's going to land yet I didn't get up in the air but i made Contact that's a start just judging Where the ball is going to land now i Need to get a bit more of a speed and Get off the air strike it and it go top Bins is it possible come on Oh Guys this is probably the hardest Challenge i think i've ever done [Music] Bear in mind every now and then i might Just throw one in like that

Oh maxie on the outside of the boots You see the improvement from the start To now It's on oh That was it guys put in the comment Section how many takes do you think it's Going to take me to get this one it's Learning a new technique two is being Brave enough to do it i don't know why There's a fear factor that you've got to Spin mr ball and uh my hamstring Let me just see how it looks so i'm just Watching it back to see what i'm doing Wrong here oh it's good actually it's Good it's good Spins good coaches will tell you never Take your eye off the ball however with This The skill level is to take your eye off The ball and then strike it in mid-air Which is Very difficult to do Ah i should have committed more to that On my date Hey i'll tell you what this is that's a Little warm-up hyper strike it's not What i'm going for but i'm giving you a Flavor a little taste you know what i Mean Oh my gosh Oh that was it That was the one great ball guys this Nintendo hyper strike Is not easy and you guys are gonna be

Challenging you to do yours so if i Manage to do it it's over to you guys to Start thinking of ideas already on what You're gonna do Oh [Applause] I'll tell you what it's off the shin but I felt a good connection on that [Music] Oh That wasn't bad that wasn't bad [Music] So i'm happy with the strike but it Wasn't a hyper strike it needs to be More that was quite tame it's hard Technique but i need to follow through On the ball and get more power on the Strike I can feel my hamstring i feel like it's Going to go It was sore before filming Now it's so tight I might have to change my my strike Sitting down overhead kick bicycle hyper Strike i'm going gonna go for that this Is gonna be sick I mean it's a goal but it's not a hyper Strike That's the ball i went too early it's Too slow i've gotta wait a little bit Later so it's a quicker move Oh that's a great ball lou Goes in it goes in it go in a match that Goes in and imagine if i'm up front and

I decide just to chill for a little bit And then just do a little bike on the Floor it goes in Ah Come on off the shin [Music] Oh That's pretty good I like that one [Music] I'm not saying that's not hyper for me Though that's like Per strike not high per strike so now i Need to put the huh in hyper Oh great [Music] Balls flash before my eyes in I would have been in hyper strike Kingdom if that would have gone top wins This is what it's come to i mean i need To get this hyper strike but at the same Time I can't have no fear in me when i'm Going for a shot you have to be fearless So i'll get the shin pad on and see how It goes let's do it the shin pads on Right i should be fearless now Why didn't i do that from the start let Me just see No pain no pain Definitely better I'm now doubling up my socks as well This is ultimate protection To make sure

I can get this hyper strike Because i'm not leaving here today Without it we've got some good goals but None of them have been hyphen strikes Thank you devs superstar my savior That was it that's my hyper strike now It's over to you guys to see if you can Do something let's have a replay on that So guys that was my hyperstrike and now It's your turn to take on the Hyperstrike challenge upload your best Attempt stitching it tomorrow's Hyperstrike to tick-tock with this Hashtag below for your chance to win Some cool prizes and these include a Nintendo switch oled a brand new copy of Mario striker's battle league football And some other cool mario prizes so make Sure you enter we're going to be Choosing 10 lucky winners for the prizes And i want to see your hyperstrike Challenge let's go [Music] So guys now i've completed my hyper Strike i'm off the pitch and about to Play the game myself i'm going to be Setting up my own strikers club right Now so i'll see you guys online let's go