‘Sargent is the MOST talented!’ Who will be the USMNT’s No. 9 at the World Cup? | ESPN FC

By | November 11, 2022

ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez joins Sebastian Salazar on Futbol Americas to discuss who they think should be the USMNT’s starting striker at the World Cup out of Josh Sargent, Haji Wright and Jesús Ferreira. The guys then reveal who they think has been the biggest snub out of Jordan Pefok and Ricardo Pepi.

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Let's talk about these knives Jesus Federated Josh sergeant and surprise Surprise right wow wow wow wow we Got a little bit of hint there from Greg Berhalter it might be forward by Committee uh who do you think should be The starter Josh Sergeant I've never Been shy about saying how talented I Think Josh Sergeant he's the most Talented forward and I I kind of feel Like Greg tipped his hat when he said You know he's a hybrid of the two well That's your most complete forward then Right so that's who you would likely go With but I think he was also very very Clear certain profiles for certain games So there's gonna be a game where he Feels he needs much more of a physical Presence that's not going to be so much As a Jesus Ferrera that could be a Josh Sergeant there are going to be games Where he needs more but playmaker well That's not going to be right that Could be Josh Sergeant so Josh Sergeant's in play for all three games So if you go into the world cup with Like a rotational plan but then your Your guy who starts in game one scores Like you you can't make a change can you I would never take a striker that's hot Out Um I will say this Greg berhalter in Every World Cup window has kind of gone Yes repeat mode right first game is the

Starter that person gets the second game Yeah now we're back to a three-game Window right the World Cup group phase You could see that again Who will get it it's about seeing who The hot hand at Camp is uh I honestly Think it's Josh Sergeant right now with His ability now you have to see how he Is from that cap injury how he's still Nursing network is not a factor but he's The best possible option across the Board in physicality technical ability Vision defensive work rates and uh game IQ if we talk about the guys who didn't Make it P and pepe who for you is The the bigger snub Ricardo Pepe yeah Yeah I mean I mean really yeah Ricardo Pep is a guy that saved Greg we're Holder's job and I've never I've never I Mean I I told you that opening Wednesday And Greg mentioned that just now he said Like for all that he's done for us for Me yeah he should have said for me yeah Like Greg's very gracious to give his Time up here and he answered our Questions but he knows like we're going To give that opportunity you know well And he took advantage of it he took Advantage of it but then he also went 11 Months without scoring and Greg also Advised that move Greg also advised Osberg over other moves and when he went It was with his approval and when that Didn't go well he also Happy's final

Story he also advised him on the next Move and then he started scoring goals I Mean you want to talk about right Scoring goals have you seen Ricardo Pepe Play you could say whatever you want About now something tells me that Greg Is looking very much at profiles of the Players and also the leagues they play In That's interesting to me like how do you How do you weigh a goal in Turkey Against a goal in Holland against a goal In MLS maybe he doesn't think that Holland or the Aero division is as Physical and maybe he thinks his Opponents are more physical Greg would Know that lead he definitely has tipped His hand in that and they definitely Gave me that impression For me P being left out is such a Head scratcher because if I look at Everybody on this list you got an MLs Guy a championship guy which is good a League as that is it's still top 10 tier Well it's top 10 league in the world Okay but it's not top five like the Bundesliga you got right playing in Turkey Um and you got Pepe playing in Holland So pfoc is if you go off where he plays Playing at the highest level and having Success he's cooled off a little bit uh In the last month or so but to leave P who's your I mean on paper your

Highest producing player like the World Market is telling us that the best American forward is p-pop yeah the World Market I would have to agree with you Especially because if you look across The board like forwards not going cold Or how long they've gone between those Cold streaks Jordan pfuck's been pretty Consistent with that rise won a goal Scoring title in the Swiss league with Scoring goals in the Champions League Then a robot whatever you want there Goes to Union Berlin in the Bundesliga Start scoring goals Heyman is a strike Partner the hottest tandem there yeah He's not scored what since September There's also a World Cup I'm sorry uh International break in between so it Makes things a little longer maybe that Plays an impact how informed kneb Because we only have a week to start right some thoughts there You're talking to a guy that had three Caps and made the World Cup team they Had zero camps zero minutes in the World Cup qualifiers made the World Cup team And now you're asking me to get my Impression of right yeah you lost It right keep banging those goals in Because that's the only thing you have To defend yourself and when you're at The World Cup when Greg berhalter like Right now has record halter didn't bring right not to play it no he's going

To get it and he said in June they Wanted him to dominate to score a Hat-trick Well that's what you got to do now in The World Cup I'm not saying dominating Score hatrick but you need to prove why You're there he's probably not a starter Right he's here we need a goal late Throw him on guy or am I am I or my Pigeon holding him there I wouldn't Pigeonhole him really but I also think That you'd be surprised if he started no I think Greg was pretty I'm not playing At all who's your who's your most Physical Striker right now Of this group of these three right Audrey right yeah so if what game does That fit I I think that's I think That'll leave a Wells or or England okay Yeah all right yeah right man who Knows who knows if you see Sergeant Against England and you see against Wells all right uh so let's take a look At some of the uh numbers from the American number nines over the last Couple years the three that would be Going two Qatar Josh Sergeant Jesus Ferreira and rice Well thank you very much for watching ESPN on YouTube for more sports Highlights and Analysis be sure to Download the ESPN app and for live Streaming premium content and let's not Forget as well ESPN FC seven days a week

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